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  1. Your name: Panda Discord ID name: PandaInShitpostLand#1235 Discord ID code: 318455052744392704 Which server: SCPRP Reasoning for Ban: I may have done a little too much trolling (became unhinged) and told a friend to preform a very not cool action (Told him to KYS) in a public channel, in which i instantly got banned for I dunno how long Why do you deserve to be unbanned: We all do a little bit of trolling, but I did a little too much trolling. I thought it was okay to tell someone to Kill themselves in the context of it being friend on friend and them being okay with it, which is why I said it. In hindsight that phase was obnoxious (Cringe!) I have friends in that server I would like to chat to and debating on MAYBE returning. and in order to do basically anything I gotta be in the discord. If I do anything that's downright stupid I'm free to be banned, but I was following the rules that SMT gave me when I told a friend to commit removal from this plane of existence.
  2. +Sup You didnt troll hard enough
  3. +Sup He ate my fucking mac & cheese
  4. use the gun balances on the discord mate
  5. You included it in the evidence sheet as a separate part so I assumed it was an issue For the metagame I can understand it, the goal was not to metagame but it really became metagaming. because I was acting less rationally than normal I didn't bother getting a spotter, which would have been a much better idea than camping the gates. My intentions became differed from reality.
  6. This is indeed my fault, but at the very least i can explain my side of the story I was on ambush at the time, and seeing the pure amount of CI on in comparison to the lack of MTF fueled my lust to blow up a massive group of CI. CI just won a mech raid, and I wasn't very happy on the way we lost, so I began acting off emotion rather than rational thinking. my brain was like "Watching the checkpoints isnt as good of an idea than watching the gates" So I told MTF to be near the gates and wait for them to open, so that I could go set up a trap. In terms of the castrate comment, that is my way of speaking to people, which looks really bad, but it makes sense to people who know me. Still not a good way of speaking but i can't really help it. In my mind, the plan was to wait for them to begin opening the gates, retreat back into the EZ hall, and wait for CI to push in. I was waiting at Gate-B so I couldn't really know what was happening. The grenade comment was meant to just be "when they push in, toss your nades before counter-pushing" but it didn't come off like that, it came off like "buy 500 kilotons of TNT and throw it in" The "CI not being smart" comment wasn't meant to be an insult, it was meant to be a "I doubt they will split their forces, and instead push as one massive group". This looks extremely bad, but from my POV and how things were going for site (our forces were being spread somewhat thin) compared to the literally COD zombies horde that CI had, it was much more reasonable. Take this how you will. here you go
  7. What are you suggesting? - NOTE: Approved by Sec HCMD D-Class Smuggler Description Change: Unlike your fellow D Class, you have outside contacts enabling you to have a wide stock of weapons to sell for profit. Decrease slots to 2 Increase level requirement to 75 Addition: Weapon Shop Add all weapons from Supplier tfa_model500 - 3500$ tfa_usc - 5000$ rust_smg - 4500$ tfa_csgo_deagle - 5500$ rust_doublebarrel - 6500$ ALL SHIPMENTS ARE x9 THE PRICE OF 1 WEAPON D-Class Supplier Price Changes CZ75 Auto - 4500$ (from 8500) Tec-9 Auto - no Change Colt Python - no Change Berretta - no change USPS - no change Glock18 - no change HK45C - no change USP - no change Addition: rust_python - 3000$ Addition: rust_waterpipe - 4500$ Uzi - 10000$ (from 11500) First Aid Kit - 2500$ (from 4500) Melee weapons - no changes ALL SHIPMENTS ARE x9 THE PRICE OF ONE WEAPON Pro D-Class Add Weapon: tfa_usp Remove Weapon: tfa_sig_p229r How would this change better the server? - D-Class branch update Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - D-Class POWWWEEEERRR Who would this change mostly benefit? - D-Class (Branch update)
  8. Who invited this guy? he ate all the mac and cheese. +support to kill this man (do not add him or else he will eat all the damn donuts)
  9. +support App isnt flashy and gets straight to the point Hes CI HCMD, he cannot be trusted Literally sucks at the game Event idea is very very basic
  10. -Support I Apologize but I do not know who you are. You are a mod and can be trusted Event idea is very basic Though I wish you luck!
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