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  1. Only a few knew this was coming but its time to set it in stone As many of my fellow cmd know I'm a college student and recently I have gotten to the biggest part of my life. A month ago I applied to a Radiological School program and a week ago I received my acceptance letter and was fully accepted into the program ive been trying to get into for years. Sadly the cost of this is having to resign from these duties that I have kinda slacked on near the end due to the increase in my schedule. I will be stepping down from my position as VCMDR so this role can be filled by someone with more time to put into the branch Before I resign however there are 2 things I wish to do: 1st is that I transfer ownership of CTF to both Shadows and FusionThunder as both the deputy heads of my personal pet project. 2nd I'm not gonna fully be gone so dont you minges expect that I wont be watching smh Some Special Mentions: FusionThunder: Try not to completely torch CTF and please prevent blood from turning Nu7 into furries. Shadows: Now that Raptors is on the server and you're pretty much in charge of training Fusion how to CTF I hope you will stay active and get to that LTCOL spot. Kevlar: We joked around a lot but you were pretty fun to play with, would definitely see you as the next COL. Blue: You left us sadly but you were one of our best cmd, now get E4 Overseer for us <3. Dog: A new face pretty much but you were fun to have around and proud of how fast you climbed up the ranks. Paul: Dogs clone but constantly saying chicken butt Blooddragon: You keep G9 alive with Kevlar and make sure it stays good Every single D5: We may have not interacted much but seeing each new face join and enjoy the branch that started off so small made this the best few months ever. Keep doing what you all are doing and D5 will be the next Omi-9. VCMDR Robby AKA Roster Slave signing off
  2. + support FG-42 and most smaller capacity LMGs should be more of a high powered rifle rather than a shitty ares shrike, yes the recoil is easier to counter but the low damage and most combat being at range makes the FG-42 and BAR useless despite being such cool guns. Also demo expert in general is just awful and needs some love again. I want my bomb bois back
  3. Denied Due to Application Showing Low Effort and Missing the list of Warns The Application Has Been Denied By D5 HCMD. When Applying Include All Relevant Info, Having No Warns Requires Screenshot Proof.
  4. 7101 Has requirements to flag on, the dog doesn't and its and RnD Job, A Non Combatant RP Focused Branch
  5. What are you suggesting? - Make it so the CI dog can only flag on under certain conditions similar to how Enoch works. Its pretty dumb that a job in a Non Combatant branch can just flag up and go into combat with a 939 swep and barely any rules preventing it from destroying Gensec completely. How would this change better the server? - Make it so days with low MTF numbers are actually doable for other branches as the dog is basically impossible to kill as any class other than a group of MTF Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - Complaining Who would this change mostly benefit? - Foundation
  6. Re45 and the other weapons use T2 VPK not TFA, also enlisted model hitbox widens when using some helmets, we are fixing that ourselves
  7. You do realize Re45 uses a different weapon system right, so its not gonna function the same, Also doesnt seem to effect riot shields in any way so idk why that was mentioned
  8. Show a clip of this happening, cause it hasnt happened for anyone else using them, riot shields always block the shots from the direct front
  9. It doesnt have any perks, No life steal or passive regen, the block only stops a few shots and its got awful range as well as low damage I watched the mech hit the walls around it several times, plus ive seen how the kronos gun works against the sword, the sword doesnt block the bullets at all, Had Piller shoot me several times with it while blocking and every time it went right through, thats an issue of lag and just not aiming at the person. Also its a HCMD job its not gonna be weak
  10. It 100% is, show a clip of a d5 weapon shooting a riot shield head on and the shots going right through, cause I have about 6 that show otherwise. If there is no proof then this isn't a suggestion its just targeting Show a clip cause you have made 3 nerf posts but not once shown any evidence, seeming more like bias rather than a balancing issue
  11. Show a clip of this happening cause I haven't ever had this issue nor has any other long time command who were around at the begining
  12. Sounds more like a riot shield issue rather than a D5 issue ngl
  13. Are there any clips of this happening cause as someone who's tested all of these weapons and used them in combat, only one of them goes through riot shields and deals damage, so if there arent any clips I'd say this is just a pointless suggestion
  14. In that clip I watched you miss around 90% of your bites as well as the 939 swep having terrible hitreg, Dont think this is a sword issue
  15. This has been discussed several times and it already was dealt with Heavy -Support Reasons why it doesn't need any more changes: 1. It has very short range 2. It has not life stealing ability and never had that ability, no idea who started this stupid claim 3. It can block only around 2 shots ever few seconds, more RPM = More Damage dealt 4. Horrible melee hitreg like most of them 5. Not immune to Dolos stab or Kronos Chaingun at all, this is completely false and it has been debunked in weapon testing on the server. 6. If you are that close to the D5 Commander just backtrack and use range, if you rush a guy with a sword what do you expect to happen. 7. It already got a nerf and the sword only does around 70 dmg to a dclass Long story short, this is a pointless suggestion that has already been said before When did this happen cause when I did testing with the sword it did full damage, same with Kronos Chaingun
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