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  1. Ight here we go Good update +Support. Forgot to add m9k_davycrocket
  2. Neo

    Security CCs.

    This isn't enforced at all. Literally today just seen 2 CC's camping LCZ meeting room CP bridge. Not to mention the class I seen up there is full of command. You forgot about the 100HP class you destroy all day with your Negev's. Also the KOS SCP's. But anyways +Support. I love how you think this is just a suggestion for CI just because a CI posted it. It's also for the people you shoot everyday.
  3. Well a valid reason certainly isn't to arrest a monkey. Here are some examples Ex. DEFCON 4 D-Class riots but Security / MTF is undertsaffed. Ex. Euclid breaches when MTF is understaffed.
  4. This is a triple kill. +Support.
  5. Uh oh. But this shit looks good. Good shit boy. +Support
  6. After some discussion with E-11 branch leaders I hope to build an alternative. What are you suggesting? E-11 may be requested into the facility with VALID reason. How would this change better the server? 1. They are a special ops force deployed to Foundation Sites when standard protocols fail and multiple breaches are imminent. 2. Shit like this usually happens. When people have an emergency task force unit stay in to arrest a monkey. 3. The rule causes only confusion and problems. Especially when there is more than enough other units to deal with the situation. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. Okay for real this time no. Who would this change mostly benefit? The poor souls that have to deal with E-11 when they shouldn't be inside.
  7. Lefty with no warns? +Support
  8. Beat me to it. +Support
  9. People are completely ignoring the skill factor in this situation. If you put the stats out on the table our Special Forces class if not equal barley over special forces in other branches. Replies to this post a portraying a scenario basically saying " I get killed by class a lot so they don't deserve these changes". Let's compare Special forces classes in sense that's what everyone cares about. Nu-7 HSU 200/200 (400) MP5SD- Hard hitting slower rate of fire submachine gun. AWP- Long distance moderate damage shooter. Ithacam- Hard hitting shotgun with lower mag size than others. OMI-9 Experimental Expert 275/125 (400) Lower armor for health pool. Some people fail to realize that not only you can buy armor in certain places, You can mitigate a lot more damage than normal classes. (Not to mention 100 armor costs $1500) and a box of hemo's cost $10-1000 and can heal up to 300 HP. AW50- Harder hitting sniper rifle in sacrifice of range. Vikhir- Decent RPM with devastating damage per hit. Chainsaw- A chainsaw. E-11 Coldsilver 250/200 (450) Not going to lie ever since the FG-42 nerf the weaponry on this class has been not too good. (Don't forget the broken hitbox on their model though!) CI Shades Task Force 225/225 (450) Mossberg- Tight choke and good damage makes great pick at decent range. AWP- Long distance moderate damage shooter. SG556- Moderate RPM and damage with low accuracy. To me right here I don't see the "Shades is much stronger" argument being to much of a valid reason. With one extra weapon then 2 classes and and 50 extra stats over 2 classes (Out of 3) we are tasked with combating 3 branches. And before you start typing out that "MTF have lower number" reason hold your tongue. MTF activity has nothing to do with CI and is completely controllable by command in those branches. And another not to mention Nu-7 activity has been higher than ours as of recently. Each class has a unique trait about it to balance it out with others. And the point of this reply to hopefuly have some people understand that there is really no difference between the classes so SMT please don't take it another way.
  10. CI competes against 3 branches O9 go against one branch, Not seeing the stalemate here. Not to mention you guys have increased stats due to your mission to combat CI.
  11. No there is a reason MTF can't call other MTF in.
  12. +Support for Dang bruv.
  13. Thought you weren't going to play anymore?
  14. Neo

    Another Hacker

    Your in game name: Boozle Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:98985856 The player's in game name: Janitorial Trainee Markus The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:87479132 What did the player do: This dude cheating bruh. Evidence (required): Dude kills 4 CI in about a minute with taking any damage Lasers people from large distances with an assault rifle not missing a headshot. Killing people in just barley a second. What do you believe should happen to the player: ez ban 4 days playtime on the server Has a recorded VAC ban.