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  1. Leaning to +Support A least, it's not your everyday. "Put EVENT [Name] to win 30k prize" type of event. and no, SCP's NLR should not be changed down to 3 minutes.
  2. Why did you make your forums a MONTH above your join time of the server? I've also never heard of you in my life. What department are you in?
  3. Leaning to +Support He does in fact know the rules and his maturity level is a decent level. I was playing a Class-D and from the top of his memory he just told me rule, I checked motd and it was a rule For his maturity, its amazing but not shocking. Despise being a Class-D, he still knows his stuff but I'd like to see what other people say. He has below 2 weeks of playtime but he still knows his stuff which is covering that fact
  4. Richee


    Netural I don't have any words to give my idea on the matter
  5. +Support The Models are a little dull, I'd suggest this being accepted.
  6. Richee

    Camera System

    NETURAL D-Class say: "no no no no, gensec wayyyyyyyyy to powerful to beeeeeee alive at this sunssssssssssssight mooooooorning!" As a Class-D user I'd say no because why would gensec need to monitor Class-D on a camera they already are being monitored 24/7. Now as a foundation person. This is very useful for medical to see if the person outside the door is CI/MTF/D-Class.
  7. Netural This is suppose to be an EVENT SCP, but in Secret Laboratory it was provided useful. I'll leave it to other people to see what they want.
  8. Leaning to -Support Tested this out around in single player with only the servers addon, you can glitch through alot of the doors inside. It no colides any prop that your stuck in and SCP's could use this to there advantage, D-Block Elevator would be useless for this. We are better off with admins helping us.
  9. Leaning to +Support It quite doesn't stick with me well, I'll do further research on this and give my honest opinion on this. Reading the Document sounds like it could change from a bit of CI and MTF action. I think "The Chicago Spirit" would fit inside the server. How would the Jobs work though, or is it plan old name change or an actual section of jobs dedicated to the "The Chicago Spirit".
  10. +Support He's pretty chill with the admin role. A good friend. A good admin too, and a good user on the server.
  11. Adding New Player Ingame Name: Richee Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:105908505 Job Name: Richee New Player: STEAM_0:0:80059877 ($20) - Paid by STEAM_0:1:105908505 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Adding Armour Ingame Name: Richee Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:105908505 Job Name: Richee Armour: (20$) Paid by STEAM_0:1:105908505
  12. 1. What is your Ingame Name: Richee 2. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:105908505 3. Rank: Junior FM 4. Time on server: 5 Months (server says 1 week) 5. Total strikes ever received: 1 6. How many warns do you have on GL: 7 (most below december 30th) 7. Who gave you permission to apply: Blarg / Strangelove 8. On a scale of 1-10, how active are you?: 7 / 10 9. Why do you think you’re fit for ACM: I believe, I'm fit as a ACM because I'm very good as a marksman and healing, both of them combined are like my special ability in a fight. With both combined I can fire and heal others if needed. In a firefight this can be pretty useful healing for others or covering fires for others to get to safety and you can heal them. Another one is Class-D mostly attack medics to get them away in a fight, field medics have pistols but if we have an actual gun I think this will be come pretty useful in the future. If your in a fight with the MTF if a pretty hurt one comes to you can see if they were followed and shoot the person following them to help them get to you quicker. If medbay was in dire need of healing and most medics are healing. Instead of becoming a medic, you fight in the battle field where most lives are taken instead of saved. 10: (Bonus question, this is in no way required, but it gets you some brownie points) CI is currently raiding. You see an MTF E-11 CPL at 27% health running away from a fight. Just as you start to examine his condition, an MTF A1 Captain comes up to you and asks you to help them fend off the CI. What do you do?: I'd first tell the Commander to hold on and continue examining and healing in the E-11 CPL, if there are more of us with better weapons we could win the fight. If the Captain has more troops fighting the CI then I'd heal, but if there are barely any. I'd a least heal the E-11 to 70% and tell him. "I'll continue the rest later" in hope that he doesn't die. If we kill a least more then half of CI then I'll continue healing in the fight.
  13. Lore Name: Richee Rank: Associate: Researcher SCP: SCP-096 Question / Idea: If SCP-096 is sprayed with amnestics does he forget his the Class-D saw his face? Background Research: Amnestics are suppose to forget memory of anything within the past time, 096 does have a brain. Hypothesis: If the Class-D sprays 096 will he forget his memory? Observations (What Happened During Test): We didn't really SEE anything but we did hear it. 096 stood up from the ground and look towards the Class-D (assuming) the Class-D looked towards 096 and sprayed 096. We assumed it didn't work since there was will screaming. We told the Class-D to spray himself and the screaming stopped afterwards. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: N/A Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): Most likely 096 brain is too small or too powerful to forget his opponents looked at him, but for the other way around its completely different. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes but No, this could be used during 096 breaches but it will take a great toll depending on how much memory you do forget. I'd say it's around way to re contain him if you accidentally look at him, it's a second chance type of a thing.