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  1. Stale is a big minge and he cant be trusted :] also goodbye E11 I will miss you so much swole smells e11 command is h0t and spicy
  2. I agree I -support this report
  3. wow a video never seen that before
  4. imagine being retired jk love u tick
  5. forums lookin active and thick though don’t you think also cause i like both apples and bananas i give a +support to both of them
  6. +support I get annoyed when i see mossy brick and gold for it just to dissappear
  7. +support I think a economy would enhance the server more
  8. +support I think there should be like a pvp arena for PVP if people want to.
  9. Before we went in for the end battle
  10. You will get it back one day buddy
  11. Like you