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  1. Best Bri-ish in the server best DOTF get memed on loozer
  2. Damn didnt even include ur best OH2
  3. -Support for both PK or "Perma Kill" Only works for Serious RP servers that dont rely on DarkRP, Nutscript an Clockwork gamemodes being permakilled because theirs a legimate consequence for your actions an not taking care of your character All here dying on SCP is you dont remember who shot you an thats it nothing more nothing less Examples HL2RP PK was extremly serious because you can lose a MPF (metropolitan force (cop) a rebel (your gear money known associates (other rebels dealers etc) or a loyalist (someone against the resistance an get bronie points to the overlords the combine) As said PKS dont work for DarkRP at all An OM9 just got removed fully an is merged with the chad Nu7's bringing back another branch that HSU already does makes ZERO sense Obs the server couldnt handle 3 branches at once if an entire one OM9 was just permantly removed an transfered over to Nu7 which increase every slot by 4 ,besides command roles which was 2-3 an which now leaves the Superior Nu7 (an E-11)
  4. -Support If MTF units were called out in TS or ingame chat that CI are exfiling witha hostage or multiple class D , MTF should be allowed to defend the gate an prevent it makes zero sense MTF Know they are here they arnt just gonna allow safe passage out knowing terrorists are inside
  5. As former OH2, Most of these guns have been denied , PSG1 we tried adding an was denied by rang himself, Me an Bacon are the ones who made the previous update Yall dont need the HP an AP buffs, your a PROTECTION DETAIL, not supposed to be getting in into full on gunfights your meant to protect your VIPS Yall have 8 people that can flag onto RRH , everyone else is 4 max
  6. Alrighty boys an grills, the time has come , Me leaving Gaminglight Ive been here since march of 2020 , an enjoyed 90 percent of my time here, 10 percent of it i hated witha living passion but kept strong for Nu7 my true homies in the world, It was amazing knowing yall, But i am perma banned from the discord cause i did a funny an pinged Zeeptin (i never knew it was a perma ban nor does it state in the rules for #5 that it is a perma so oof) thats on me for wanting to meme lmao These are the list of people i hold deerest in my heart for GL @Sinnik Will always simp for you, Gensec was amazing under your command, aswell great job as DOTF @MattOminigo3 My favorite brit on the server an always cheering me on an believing in me, an a Amazing friend to have around , continue being you man glad you got DOTF finally you deserved it @Bread Amazing Vice commander , Please please please bread never be scared of change you were amazing but stop pushing yourself man, we are all proud of you @Sienna Not once did i ever had a bad time being around you or talkin with you, You always put a smile on my face when i was struggling or stressed an always happy an a jokester -amazing friend @RangiateaRANNNG You are an amazing SMT , An a chill as fuck dude to be around, an amazzzing captain for blackwake an funny as hell an one of my favorites withen SMT @Kami- Amaterasu KAMMIII, Amazing funny an overall amazing role-player, the shit you did withen GL regarding rp scenarios an a Amazing friend @RektifyBad at pvp xd smelly an cringe , Great friend tho, funny man , ""cringe staff xddd" continue being you man never change @Blackbeard Nerfbeard, Always hyping up my cosplay pics man, an supporter for the longest time, Sucks to leave but due to funny decisions in life cause i was tired i gotta go @Crabbo cringe vice commander , inactive Experimental :pog: Continue being you nerd, lead my Nu7 to victory , i sadly cannot bullly u in the scp discord but i'll find my way Evil you cringe loozer, get back in Nu7 already cringe e-11 smh @Ancient Aliens Guy (Woods) Best CRS I had under me , mans was goated against CI raids woulda been my successor if CRS was a thing @KindredAmazing command, Amazing friend, Always helped me when i was stressed, funny as fuck Nu7 Bacon Great command, cringe nerd, bad at pvp xd , 05 COuncil Beans Amazing 05 council member, I always loved escorting you or having to baby sit you an lock you ina room in the redacted home cause you didnt wanna wait @MatriciesBest matress on the server, continue being active an amazing my guy , an thank you for allowing RRH use your models never change em they suit them @[GL] Zeus "Angry 7/11 Sounds" Kyrinian amazing command member , amazing friend, funny as fuck, I'll pop in time to time to kick your butt if i find you Benito Funny as shit, sadly didnt get to play in Nu7 with you , keep Nu7 alive, your ideas are amazing an i hope you go up the food chain in command, Keep my branch alive an happy im trusting in you @Skela Smella hella cringe, Jk Doing amazing as DSD lead the site to be amazing an help out MTF much you can All of my Nu7 I love yall to death, continue being an amazing branch yall my homies , I stayed with yall till the last breath Continue being amazing for my sake please If i didnt put you down i forgot about you either your cringe or just i forgot My RRH an 05 Staff Yall were amazing to be around hang around an fun, I'll miss the meetings an escorting yall I'll miss yall in GL you guys were fun
  7. Surge

    Luxxy Ban Appeal

    -Support Less than a month my guy your lucky ass hell
  8. Discord Name:  Surge Discord ID: Surge #3900 Date of Ban: 1/15/2021 Reason for Ban: Pinging the big man himself Zeeptin Dispute: So I just woke up an thought it would've been funny to ping both the cheetaman Igneous an Zeeptin himself , for my very long time I've been with GL an stayed here never knew it was a bannable offense to ping the owner (Never saw it anywhere or read it anywhere) All it was just a harmless joke and it wont happen again just wanted to have fun in the command channel an see if i would get a meme back wasnt expecting a perma ban
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