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  1. CI has an armory, so this suggestion is now moot.
  2. In addition SCPs breaking out of the Foundation all the time would further disrupt the Research branch's ability to conduct tests, further reducing their activity and ability to be productive.
  3. I believe this has been actioned with the new map update, as we've already added a bunch of new props and office type stuff.
  4. This would constitute puppy guarding a player's spawn, which is already prohibited. Additionally, this could constitute metagaming unless a MTF member or other Foundation member happened to be in the area when the breach began to report it.
  5. Yep, you got us. The entire SMT team is lazy, but especially Igneous, the server manager that has literally hundreds of things he's in charge of. As the newest SMT member of SCP, I can 100% say that Igneous does an incredible amount of work that the general player base has absolutely no idea about. And no, no where in my post did I say anyone was lazy, I simply said that it doesn't make sense to type out the same messages over and over and over again. That's a legitimate idea, however you also have to take into account that these suggestions aren't carbon copies of each other. They may have small differences that would make the text files impracticable, leading to the same issue. Additionally, the forum has a bind that automatically includes the default message when a suggestion is approved or denied, and automatically locks and moves the post to the correct location. To add in reasoning Igneous has to go back and manually edit the post to include the reasoning, or post a message before taking appropriate action. Either way, this takes time and effort which usually doesn't result in much net positives. Ah yes, typing a sentence with spelling and grammar errors, very professional. Most decisions are the result of a single sentence worth of decisions, more likely a paragraph or more. I don't know what you're talking about that there's one or two that get denied per week. How about checking the active suggestions page, because I see 22 active suggestions on the first page, of three total pages, with a total of 49 pending suggestions that require processing. Now, you suggest putting up to two hours of effort responding to each suggestion. That would result in 198 hours of manpower that Igneous would have to put in at max using your metrics. That's more than I work at my full time job in a week, and I actually get paid for my full time job, unlike Igneous, who volunteers for this community and is not compensated. You are right in the fact that having some communication between players and the administration staff is important, and we provide that communication in the suggestions that have merit but end up being denied through Igneous' comments, through the SCP Update posts, and through the RP Command meetings between SMT staff and the various RP command members. Additionally, in other areas, such as discipline, I do take the time to lay out my reasoning behind why I issue/uphold/revoke various punishments on the server or forums, because I have significantly more free time to be able to do so. Unlike Igneous who has the entire server and the accompanying duties to uphold, in addition to his real life responsibilities, I'm only tasked with running the Forum Diplomat Corps, updating the SCP MOTD, and processing the vast majority of warn/ban appeals. So I have the time to spend laying out my reasoning in each different case.
  6. This was previously explained in another topic. Due to the dozens and dozens of suggestions that the Manager needs to process it is impractical to list out specific reasons why some suggestions are denied, especially since many suggestions are repeated multiple times over the course of months. Case in point, returning to the previous SCP 173 Peanut model has been suggested at a minimum a dozen times, it does not make sense from an efficiency standpoint to continuously spell out every single little reason that goes into making a decision. In other cases where specific reasoning is needed, Igneous provides that reasoning when he's able.
  7. Application are Currently Closed Please reapply when they are reopened!
  8. ACCEPTED! I'll be reaching out to you to get you onboarded into the Forum Diplomat team shortly!
  9. ACCEPTED! I'll be reaching out to you to get you onboarded into the Forum Diplomat team shortly!
  10. Has SF always spawned in the PK room, or are they supposed to spawn in the A1 Command Office in the first place?
  11. I'll be honest, I don't remember how many people he RDM'd, but he has a history of hoping on classes and committing RDM on friendly personnel, or otherwise abusing in various jobs. Thu Dec 26 08:17:00 2019 SCP 76561198944073707 Giovanni FailRP | Entering D block as 194 | Not wating CD on 194 Tue Dec 31 06:31:58 2019 SCP 76561198944073707 CI PVT Rookieblue XZ24 RDM x4 as GENSEC Tue Feb 11 05:01:17 2020 SCP 76561198944073707 GL Rookieblue Prop Spawn as SCP 343 x2 Tue Feb 11 05:07:05 2020 SCP 76561198944073707 GL Rookieblue FailRP - Abuse of SCP 343 In addition to these specific instances of documented misconduct on SCPs/Foundation staff, he has two additional FailRP warnings, seven ARDM/RDM warnings, and six warnings for player/staff disrespect, among other warnings that I'm not including here. If this player is allowed to play on Dr. Bright he will no doubt continue to engage in misconduct of this type, as he was recently warned six days ago for minging.
  12. Due to escalating arguments and misconduct this application is being locked until PRP SMT render a decision on it.
  13. Due to the escalating arguments taking place in this application it has been locked pending a decision by PRP SMT.
  14. ACCEPTED! I'll be reaching out to you to get you onboarded into the Forum Diplomat team shortly!