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  1. You need to apply for Forums Diplomat @Doggo0
  2. GoodBye my old Freinemy, im going to miss having you in technical
  3. TheeReaper

    I’m sorry.

    /me Takes cyanide pill before going into cardiac arrest
  4. I am truly, Truly gonna miss you sogi. You were there with me from the start, always supporting and helping me in my rise to AHOTS. I am really sad to see you have to go, I hope to still be able to RP with you and hang out.
  5. + Support I know chombo's pretty well and I believe he would make a Good TM
  6. -Support You get what you pay for
  7. Ingame Name: TheeReaper Discord Ign: TheeReaper#4268 Funny Fact about yourself: Im not a minge, im a Minget P.S If I dont win, im going to mug the winner