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  1. +support Naval Jobs can do this So should the Specialty Jobs
  2. [GL] Grant

    Specialty Bug

    Specialty Officers are unable to change the defcon. The classes like Naval Enlisted and Naval Officer can but Avitation Officer Security Officer and all those can't Edit: Jobs that are broken Security Officer Medical Overseer Aviation Officer Engineering Officer Chief Aviation Officer Chief Medical Officer Chief Engineering Officer Security Director
  3. Bruh you cant apply for VCMDR as a PVT
  4. Denied You may reapply in 1 week
  5. +/- Support Cool Guy Active Short Application
  6. -=Opening Pogified Document=- -=Requesting Clearance Level 69 =- -----Opening Document------ Name: Anteater Sex: Man Date of birth: 420 BBY Height: 6'9" Eyes: Green Homeworld: Poganuous ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current occupation: Imperial Navy Supervisor | Chief Aviation Officer Medical record: STD's and Aids ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strenghts: Right Arm, Eating Ants Weakness's: None i am pog ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Backstory: Once i was born i ate an ant and thats how it all started. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=Closing Document=- Mine is better than Talila's
  7. +Support Good Application Knows how to lead Getting More Active
  8. Damn :(( you were a great grand gen. Thanks for what you did for IC i hope you well in whatever you do next.