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  1. +support An outstanding officer your jug app is in the bag
  2. Now whenever you throw a trench bolt it will just stay stuck up in the air bruh
  3. I own the car its pretty disappointing how second class the car is for its worth.
  4. What you want to see? - increase the speed and the handling of the "1970 dodge challenger " Why should we add it? - it is pretty much a show car and the car is pretty slow also the car is 45 mil to buy What are the advantages of having this? - none Who is it mainly for? - people who own this car or those who are thinking of buying it Links to any content - its in the server
  5. did you try using wardrobe?
  6. You are not allowed to use riot shield as d-class +support for option 2
  7. -support the only plus d-class brute should have is his hp
  8. SMH who is going to heal me now
  9. Get to it bro the boss wants to talk to you