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  1. the left side of a twix bar is better
  2. Surge

    966 Buff

    -support , 90 percent of the time No 966 player ever uncloaks an getting hit once then them sprinting away would cause so much problems
  3. Name : Surge Rank : Elite Field Medic /ACM SteamID (REQUIRED-Invalid if not given) : STEAM_0:0:66630587 Activity on a scale of 1-10 : 8 Anything which you'd like to note? : N/A
  4. Surge

    939 Buff

    Change the Support to what CMDR Mike +support to what he suggested
  5. Surge

    939 Buff

    Honestly i'd be fine witha 500 HP buff
  6. Surge

    939 Buff

    -Support their are two instances of 939's on the server meaning that 10k health spread out between two people an 939 can already be annoyin as it is to handle specially with his extreme speed , Aswell would change alot of sops on re-containing wether its fail rp or correct to kill or tranq
  7. Yeah this entirly scps would just breach ASAP since every branch has something to do
  8. Surge

    SCP 076-2

    -support on him being able to use donator melee's but +support on him breaking through checkpoints IF hes enraged Aswell 076 shouldnt be able to wipe out entire platoons of people hence people stack up
  9. -Support 966 is already a pain to deal with when it groups single they are weak the whole point is to work asa team
  10. Actually with the new rule he cannot be lured back in with D-class anymore, im having this so when checking out CC'S as MTF to make sure people arnt in them messing around
  11. Senior medic HP buff when?
  12. +support Makes it easier for ET an researchers to mess with SCP'S instead of going into deep of HCZ