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  1. As some may know I’ve transferred to imperial in my staffing career. This in turn makes being in all these sub department more weight on my shoulders, so with carful consulting. This is where I lie, and I hope your okay with it. I don’t have much to say to people since I’m not fully leaving the department
  2. In game name: Ozymandias Discord:Ozymandias#4204 SteamID:STEAM_0:1:616330787 Rate your activity 1-10 (1 being lowest 10 being highest): 8 Anything we should know?(If your activity is below a 5 this is a good place to explain why): i just have work and it’s been a bit crushing but I’m making due
  3. What is your ingame name?: Ozymandias What is your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:616330787 What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: petty officer first class What specialty are you applying for?: Medical What Naval Command (Commodore +) gave you permission to apply?:Proteus What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for?: I can improve the branch by being able to bring a new light and new knowledge to provide better medical attention. I can also help improve the branch by giving a supervisory role if needed. Lastly I can bring a helpful attitude so people aren’t afraid to come over and ask for help. Why should you be trusted with this position?: I should be trusted for this rank as i've been in the medical corp since the 18th of April, and I know my way around medbay. Next I do my best to stay serious during rp,so I can be professionally most of the time. Why do you want this rank?: I want this rank because I want to experience more of the navy, and I want to do good for the battalion as a whole. I also want to be a medical officer because I also like being a medic. Lastly, I want to be a medical officer because it seems fun, and it may provide some fun challenges. Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: yes, I understand that I will be stripped of my rank if I don’t hold myself to a Standard What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: my purpose of being a medical officer is to provide help and maintain the battalion
  4. Travis your short
  5. Name: Russia Rank: Event Team trainee SteamID: STEAM_0:1:616330787 Reason: personal
  6. Can’t wait for my invite. In 2 years when I can travel alone
  7. -support Telling someone to commit suicide isn’t a joke no matter how you meant it granted the ban could be lowered two a few months.
  8. - support -I never see you on -you were warned for Sexual harassment even though it was a while ago it doesn’t look good on your record I believe you have potential to do well just need to get your activity up and I’ll change it to + support
  9. OG russia


    Hear me out guys! the best cheese in the world is Gouda tell me otherwise.
  10. Overall + support! The goods -he has the experience -he doesn’t have any bad bad warns (racism, homophobia, etc…) -seems like he really wants it The Bads -I Never seen you on much, but that could be me this message was written by your local PoliceRP moderator russia’s iPhone 20 “100x the price of an IPhone11, but the same quality of a iPhone 5”
  11. Yes it will, I still have the funny video but I hope to see your 100th year anniversary soon. By then FBI baseball extreme should be out
  12. In-Game Name: Russia Steam Name: [GL]Russia SteamID: STEAM_0:1:616330787 What is your staff rank and the server you work in? I’m Mod and I work on PoliceRP, but I have made it to the rank of admin before resigning in December I have gotten the permission from drippy How often are you online on the forums? I'm active on the forums. I try to check it at least once a day and see what is going on. Why do you believe you're qualified to serve as a Forum Diplomat? I believe that I would be a great Forum Diplomat because I have possible skills that will work in situations. Some of those skills are being able to be non-bias when handling reports and being able to provide sound judgment to reports. Along with being able to be on the forums at late hours of the night into the early morning, and also during the day. Would you consider yourself to have good judgment? If so, please describe a situation that required you to make a difficult decision? Yes, I would consider myself with good judgment. A situation that required good judgment was when I was a command member, and I had to make a decision with the only evidence I had. How would you deal with a situation where a user is spamming in various topics due to getting banned from one of our servers? I would hide their posts and put them on content moderation. If needed I would contact the head Diplomat to request a warn to the user. How would you deal with a situation where two users are aggressively arguing with each other in a warning appeal? I would give them a verbal warning that the post will be closed if they don’t keep it to +/- supports only If they continue I would lock the post until other action is taken.
  13. The moment I joined the server back in May or June I didn’t expect I’d come this far. I thought this would be like the other gmod servers I’ve been on in the past. Play on the server for one to three days then drop it, but something else happened. The people I thought I wouldn’t even talk to became what I thought were my closest friends. They helped me through my darkest hours and were there to share laughs. The joy ride of staff: June 16th 2021 the day that I went to staff interviews mostly out of boredom I didn’t really expect me to get staff, but their I was being pulled into drippy's ran forest and one of them saying “congrats” or something along those lines After that moment I realized I need to start making a commitment to the game. 3 months after I became staff I was rewarded senior mod Another month and I became an admin. Something that I thought I could never reach. To the whole staff team/JMT/SMT I want to say thank you for the amazing journey those 5 months I’ve been staff I won’t forget it. June 16th - December 27 My PD experience: When I first started out in pd I tried my best to be on the good notes of things and people I met helped along the way as I climbed through the ranks. I never thought I would make it to captain. I do want to thank everyone, even the people who left the server. I know they probably won’t see it but still. ———-my thanks———- @YuckyDuckyKids: our time on FBI was priceless. I’m proud of you making your way to LT and I know you will make it further. I will always remember FBI baseball @King: I feel like we have fallen from friendship but I’m proud of your advancement on the server and I feel like we had good times. @Will: you’ve helped me and motivated me to raise it both pd and staff keep it up. @Tactical: always made my day better. @BruceyBoyo: always helped me and I feel glad you are always doing your best. @Slopasaurus_Rex : when I asked you to help run a family out of the blue was one of the most funniest moments I have with you. @iZz: still my favorite Canadian @Andre Lawrence: you need to figure out how google works And to the rest of you: make sure to get proper sleep and take a break if you need to. ——————————————————— With that I will be leaving the community I may pop in head and their but other then that This is Russia going offline. Good bye!
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