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  1. I never wanted to do this but I believe my time with E11 is finished. I’m not retireing based on my recent demotion back down to captain but it’s because I’m honestly getting bored off being on E11. I Hope you all understand this. I want to thank all of Command and Enlisted members in E11 and wish everyone the best of luck in the future. My final message, change the world, Goodbye.
  2. ok star but the AN94 though is gonna be a beast.
  3. I would say -support because ingame he wasn’t still dissing you. Him and other players kept telling you to stop talking about it in ooc but you didn’t P.S I said get exposed lol
  4. -support Jakub couldn’t do anything about it since 1048 left already so that’s why he said to tell him if he does it again. I’m no staff member but I believe he couldn’t of done anymore to that sit. He took all necessary actions.
  5. +support wtf do you mean it doesn’t mean it’s overpowered, the weapons are clearly overpowered. IF YOU can destroy a E11 REDACTED it clearly is because they have a lot of HP and armour from what I have heard of. CI have Aton of OP classes and we can never stand a chance sometimes.