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  1. Name: Anthony Rank: CPL Callsign: XA6 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 6/26/2020-7/7/2020 Reason (if private write N/A): new PC setup
  2. Name: Anthony S Rank:RCT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:183650682 Discord: Anthony Shark67#4780 SubBranches(s):N/A Things you wanna see in CI: N/A Activity: first day on the job
  3. It was fun but Like they said in The meeting sec is a Starter branch so bye
  4. In-Game Name: Anthony SteamID: STEAM_0:0:183650682 What is your ULX Rank?: User What is your RP Rank?: SEC SM/ Omi9 SPC/ JR Tech What is your timezone?: EST How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? (1-10): 8/10 Do you have any experience as a Gamemaster or Event Planner? (If so, explain it): No How Active are you? (1/10):8/10 How many warns do you have? (Across all Gaminglight Servers):5 Why should we allow you to be an Event Team Member (150+ Words)?: I will not minge on ET and will not Abuse my power. I will be doing SCP item events that will be funny for researchers and D-class and maybe MTF to. I will be do SCP item event’s because know one has been doing them a lot so I want to be the one to do it. But I will be doing other types of events to so SEC and MTF can have funny so they do not get bored and do not leave the sever. I will be doing d class events to so d class can have funny to. I may do SCP event like SCP players to. I do not think event happen for CI but I may do it so when CI are not raid they do not get bored. I will take ET serious I promise so I will not break any rules at all. Describe an event you could create (The more specific the better): SCP- 1499 event where a announcement will be said in site comms like "scp-1499 is now in our site, Researchers feel free to test on SCP-1499." and then researchers will get D-class and then bring them to SCP-1499 containment (in LCZ ). Then the researchers will tell them to put the gas mask on (/advert [ACT] put on SCP-1499) then when they do advert bring them to the staff room that looks like SCP-1499 dimension and in it is 1499-1 and do attack so SCP-1499-1 will try and kill the D-class but they can get out in the 3 min but they have to do /advert [ACT] takes off SCP-1499 and if they do not die they get XP (only one at a time can put on SCP-1499) .(it's document (model Have you read the Event Team Guidelines?: yes What is your favorite SCP? Why? SCP-682 he is smart, can regenerates fast and knows other SCPS and communicates with them.SCP-1499 dimension
  5. In-game Name: Anthony SteamID: STEAM_0:0:183650682 DiscordID: Anthony Shark67#4780 What division do you want to join: Military How would you rank your knowledge of the lore? The SCPs in SCP CB. Why should you be in Chaos Insurgency? (75 word minimum) I Would like to be CI cause I want to be on the enemy side cause it’s different and more gun fight’s in raids and CI seems more powerful then some MTF and I haven’t seen the outside that much and would like to patrol the city as CI, and I would like to get d class in to CI and capture SCP’s and get the SCP’s to R&D and give them a things to do. What is something that sets you apart from other applicants? I'm in Omi9 and good at it. How active can you be? More active on weekends because of school. Do you have both Teamspeak and Discord: Yes Notes: after I get trained I will retire in security.
  6. Name :Anthony Branch(es) :Tech Rank(s) :JR How would you rate your activity? (1-10) 8 Any changes you would like to see: no Any notes or questions:no
  7. In-Game Name: Anthony SteamID:STEAM_0:0:183650682 What is your ULX Rank?:user What is your RP Rank?:SEC JFTO JRCF SM/MTF Omi9 RCT What is your timezone?:EST How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? (1-10): 9 Do you have any experience as a Gamemaster or Event Planner? (If so, explain it): No I do not have any experience as a Gamemaster or Event Planner How Active are you? (1/10):9 (I have school) How many warns do you have? (Across all Gaminglight Servers): 3 I think Why should we allow you to be an Event Team Member (150+ Words)?: I think I would be good with events on the server and I’m pretty creative I have 4 events on my mind right now and I really want to be on the event team because it’s pretty cool to host an event so no one gets bored on the server. My free time is usually on the SCPRP server, so on the weekends I am usually on the server but on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I have school so I may not do events on the server on those days. I know a lot about the SCP on the server (not SCP 076 that much). SCP 106 the old man he likes young people so I will try to get them first. SCP 939 with many voices can talk in RP and cannot see you if you are not making sound (in RP to you and not die is to crouch).SCP 173 is a sculpture that cannot move when you like at it to kill it will snap your neck (in RP 5 sec it can if 3 or more it cannot move). (Do not now a lot about the SCP in the SCP job pack). SCP 049 is the plague doctor he makes zombies (SCP 049-2) talks about a virus called pestilence and will try to kill that person with that virus (RP researchers cannot be killed by SCP 049). SCP 035 is a mask that controls humans when they put it on the mask (controls you by doing a roll and gets a higher number than you). SCP 096 the shy guy gets made when you look at it’s our on a picture of I’m on it with face showing and will kill that person that seen his face. SCP 682 the hard to kill reptile can talk and likes to listen sometimes. Describe an event you could create (The more specific the better):SCP Containment Breach event where everyone has to get out of the facility even security and every SCP is out of containment and d class and then e11 (other MTF count as e11) comes in the facility and kills d class and re contains SCP (For the event all scp door are broken).079 started the breach and the gates are locked the only away unlock it is to shut down SCP 079. Re contain all SCP or In 2 hours the site will get nuked and the event is over.(the first three people out of the facility will get something like a in game money our a gold rank). Have you read the Event Team Guidelines?:Yes I did What is your favorite SCP? Why? SCP 049 because he is like a human and just good then gets mad and kills and makes SCP 049-2.
  8. What you want to see? - csgo skins Why should we add it? - it will be cool to see a sick skin on the gun ( it's only for csgo gun's) What are the advantages of having this? -It will not effect gameplay it's just a skin Who is it mainly for? - people who are using csgo guns Links to any content - Notes: not all skins but some of them
  9. Name in RP:Anthony Rank:RCT Any concerns:NO
  10. Name:Anthony Rank:SGT FTO Rank N/A Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: N/A