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  1. Honestly, +Support He's generally a pretty good guy who has no bad intentions, I believe he just has a bad reputation He's shown competence on the server and I believe he'd be a good part of ET
  2. -Support General minge Not very active Replied to his own application
  3. Giovanni

    FG-42 Nerf - Denied

    OK so first off stop arguing (that means you @ReZVoRtEx24) anyways I'm going to +/- support this with a possible change that would allow the FG-42 to stay as a unique LMG, and not conform to every other LMG as a sustain weapon. The FG-42 is currently a BURST weapon. High DPS that doesn't last long. A more proper nerf that would keep it as a burst weapon would be a magazine size nerf to 15, meaning you have to be more strategical with your fire.
  4. Name: Giovanni Rank: Senior ET Time of LOA(MM/DD/YYYY): 5/26/20 - 6/2/20 Reason(Put Private if you do not wish to say): Taking some time to do stuff with friends
  5. I do be voting banana tho
  6. Name of the job: Chef Name of player to be added: Giovanni Steam ID of player to be added: STEAM_0:0:83366448 Payed by : STEAM_0:0:83366448
  7. Giovanni

    warn appeal

    Hey so, I saw a sit from Jakub that said "Why was I warned?" I brought him into a staff room then brought cancer, talked to them both, and ask Cancer if he had any evidence or if he saw it happen, he said no. He says that he warned him because Novah told him to, although neither had evidence that anything happened, also Jakub was apparently blindfolded when he was resisting, so he just couldn't see when he was being dragged. Also, a warn appeal was accepted for the biting on rails thing, which is why I believe it wasn't failRP to do. +Support
  8. -Support Replied to own application