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  1. Neo

    Job Descriptions

    What you want to see? Add Armor and Health stats to Job Descriptions. Why should we add it? That information is just as useful as their salary or the weapons the class has. What are the advantages of having this? Useful class info. Who is it mainly for? Everyone!
  2. May you show evidence of the operatives being requested "on-site" even though they are on the surface.
  3. He engaged combat with the DOC antagonizing him, not the e11 member, the cold silver should not have interfered as it was not defcon 3 or lower.
  4. Neo

    Boozle's Application

    According to Google, It's 150.
  5. This is an unnecessary increase of RP.
  6. Quite a bit for an NCO class, Roughly equivalent to our Officer. But the rest looks good.
  7. Standby until after rollcall. 4/3
  8. Of course, you can come back. You trained a legend. (After rollcall that is).
  9. Welcome back, old man. Hit us up when you are ready. (after rollcall that is).
  10. What do you want to see? When people KOS / AOS someone, they are required to state the reason or have sufficient evidence. Why should we add it? It's just a little unfair when someone KOS's you just because CI is shooting up the building somewhere. Or when someone AOS's you because they (thought) you did something. What are the advantages of having this? Gives spies a little chance of surviving. Who is it mainly for? Maynard Uhh I mean spies