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  1. granted welcome head LCPL give a week for your head of LCPL items to be shipped to u. lol JK ofc
  2. +/- leaning to + support. I believe E11 should only be in site when we are needed for EXP Site is under staff Right after a defcon move 3/2 to ensure the site is clear and then leave D block is falling A Euclid is causing to big of a issue. Giving escorts to RFA (all E11 not needed for this ) Events And I think a reason needs to be given so we are not just winging it. etc.
  3. +SUPPORT I dont see why not all it is is making people clean. It has 0 real impact on the sever what so ever. Expect promoting activity
  4. +support nice update by the way i likes I hate the argument of CI vs 3 branch just due to the fact most of the time CI out number MTF but thats just my thoughts of the subject I do think CI needs be a little more OP then most MTF though on a good MTF day we do outnumber them. But I dont think 3 of them should be able take out my whole team thats online.
  5. what is the reason if i may ask?
  6. +support well trusted command member in E11.
  7. + yes +support The best person to call for back up is the ones who needs it