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  1. +Support I 100% agree, maybe even add a question section?
  2. -Support Good Idea and all, but server just cant handle much of this, the scripts would be to hard on the server, love the idea of this but sorry, too much lag already -Zealous
  3. +/-Support -Respectful -Friendly/Very Helpful -Isnt on PD very much Other than activity, if I saw it improve on PD (And not staff) I would 100% +support this, Good luck -Zealous
  4. -Support -Great app, but ive never even seen you once? Increase your activity and maybe you will be noticed better
  5. Big +Support on this -Almost always active -Mature -Good with leadership roles -Good with other members I hope you get this one Pitt, even if its before me! (jk) -Zealous
  6. +Support -Knows what hes doing -Mature -Active -Respects his job and the community I think you deserve this promotion more than most others do' -Zealous
  7. Big +Support Here -Almost always active -Respects his HU's -Formal -Mature -Helpful I think he deserves this promotion and hopefully many more to come! Good luck Jack -Zeal
  8. Big +Support -Friendly -Hardworking -Respectful -Mostly Active -Responsible I think you deserve the job of T Mod for many reasons, but im lazy (jk) and dont wanna go on, hope you get this job, GL -Zealous
  9. -Support The gun is waaaaaaaaaay to op as is no a damage/firerate would be more appropriate
  10. +Support -Respectful -Active -Friendly -Easy to get along with -Well established There are many reasons you deserve the promotion, I cant even describe them all, Good Luck Spade!
  11. +Support I agree with this, but we also need more things purchasable by GOV (Medkits for "combat" jobs) Maybe weapons as well, like a gun shop/armory inside of the pd -Zealous
  12. +Support -Well Known/Esablished -Friendly -Mature -Helpful I think you deserver the job, I wish you good luck with getting into staff! -Zealous
  13. -Support -Rushed question -Havent seen you too active in forums -Needs work I think you could improve in several categories, when this is done you should try again -Zealous