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  1. poptarts

    Surges RDM Appeal

    -Support Femboy Hooters Owner ➞ Captain Mei platinum was killed by Security MSGT Surge ➞ Security Senior NCO user with a tfa_csgo_aug You should know better than to immediately kill any minging security members or CC members. RDM is never a solution for minging. Your example of Maynard attacking someone is different as that is an in RP problem that goes along with the class that Maynard is. A security CC attacking security is a staff problem and security command problem as those classes are not supposed to attack security. If you saw this, you were supposed to cuff them both or call staff to take them in and deal with them. I believe that this warn is deserved. Comrade and Drip have/will be talked to.
  2. hey uhhhhh @Sixxidk if you know this already but he really needs to speak with you
  3. I'm soo SOO glad that you made this post and for all the responses, the toxicity on both sides is stupid and childish and needs to be talked about. In and outside of the actual server.
  4. Goodbye everyone. I’ve had lots of fun times in security, and I loved coming up through it. I met everyone I know through security, and joined security with some of my friends. I got to know the server and everyone on the server through it and I had lots of fun. But after a while it got more stressful for me and now with things going on in my life, and with other responsibilities on and off the server, it’s only stress rather than fun. I don’t see myself moving forward currently as I cannot do my best. I don’t know if I will come back to security or not, but I will always remember the fun I had on it before. Thank you everyone! Here’s people for me to thank I guess (in security specifically): Sinnik- You actually believed in me, thank you :’) Mini- Micspamming isn't a personality trait mini Saiba- no (ilysm) Bael- Bullied me constantly, let me on his cc tho so thank u Creamey- You don’t talk much but you're really cool and deserve your position Mind- brain boulder. Also you're really nice and don't get enough credit for it Drago- I’m glad you came back, try your best ok Turners- Didn’t make me rcf command, love ya buddy Sixx- Didn’t know how to do anything, you're wholesome tho Tsuki- I didn’t talk to you much but I appreciate you Ape- You were actually really nice and encouraging so thank you you helped a lot Crest- Idk how you do it but you're really good at your job and pls dont leave security ever Carl- I put you here only cause you’ve been with me through all of security and when I started the server as well so thank you little brother Stabby- You were banned but you trained me for security and I’ll always be grateful you probably won't see this (I will still play on the server, so you'll see me again)
  5. -support to be honest, theres a lot of problems with you and youve been told what they are and have failed to fix or acknowledge them, having you as staff now wouldnt be a smart choice
  6. poptarts

    Poptarts LOA

    Name: poptarts Rank: 1LT Date:6/28/2020 Duration of LOA: ends 7/5/2020 Reason: Private
  7. Name: poptarts Rank: 2LT Current FTO Rank: JFTO Current RCF Rank: RCF Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 150+ words): I believe should retain my rank because I have worked my hardest to be the best I can in security since I joined it. I'm very loyal to security and see it as my main branch especially since I got command. I tried my best to get to this point and will continue to try as hard as I can no matter what happens. My activity is very good as I get on for hours everyday missing one every once and awhile, and I really like doing my job so its not very hard to be active. I tend to get on very late rather than early so less people are on but I still do my job even at those late hours. I love helping newcomers as well as fixing things that I can with security to make it better, on and off the server. I will always as great as I can possibly be for command and security as a whole as long as I'm here. Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: N/A
  8. +support yesss, changing his model would be a lot better
  9. -/+ support in rp yeah he totally could do this but i think it would just add the the chance that people who play him would failrp/metagame, and theres nothing for 343 to do on surface in the first place so i dont see why he would even need to go up there i just dont see it as beneficial in any way really
  10. +support but i think that the timer should be pretty long so people dont abuse it