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  1. You were on D-Class logging, correct?
  2. If you have them in throw configuration. but can we pleas reverse it these things are complete shit now (at least to like 85 damage)
  3. SCP's like 682 are considered "mindlessly aggressive" 2191 682 Enraged 076 610 096 5208 Raptors and 049-2 instances (unless commanded by 049) are considered hostile, the other couple sentient hostile SCP's like 8286 and a non enraged 076 would be fine
  4. This could go extremely well with a civilian pizza maker job or foundation chef, giving small buffs to those who eat it or can be sold for profit
  5. The mining system is a massive time investment for a weapon that will last 5 seconds because the people mining are (most of the time) unskilled 100 100 apes
  6. this mainly applies to SCP's who can kill, and they wouldnt be able to work with MTF due to their job kinda bein to RC them
  7. Hm, yes, lets make juggernauts meant to fight the weakest class in the server stronger than an MTF heavy class. -Support. D-Class rely on CC's during average pop hours, and there has to be at least 2 of these cc's or a couple mobsters. These CC's have to have coordination to begin even remotely applying pressure to a fortified d-block Due to the fact CC's have 1 minute NLR, they cannot keep applying infinite pressure, but if they can apply enough in 1-2 pushes, they can crack the defense, in which Security call in MTF and a massive tug of war battle takes place if the D-Class can successfully break through, they have a shot at escaping. they still have to get through HCZ and EZ fighting Nu7, D5, and E11 on the way. if they can manage that they earn their freedom. Giving juggs as much HP as E11 CE/Officer while giving them the best LMG in the server (and the second best) is overkill, and does not belong on any security job hell, giving sniper the M98B was overkill as hell (becomes the best sniper, give it to every class in the server.) I believe these balance decisions should be overviewed, and instead of making security stronger encourage them to get creative on their defense with firing lines, less partial lockdowns and more hands, and different ideas for classes
  8. What are you suggesting? - a change to the rules to allow certain scps/humans to temporarily work together if it would be mutually beneficial to both parties Current Rule: SCPs are not allowed to work together at any time. SCPs are also not allowed to work with D-Class and CI personnel to gain a RP advantage. This includes leaving people alive to allow them to break through doors, protecting them, etc. Hostile SCPs are required to attempt to kill humans. Suggested Rule Change: Non Sentient/Mindlessly aggressive SCP's are prohibited from working together or with humans for any reason. Sentient SCP's may choose to work with a human or other sentient SCP if it would be mutually beneficial to both parties. Once the reason for working together has been fulfilled, both parties must split and go separate ways and after splitting are considered hostile to each other once more. (EX: Having a D-Class open a door for an SCP) -If the SCP/Human gets into combat they are disallowed from working together to kill the threat, once the threat is dead they can continue working together until task fulfilment. -Any sentient SCP can make a deal with a human, once it is completed they must split apart -SCP's that are sentient may choose to ignore targets if they pose no threat to them or if it would be more beneficial to ignore said target and attack someone else (EX: 8286 ignoring a D-Class and going for a researcher) -SCP-076-2 is considered sentient until enraged How would this change better the server? - Add more roleplay and choices and allowing rules to work together in RP without it being mindless teaming Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - If a deal is going on between an scp and a human, they might work together in combat on accident giving an advantage to the scp party Who would this change mostly benefit? - SCP's, D-Class Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - N/A
  9. This clip shows you seeing the guy then preforming a panic swipe over his head before flicking back, and you arent even center of mass apon flicking back The clip chineseman shows is a clip of the fucker not even knowing he was hiding in the damn corner, "flicking" in A FRAME and then flicking back INSANTLY and proceeding towards d-block, if it was a true flick he would have taken at least a bit to return his crosshair That flick is also center of mass, he would be very off center if he did a flick like that. I've seen some people preform stuff like that, but its usually when they KNOW that someone is there, that 682 didn't even know chineseman was hiding in the corner. it might be dsync but like there was no warning whatsoever +support
  10. ROA or LOA: LOA Name: Panda Rank: SET Start Date: 6/17/22 End Date: 6/25/22 Reason: Heavy burnout, caveman need break
  11. Would be something to bring up to SA, and also -support. no
  12. -Support. Follow the format my friending. however This is like the one SCP that doesnt insta kill literally everything. to recontain a smart 8286 it requires brainpower of your own. He'll get one insta kill every 5 minutes. in which hes vulnerable due to his disguise. He wont cause many problems other than killing people when no ones looking, either for the disguise or the meme on people. The 8286 player does have to assume alot of things are metagame, the second someone sees the job "SCP-8286-GL", they know hes breached and alot of the time will go an "Coincidently" check on his cell and see he is out. This just seems like you posted this due to being bested by an 8286, either due to your own fault or the 8286 saw an opening to strike
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