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  1. Not sure that insulting another person is a great way to go about suggesting stuff, but okay. As I said, adding restrictions on when Class D's can riot would essentially be implementing this type of rule.
  2. Why are you making your words so large, bejesus. Getting all the Class D to follow that type of rule where they need a valid reason to riot will never happen. That would essentially be implementing an RDM rule for Class D against GENSEC, and staff would be issuing warnings every two seconds.
  3. - Support Lockdowns are one of the few effective tools GENSEC has for stopping riots. Full lockdowns are held for a maximum of 5 minutes at a time, unless authorized longer by a Site Admin.
  4. I think this would be a cool duty to add to MTF, but I don't think adding an entirely new set of classes for this specific purpose is worth it. - Support
  5. I would support lowering the rank requirement to call a lockdown to GENSEC Captain, as well as including MTF Low Command+ IF MTF is in D-Block. I would also support extending the lockdown to 10 minutes. I have worked on the server a few times in the past couple days where it was "activate the lockdown", 5 minutes elapse, "deactivate the lockdown", D-Class immediately riot and kill GENSEC, "activate the lockdown".
  6. Tl:Dr of Changes: Rules section reorganized to break down rules that apply server wide and that are class specific. Also reorganized to put like rules next to each other. Added explanation of some rules to help newer players that may not know the terminology. This applies to RDM, FailRP, NLR, FearRP, and MicSpam. Removed rules that are no longer active on the server (that Boris and I were aware of), including SCPs announcing their breaches Added specific examples for rules to better help with enforcement on staff side, including no exploiting to get through checkpoints, or prop blocking and spawning. Added class-specific rules to the corresponding class explanation. For example, specific rules that SCP-1048 must follow, etc. This includes codifying specific timers for how often SCPs can use their SWEPs, like 1048, 106, etc. Added recontainment procedures for each SCP that could potentially need to be recontained under the specific class descriptions to help newer players, and reduce the "I play it this way, not that way" arguments. Again, thank you Boris for the amazing help provided for this piece! Added descriptions the best I could manage for SCP 1245-2 and 194, in addition to their specific rules since no description was provided there. I didn't make any radical changes (that I'm aware of anyway, lol), only sought to clarify rules for newer players to the server, since when I was new I had no idea what I was doing half the time, and the MOTD wasn't the most helpful for some stuff. If you'd like a further break down I could work on that if you'd like as well!
  7. What you want to see? - I, with the assistance of Security Captain/MTF Corporal Boris, have rewritten the rules and SCP portions of the MOTD to better clarify rules, have a documented recontainment procedure for each SCP that is easily accessible and understandable, including rules for each SCP to ensure newer players understand how the play each SCP, removed rules that are no longer correct on the server, and reorganized the rules in a way that is significantly easier to find rules that apply to everyone on the server, or to specific classes. Why should we add it? - This would significantly help newer players to the server, as they will now know how specific SCPs are played, the specific rules each SCP must follow when they're being played, veteran players will be able to more easily look up rules that apply to their specific classes without needing to search through a block of text, and having specific containment procedures in place will ensure that MTF, GENSEC and SCPs are able to play with the same rulebook, removing the, "well I play it this way" "no I heard it's this way" arguments that happen on occasion. What are the advantages of having this? - See above. Who is it mainly for? - All players Links to any content - - I have included the MOTD revision in a Google Doc, as that is the easiest way to keep the correct format. If you have specific issues with one or more parts of the proposed MOTD, please post your concerns so they may be addressed. I don't proclaim to be perfect, so there may a mistake here or there that needs to be corrected!
  8. - Support As long as there were no pending staff calls and 5 other admins on duty, you can do whatever you want on staff as long as it doesn't affect RP. A staff member playing chess with another player if anything builds relationships between players and staff.
  9. Atlas sent me his reply via message, "i didn;t know how to make an appeal for warns back then"