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  1. I'll truly miss you all, you people have brought so much joy to me, thank you all
  2. Hello, my name is Zealous, although I am sure that many if you know my name and have maybe happened upon me in game or in discord, if you have read the title than you should understand what this is about, I regret having to leave this community, but I will move on and relish the memories I have created with you all. While this entire process started on a bet between me and another player of GamingLight, it was still coming in the long run, while I am sad to be doing this, I sadly have to move on in my life and grow up. I want to thank all of the community staff for doing your best to create a livable environment in which we could spend our rare free time, I have formed countless unforgettable memories in my time on GL and formed many close relationships with the people who reside in the playerbase, I especially want to give a shoutout to the SMT/Managers who spend massive amounts of time making the server run well, even occasionally cleaning up Zeeptins spilled coffee or putting out the fires in the server room, I can't much remember how long I have been here for, maybe sometime around a year, which really isn't much compared to others, but it this short time I have done so much, seen so much, heard so much, I don't really believe I will ever truly forget this server in its full capacity. Secondly, I want to thank all of the playerbase, yes- you! All of you! Every last one of you! You all have supported the server and allowed it to continue growing and becoming the server it is today, you are the ones who make it possible to even play the server, thank you all... Finally... I want to thank my friends, the ones who helped me when I needed it... the ones who threw everything aside to comfort me in my times of need, the ones who saved me from desperation, you changed my life in ways that I cannot explain, you gave me refuge while my life fell apart, you were the lifeboat for the sinking ship, you always cared... Thank you... I know that this is rather gushy, but its the only way my mind was able to form the words that I am typing now, I know within a couple of weeks no one will remember my name... I know that people forget things... I know that time runs eternal, swallowing up the forgotten in its wake like rats of plague... I know that everything good has its end... its downfall... I know that people change, the become other people, they leave you behind for the high road, they abandon you for a slight improvement, only to come crawling back when they find it to be a lie... I know that there are people out there who don't care about what you think... And I know that some people can't be alone for long... Please be safe with yourself and the people you pick to know, and make sure to check on your friends every once and a while, because you never know when people need help the most... Just be humble... Be kind... Don't judge a book by its cover... Appreciate the moments you get with the people you enjoy, they won't always be there to give those feelings... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a couple of people here who have changed my time on this server for the better, and I feel like mentioning them here. @UncreativeDaniel You were an amazing person to know on this server, even though this entire thing was on a coin toss, we both follow through with it... I honestly can not forget the times we shared and the things we got away with, you will always have a place in my mind, always be there to bring me joy when I am sad, always there to be friendly when I need support, always a great leader, no matter how mingy you be, I know that we may somewhat split paths with our choices, but I hope to be good friends with you until the ends of time. May the road protect you in your travels and take you to your destinations safely. @Kipper Well well well... I know you are going to be extremely disappointed in me leaving GL, but trust me in this, we will stay together no matter what comes our way, you have always been a shining star for me to gaze upon and feel happy about myself for once, you are always there for me when I need you, you are always happy to be with me, you are always happy to throw everything out of the way and make sure I am ok, you are always trusting in me throughout my changes in character, please never change from the individual you are, I will never forget you in my ventures of the Earth. You will never fail to surpass my expectations of character, you will always be the one that I know, please never change. @Seb You were always the one to bring humor to the conversation with your antics, you always went out of your way to help others, even when you needed more help yourself, I have seen you branch out within this community and gain immense respect, you will always be there in my memories, I will always remember my time in EMS with you, and I miss it today, thank you for the wonderful experiences and the amazing memories. β€œAs long as man is alive, he will always deem himself to be the light of the world, and consider his enemies as the darkness. And they will be thinking like that on both sides of the front.” -Dmitry Glukhovsky @Eternity I do apologize for tagging you to this, but, I just want to thank you for the amazing times you allowed me to have, I thank you for your antics that seem to have no stop, I thank you for being able to control your sense of humor and be serious when necessary, I thank you for all of the hard work that you have put into this server to make people come back the next day, I thank you for your determination, you will always have a place in my mind, thank you. "War, War never changes..." - Ron Perlman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do apologize if you were not on this list, if you are not, this does not mean I will forget you, I will remember you all, no matter what, you are all amazing people, never let any tell you different, in totality, never forget yourself or become someone different to reach someone else's standards, remain true to yourself... β€œSurrender, Homo sapiens! You are no longer the king of nature! You’ve been dethroned! No, you don’t have to die instantly, nobody will insist on that. Crawl on a little more in agony, choking on your own excrement... But know this, Homo sapiens: you are obsolete!” Remain Human... Farewell, -Zealous Tails means we lost, I guess... Dreaming of the day you're gonna pack your bags Put the miles away Oh, just grab your girl and go where no one knows you What will all the old folks say? Das Ende...
  3. +Support Couldn't have put it better myself!
  4. *ahem* ... I will miss you extremely so, safe travels wherever the road takes you, and as always... EMS GANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. @[email protected]@Seb Rhodes from SCPRP @RyanWhiskey A few other odds and ends but most of the people are on this list, if I haven't included ya its probably cause I have terrible memory! +Dark, I couldn't find your name and I got distracted
  6. Great Person, Good luck man!!!
  7. -Support -No Evidence -Extremely Valid Warn Reason I think it speaks for itself that this warn is completely fair, killing innocent individuals in generally wrong, but in this case it is completely unfair for the victims
  8. I know I shouldn't much reply to my post, but what I am trying to get at would be that the current "plate checker" could be used as a Speed Radar, if training was used in the correct way, I do apologize for not including content, I just didn't exactly understand what could be added, I hope you all are having a wonderful day! -Zealous
  9. What you want to see? - I would like to see the CAD ID Vehicle tool be implemented as a Speed Radar for Government when enforcing speed limits, or have it as an active ANPR which checks the suspect if they are wanted constantly. Why should we add it? - We currently have no real way of judging the speed of a suspects vehicle without using cruise control to judge speed, at which that point its probably going to be different. What are the advantages of having this? - We would be able to more accurately judge speed and how much we would give the suspects for tickets. Who is it mainly for? - Government/RCPD
  10. Name: Zealous Rank: Staff Sergeant Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:515954280 Reason for leaving: I have a few reasons for leaving the branch, some personal, but the few that aren't will be listed here, first of all, I haven't been able to get the same joy out of the branch since the merge of OmniCorn-9 with Nu7, It just lost the fun feeling for me. Secondly, I haven't been able to get on for a while and want to focus on other more important things in my life such as school and family, Third and finally, essentially all of my mentors/role models have since moved on from the branch, and I don't believe it will ever be the same for me, Sorry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mentions Southpaw, You made my time in the MTF Branch enjoyable through the ups and downs, I trusted you, you trusted me, I will have an ache in my heart remembering the times we spent together, farewell Blackbeard, You were the best damned Omi9 Commander that ever existed, you always took time to have fun and were serious when it was required, Thank you, I will miss you dearly. WantedIdeas, I can't say we had too many experiences with eachother, but I saw how much you cared for the branch, I will miss ya Donny, I don't know if you are still there, but you were a good friend in the branch, will miss you too Guana, Guam, Guinea, You always brought a smile to my face with your antics, bringing humor the the most serious situations Zerk, I can't believe some of the stuff you got away with man, I love ya, you were always there to vibe with us, thank you. Pixel, Been a while, but you were a great person, thanks Benito (Father) You were one of the most serious no shit taker people I ever knew, you were very disciplined and taught me many good lessons, will be a shame to leave you, thanks for the time Greg, You were a great person for the branch in my time, I will miss you as well If your name is not on this list, it is not because I do not like you, I just have relatively terrible memory, thank you for being there for me MTF. Remember, Never say O5 in public Go Get Em' With Regards, -Zeawlous ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh yeah. Rang, I forgot to add ya, thanks for the great times dude!!!!
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