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  1. Denied Based on the information provided in this appeal, I am upholding the ban.
  2. - Support Not lore friendly, SCP 096 doesn't need a nerf at this time.
  3. - Support This is just RDM but will result in the researcher being murdered instead.
  4. Can Bongoz maybe respond to this suggestion so we can stop guessing at what he means?
  5. Or we could just change the number to something that doesn't exist again, which I would be more in favor of.
  6. Denied. Branch update suggestions can only be requested by the head of their respective branch.
  7. You're gonna need to define metabaiting for me, and the context of when it would come into play. Also there shouldn't be any unwritten rules, which is why I tell people to tell me them so I can make them written.
  8. The designer of this model has copy-written it. As such we do not use this model, as the usage of it is extremely gray. While yes, anyone can use SCP-173, you have to pay to purchase GMOD, you can pay to buy levels to unlock SCP-173 faster, and you can pay to purchase other benefits on the server. This has been requested time and time again, and it will continue to be denied.
  9. There's no way to tell if someone has their gun out and on safety unless you have video proof. I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to a rule change that would allow a group of personnel to FearRP someone even if they have a gun out while combat has not started, but again, as logs only show single individuals, rather that an entire group, you would need video evidence to back up any report or admin sit. If this is approved I'd need a minute to think of solid rules that would make sense and reduce the potential for the staff team getting bombarded by sits from armed D-Class claiming they're FearRP'ing the entire GENSEC defense line in D-Block.
  10. Current rule is that 106 must win a roll off with a staff member.
  11. Suggestion: Anyone interested in having a custom class in a branch (GENSEC, MTF, CI) must meet and communicate expectations between the branch high command and the CC owner. The CC owner and all people on the CC must comply with the branch's SOP, and would have a rank within the branch. This coordination would address issues within this suggestions, such as restricting certain CCs from certain locations, and is better managed by the branch's command members, who regularly deal with these types of issues on a day to day basis. Benefits: + CC Owners and Branch Command able to communicate expectations and restrictions clearly + CC's having an RP rank allows them to still fall under normal command structure, promoting a better sense of unity rather than just having CC's that do whatever they want + Individuals with CC whitelists are held individually accountable for misconduct, and can be punished accordingly, rather than an entire CC developing a poor reputation Cons - Will require enhanced coordination and communication between branch command and multiple individuals. I recommend keeping communication between the branch command and CC owner, and having the CC owner be responsible for communicating expectations to the people on their CC. - May result in less interest in CC in the Foundation Branches, as people will need to comply with SOPs, which some people purchase CCs to specifically not have to do so.
  12. @Hoovy You issued this ban For background, this player has a total of 24 warnings and 5 bans on his account, from September 2019 - February 2020, at which point he was banned. Warning reasons range from RDM, Prop Minging, Player/Staff/Branch Dis, FailRP to include faking rolls/self breaching/teaming, among other various offenses.
  13. In answer to your question, racism, homophobia, anti-semitism, and the like are not tolerated on the SCPRP server, nor the greater GamingLight Community at all. Our staff team does a great job addressing instances of this conduct at the time of the offense, including issuing the relevant warning and automatic 7 day ban that accompanies this type of misconduct. Unfortunately, staff members in the moment may miss that an individual has had previous types of misconduct of this level in the past. I started conducting regular audits of all warnings and bans that are administered on the server as of two months ago, and this includes evaluating individuals that have histories of significant misconduct on the server. This player came to my attention when during my audit I found that he was warned twice in one day, once for RDM and a second time for NLR Violation x5. So the player did indeed have recent misconduct that would warrant a ban. As he has two past documented incidents of racism, those being: 10/28/2019, 21:45:31 - SCP - [GL] Rookieblue - Racism 02/16/2020, 04:40:22 - SCP - Weiss Schnee G - Mass Racism As well as numerous warnings for Player Disrespect, Branch Disrespect, and Staff Disrespect, this player has shown their commitment to being toxic and not wanting to follow the rules set out by the MOTD. Based on the large impact that racism incidents have on our players and the overall community, strict consequences are applied when these incidents occur. While the permanent ban in this instance may have not occurred directly at the time of the incident, the ban is no less valid, nor less warranted.
  14. Rookieblue

    Death ban appeal

    I issued the ban upon my audit of the day's warnings for SCPRP. In my judgement the violation of such a simple rule 15 times deserves more punishment that a simple warning and jail. Upon entering the server you are shown the Message of the Day, which lays out the rules that are expected of you while playing on the server. Closing the MOTD shows that understand the rules and agree to abide by them.