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  1. +support i cannot actually believe someone did this this is insane
  2. Name: poptarts Rank: SFC FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): N/A Why should you retain your rank (WO+ must respond | 150+ words): I try my best, I'm active, I immediately switch if asked to or if someone of my rank is needed, etc. I come to every meeting, even ones not required. I try to be committed to my job. Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: please stop with my drama im gonna have a heart attack im just trying to do my job yall...also congrats cryo i screamed
  3. i was just about to do one of these imma change my questions
  4. 682 moment



  5. Lore Name: Poptarts [Last name Redacted] Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:230909419 Rank: Researcher Activity Level: 7-8/10
  6. Lore Name: Poptarts [REDACTED] Rank: Assistant Researcher SCP: SCP 513 and 999 Question / Idea: Can 999 interact or stop 513 after he is activated for someone by tickling that person or anything? + can 999 be affected by the bell being rung as well? Background Research: 513 tends to act as a ghost in the distance until he gets closer, and 999 tends to make people feel better and add happiness. Hypothesis: I don’t think it will change anything, but I think it will be interesting. Especially to see what happens to 999 after he hears the bell. I think it will affect him. Observations (What Happened During Test): The test began with me finding 999 and giving him candies so he would follow, then grabbing a D class from D block. We walked to [REDACTED] and went to 513s containment. When we arrived, the D class was tied to the wall next to the bell as 999 stood next to him. We closed the containment and asked the d class to ring the bell. He did, and both of them looked around. When taken out and asked what the D class could see, his first reaction was to yell “ghost” and back away. When told to make a gurgle if he sees anything, 999 made a loud gurgling noise and was given candy to try to calm him down, while the D class feared that the SCP he was seeing had breached and that we could see it too. When asked to describe the figure, the D class said “DEAD AND FLOATING” and could not describe more. As we were heading back to [REDACTED] , the D class was asked if it was getting closer to him, and he yelled “GHOST, A LOT” and 999 tried to stay next to the guard and I and in the corners of the room to avoid the creature. The D class was terminated via [REDACTED] and 999 ran away in fear after being given candy a third time. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: Not much since all of it was being seen by the two subjects, but this is them right after seeing the “ghost” for the first time. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): 999 has the ability to be affected by 513 and cannot cure it in a human. 999 is very frightened by 513 and even candy can’t make it feel safer in the time. It isn’t known yet if 999 died or was affected in any way or not after seeing it. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes, it did affect 999, but it didn’t help the D class for 999 to be there.
  7. SCP-119 - please i need to be a microwave please SCP-1316 - Lucy The Kitten SCP-3063 - The Fly ●●|●●●●●|●●|● SCP-007 these are the only ones i can think of currently