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  1. +Support I agree that CCs should be removed for inactivity, but why should they have to pay a fine to get it back? Does the Great Almighty Zeepminge really need that extra twenty bucks?
  2. +/- Support Seems promising, and anything close to reverting the Great Vehicle Rollback is a win in my book. No new non-donator aircraft is a pretty big yikes, unless the WW2 planes are still non-donator (in which case, ignore this).
  3. Grade: Quality --Lore-- It's impossible for 294 to dispense nothing. It'll either dispense something, or hum for a few minutes before displaying nothing. --Presentation-- A little bland, but messed with it more than most --Creativity-- Standard-issue 294 test --Writing-- Average, but better than most JRs/ARs. NOTE: DO NOT KILL D-CLASS AFTER TESTING. BRING THEM TO MEDBAY FOR AMNESTICS.
  4. Lore Name: Illager Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:438347336 Rank: Manager Activity Level: Pretty good
  5. it's gonna be a doom reference isn't it the ascended voices are literally the ambient sounds of Urdak
  6. I think, in my opinion, rather than blindly enforcing the rules without a second thought, staff should take context into account. So if someone's just having fun without harming anyone it should be fine, but they could get punished if they minge. Overall, +/-Support
  7. +Support, but make it a REALLY weak pistol (so suppliers can actually turn a profit)
  8. Final Grade: Standard --Lore-- Info untested. --Presentation-- Fairly good. You messed with a lot of Drive's tools. --Creativity-- Since you had to make up the effects yourself, it's a win in my book. --Writing-- This is what brings the grade down. It's fairly unprofessional.
  9. Final Grade: Quality --Lore-- No lore behind info --Presentation-- At the very least, you messed around with images, fonts, and formatting, which is a win in my book. --Creativity-- This is one of the few 087 tests with an actual purpose that isn't just "Send down spooky boi just to see what happens" --Writing-- A few errors with capitalization, but overall pretty good.