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  1. Maybe after the 50th high-command resignation, siteadmin/SMT will realize somethings wrong with the server
  2. I respect how you're stepping down, however I feel like you should've done this a lot sooner. Have a good one nonetheless.
  3. "Emoo has tragically decided to resign as of today"
  4. This individual has shown not to care about the rules, within maintenance, and within the server. Huge +support.
  5. +Support He was foreman Good to have GMT Command, to promote offhours activity! Active ( i think, I havent seen you on more than 4 times but thats just timezones I hope ) Good application
  6. get a life NERD
  7. ACCEPTED Speak to HCMD/HLPR Bot Gamma to be trained!
  8. ACCEPTED Speak to HCMD/HLPR Bot Gamma to be trained!
  9. Name: Spring Activity (1-5): 3.5 Last Promoted: April 14th Date Joined: April 14th as well. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:241046721 Donator Rank: Gold Notes: hi
  10. Spring

    Spring LOA

    ROA or LOA: LOA Name: Spring Rank: Trainee Start Date: May 12th 2022 End Date: May 16th 2022 Reason: Will be out of state
  11. Jummy is cool, and good application. Good luck. +Support.
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