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  1. also I think the punishment is disproportional
  2. -support -Amazing guy and researcher, but almost no effort was put into app it seems
  3. Research kinda a chore to get on so bye bye
  4. +support looks good, you are a good guy with prior experience
  5. +support damn bro he really said the gamer word
  6. Imma go ahead and +support as it seems he was just protecting a command member from dying by spraying somebody down and I dont think he was in the wrong here. If I was in a squad with other MTF and saw some foundation personnel trying to hit them with a club, I would spray his ass down. Calling staff would be the right thing to do but however if he did the commanding officer would die before the ticket is taken so he made a split second decision to save his commanding officers life. I know Surge is one the more serious people we got in Nu7 and don't think he would kill somebody if he didnt have a reason.
  7. In Game Name: Mateo Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:192030052 Job applying for (Medical - MEDIC + | Red Right Hand - ANY MTF RANK OR GENSEC COMMAND | Research - Researcher+):RRH If applying for Red Right Hand preferred O5 to guard: Beanz How many Strikes do you have: 0 Why do you want to join the O5 staff team: I wish to join the O5 staff team so I can protect the O5 and keep the class from being dead. I know the O5 usually run around with micros but when they don't and 20 CI come barging into the room what happens? The O5 gets captured and it causes a headache for all the SF. I wish to join to save others that headache by making sure the O5 are safe at all times. Next, I want to keep the class from being dead. RRH is dead, no doubt about it. Nobody ever hops on the class normally even when there is an O5 on and thats an issue. I would fix this by being active on the class whenever there is an O5 on. In conclusion, I want to be O5 staff to protect the O5 and keep the class alive. Why should we accept you: I believe you should accept me because I am one of the more qualified ones for this position. My qualifications include but are not limited to: escorting experience on D4, experience with data leaks, dealing with captured foundation personnel including recovery and termination, and several months of combat experience. First, I have escorting experience. This is one the main jobs of a RRH so it is important that you would know and have prior experience with it. Secondly, I have dealt with many data leaks. This is another one of the duties that O5 staff deal with and I have dealt with quite a few mass data leaks. Next, I have experience in hostage scenarios. If somebody messes up and one of the O5 members are taken captive, I would know what steps to take to ensure no information gets out. This includes attempted recoveries or termination of the O5 in question. Finally, I have several months of combat experience. Combat experience is needed in most if not all situations RRH are involved in so it would make sense to pick members with extensive combat experience in order to deter all forms of aggression against an O5. In conclusion, I should be picked for O5 staff due to my numerous qualifications in escorting, data leaks, hostage situations, and combat.
  8. yeah thats gonna be a -support from me
  9. -support ah yes, 2 5000 hp 939 instances barelling around a hallway at the speed of light to kill you