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  1. +Support I agree, when I saw the base I was disappointed that it didn't look like original teaser. Though lights / lamps are known to cause FPS issues so... idk.
  2. Name: Sinnik Rank: Senior Event Team Date: 9/8/2020 - 9/22/2020 Reason: My work schedule is a nightmare once again, as such, I don't have the time to dedicate to filling quota, so unfortunately, I will have to take an LOA from it for a couple of weeks. I'm really hoping things go back to normal soon. If things are normal before then, I'll come off of LOA. I'll still be in-game and attending meetings as well.
  3. According to the ban panel, you were warned yesterday and banned today since the staff member who warned you did not have the capability to ban you for the requisite time. You claim you have no idea why you were banned, but it definitely tells you the why you were banned when you attempt to log into the server. As you have not provided a defense or any sort of dispute, -support. Nevermind then, according to Starstep, apparently a mistake was made. +Support.
  4. +Support This could potentially add some cool immersion to the server, so long as it doesn't create lag. And hopefully it can't be used for combat.
  5. +Support Puts in the work. Extremely dedicated. Has been Senior Mod for plenty of time.
  6. +Support As long as you don't ditch us again, I'm all for it. More seriously, this guy is incredibly well qualified. Let's put him back where he belongs.
  7. ^ yeah, as nice as it would be, unfortunately they have said it caused lag since it was checking for permission to display the name to EVERY player on the server, all those repeated checks can cause a ton of lag. At least, that was how it was explained.
  8. Huh? RC expert? Do you mean RCF? RCF is no longer a thing, just so we're clear on that first. To clarify: The only time GenSec should be in HCZ is for escorts or for Wardens with permission from MTF first. If someone else is in HCZ "doing MTFs job" please let security command know. Otherwise, feel free to look at our GenSec SOP and our Wardens SOP if you have any further questions about our operations. Regardless, you can feel free to contact me or any of my command members directly if you have any questions that our SOP will not answer instead of making suggestions about it.
  9. I heard that they're waiting for the map update to release it, since they're working on the base / spawn for the class.
  10. Jojo for sure. also corey in the house best anime
  11. +Support Yeah, I think they'd have to find a new swep for this one, but I'm sure it won't be too difficult to find a replacement.
  12. However, I do think that perhaps, instead of an extra life, branches could perhaps reevaluate *when* their branch counts as a life. For example, if, say, gensec counted as a life at CPL instead of LCPL, or Nu7 counted as a life at LCPL maybe. I think that would allow people to get a taste for what that branch is like without having to worry about hitting their life limit.
  13. -Support Regardless of how good an MTF suggestion is, I don't think we need another MTF branch. We have three and due to current branch numbers I think that is the absolute max we should have. Perhaps if this were replacing a branch, it could be considered?