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  1. Just looking at your warning history alone makes me think there's more to this story here.
  2. Okay, so the video shows all of that happening, but the quality is so low I can't see who the props belong to, or people's names.
  3. Well the proper steps for recontaining SCP 682 is to unload on him and then tranq him. There are times where MTF just won't be able to halt the recontainment, and that is just a secondary way that they can recontain dangerous SCPs that are escaping.
  4. I'm gonna take a look at the map in game quick and take a look at it. I'm not opposed to map switches, as they are good ways for established servers to revitalize themselves, and our current map is getting a little cramped.
  5. - Support MTF/GENSEC personnel would obviously shoot 682 if they aren't able to prevent him from escaping through repairing his doors or what have you. Where would you draw the line and where you would be able to shoot the SCPs? This would just create a huge number of sits along the lines of, "He shot me two inches from where he was supposed to be able to".
  6. Moved to MilRP since you're appealing a MilRP warning.
  7. I don't think a staff strike is appropriate in this instance, from what I could hear in the video he said, "Pay to win custom class, will you sign my t-shirt?" Was he repeatedly saying it, or did he say it just the one time? I get that it may be annoying, but generally, I would need more evidence than a single 11-second clip to consider warning someone for harassment or toxicity. +/- Support for me. I think a verbal counseling would be an appropriate consequence in this incident, with further action to be taken if the behavior continues.
  8. Good evening everyone, I've had an amazing time working with everyone in this branch and have had so much fun. I've been apart of every branch on this server now and Utility has been one of my favorite. There are so many different things that you can do and roleplay that it was an awesome fit for me. However, with my recent start in CI, I've found that I've been enjoying CI a lot more than I have Utility recently. As such, I've decided that it's for the best to resign from my positions as a Senior Technician/Containment Engineer/Field Training Officer with the Technical team, as well as my Junior Janitor role within the Janitorial team. I look forward to continuing to play with you all on the server, helping you guys out as staff, and helping run events with you guys. Take care, Rookieblue
  9. Bans: 23, a lot of mass racisms, already permanently banned from PoliceRP Warns: 62 (35 PoliceRP, 25 SCP, 2 MilRP), variety of FailRP, Racism, Staff Dis, MicSpam, etc + Support
  10. Moved out of the archive to proper location
  11. Rookieblue

    Mrdm ban

    - Support 18 people definitely qualify as MRDM, you admitted to doing it, and the fact that you have to close the rules before being able to play the server doesn't give you an excuse to not know the rules.
  12. Rookieblue

    Arthur Report

    I could've also just moved your previous report here rather than you delete the old one and repost it here, lol.