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  1. Only Me and Skela can use that one. +Support.
  2. Yeah that's how the ones in D-Block are used too. No need for extras.
  3. He as portrayed as a Doctor from foundation terms but in CI he is a spy. Maynard may terminate D-Class following the guidelines in our SOP. And I see Other personal kill D-Class all the time why is this suddenly a Maynard problem?
  4. Neo


    Sad that another legend was taken by snitchery. GG bruv.
  5. Neo

    Another NLR Report.

    See at first when you did your little switch to D-Class and killed CI breaking NLR we were gonna let you slide with the perma KOS. Then you went ahead to break your 2 minute NLR 6 more times. Sorry it had to end like this Ape.
  6. Neo

    Another NLR Report.

    Your in game name: CI COL Boozle G0D Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:98985856 The player's in game name: SEC FTO CPT APE The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:485925174 Date and Time This Incident Occurred: 7/27/20 CI Raid around 4:30 PM EST GENSEC events 5:30 PM EST What did the player do: NLR x8 I believe. Evidence (required): These evnts occurred he was on his Security "Invictus Sentry" Job. These events occurred during a CI raid when he was on a CC "D-7025 What do you believe should happen to the player: SMT discretion.
  7. Would I get in trouble if I said simp?
  8. Neo


    Wouldn't that be the case with most weapons?
  9. Name: Rank & Callsign: SteamID: Discord: Divisions: Activity: Suggestions: Command Only Why you should retain your position? You have 7 days to fill out Roll Call or it will result in removal.
  10. +Support After these changes and a long boring talk.
  11. Of course a majority of people think this, But the way you are stating these opinions are from one POV Nowhere do I see you saying both parties are guilty of being toxic on the forums. All I see is multiple mentions of "CI" and your part saying "CI command is corrupt on the forums". No it offends me when you neglect both sides of the situation. And if you were "really trying" you wouldn't have made a suggestion targeting a HCMD member (Knowing it would cause controversy) of CI let alone anyone in CI. Especially in fact that CI was in the right for their actions during this event And please please don't take this as arguing. This is me stating on my opinion and spreading awareness of your own actions.