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  1. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:460137064 Reason for Resignation: I feel unwelcomed for several reasons, Will probably be in another resignation.
  2. -Support You are a good person but I feel you are too immature, With you minging for hours at a time, RDMing random people but them not reporting you. I just feel you wouldn't do well while dealing with situations from hearing about how you deal with things inside of your family.
  3. +Support Active Professional Nice guy Good at helping people Never had a bad experience with him even on my worst days Has been at his rank for a long time Tayson I feel really deserves this promotion due to the reasons above, He is well ready and I can't stand to see MAJ Tayson Terry anymore.
  4. +Support Professional Active Mature Previous experience Man, About time you came back, I remember working up beside you before you left, Fun times.
  5. -Support Didn't meet word count (128 words on his) Advertised his app to me in game (With one of the people plus supporting a minutes after)
  6. +Support Good Supervisor Mature Active
  7. +Support Good supervisor Active Professional
  8. Rank You are Applying For: Lieutenant In-Game Name: Herrman SteamID: STEAM_0:1:460137064 Current Rank: SM How long have you been in your current rank?: About 13 weeks (In total before command and now) What timezone are you in?: CST How many Warns do you have?: 3 Why should you be promoted (150 words Minimum): I believe I should be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant because of my vast experience with command in multiple departments on this server and previously being a colonel in PD. I am becoming increasingly more active again. I wish to rejoin PD command because I feel I should come back and do something again at this point that I am getting more time to be active and getting kinda bored doing nothing on the server (and I've been begged ahem @AmethystRibbon ). I feel I will do good as command in PD again due to the fact I spent over a year in PD command building my reputation and experience on the server. With my experiences I feel I can help command and the rest of PD with the most of my abilities. Whether it be doing command work or just simply patrolling I know how to help my fellow officers and how to make sure everything is running well. You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes
  9. Nooo! You've been a good FBI Director!
  10. I've been actively in the community for over a year now and I've had some of the best times and memories in this community. But with arising and getting worse issues with my mental health and things that I am worried about from times long ago, It's my time to go in order to atleast try to preserve what's left of me. It pains me to do this but it needs to be done. Here's some mentions of the best people who have helped me out and been really long friends of mine keeping me going on the server. @BruceyBoyoThat "Mingey" cadet I trained the week I got low command. Man, You've gone farther than I thought you would. You've helped me with a lot of issues. Get Assistant Chief for me please. @SolomonYou've been a good friend for a long time. @ViceYou've helped me a lot, Goodluck in SCO19 @CammyBeen a good friend since I joined SCO19, Thank you. @YoboThank you for the help at the last. @DrippyYou've been a good friend for a long time, Be sure to steal some more oil from the US Army. @ICEOne of my first friends after coming back and been one of the homies. @TacticalI met you at SCO19 tryouts, You impressed me a lot then. Congrats on High Command, Love you. @AmethystRibbonGood friend who has helped me out tremendously these past few weeks. Keep going in the community Sorry if I missed some of you good people, I love you all.
  11. Title: State/DOC Resignation Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:460137064 Reason for Resignation: Mental health Anyone will be mentioned in my community resignation,
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