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  1. - Support Has the proper standing permissions to spawn in the vehicle, and it wasn't used in a malicious manner.
  2. Rookieblue


    Okay, in the future if you can get the person's name and steam ID, we can take action after the fact for situations like this! However, thanks for bringing it to our attention either way!
  3. + Support in removing PKs. I rarely if ever have seen PKs actually put in place, and it makes it harder for branch command members to be able to track who is all in their branch if they have to constantly change names if PKs are on the rise.
  4. Honestly, trainees should not have radios. However SO's should have them in my opinion for the ability to communicate. If the SOs abuse it, demote them off the job/report it to staff for them to be taken care of.
  5. I would support the admin rank for its approval to be lowered to Senior Admin to allow for it to be used more often.
  6. Hoovy is on LOA but said he will respond to this as soon as he can.
  7. Rookieblue


    If you have the information of this player, please follow a player report in the proper section, here:
  8. As a SCP, you have to take steps to avoid grouping up with other SCPs. "We're going in the same direction" isn't really a valid excuse in my eyes, as there are different routes to the LCZ or EZ that would've meant splitting with 682. Additionally, as SCP 076-2, lore-wise you look for people that would challenge you, rather someone simply having weapons. While on the server someone having a weapon out would satisfy the rage requirement, just seeking out "weapons this way" isn't necessarily lore-friendly. For the RDM part, this is less RDM and more FailRP. According to the MOTD: Do not do FailRP, which is doing things that would be unrealistic, or not consistent with what your character would do. This includes failing to follow orders from those who outrank you. The Medical SOP is put in place by medical command staff and doing something contrary to the SCP is disobeying orders from someone that outranks you. Medical staff are not GENSEC, and should not be joining in to defend D-Block. Medical staff are authorized to carry pistols for self-defense only, and acting as a guard does not equal self-defense. My final decision will depend on Fear's side of the story, but I'm currently learning +/- Support for the 076-2 FailRP and - Support for the RDM.