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  1. Your In-game: Orange Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:121830468 The player's name in-game: He normally goes by "Joe King" on this occation "John Groove" The player's steam name (If you know it): STEAM_0:0:59657145 What did the player do: MASS RDM | MASS PROP KILL | Prop Block | MASS HUMAN TRANQING | NITRP | Possible LTAP? Evidence (REQUIRED): (I had found this after he had Disconnected when he seen a staff had been watching) He was on a heavy class tranqing humans I did not see, but I heard multiple (15+) tranq shots fired as I was a D Class and multiple players reported being tranqed What do you believe should happen to the player: A long term ban and or perm Any extra information: This was done while no staff were on, and I get on in the middle of his mass minge
  2. Test A During this test we try to comprehend this "Disease" that 049 see's Title: The Disease Within Introduction to the test: 049 is captured and we understand how this "Disease" works The requirements for test: 049 and a test subject Hypothesis: 049 will explain the disease to the best we can comprehend Conclusion: 049 "Senses" the disease as he says, The disease is within all of us and it grows overtime (Maybe talking about natural aging?), is is able to "cure" the disease and implement it back. Answers: "Plague Doctor: It grows overtime" "Plague Doctor: The complexities of the pestilence and my cure can not be conceived by a mere human" "Plague Doctor: I'm fulfilling my duty to rid the world of the pestilence" Incident report: Nothing Any extra information: A CI member entered the building far away from 049 and he sensed the "disease" Test B: During this test we try to figure out what 049 does the infected and cured Title: A talk with 049 Introduction to the test: Me and 049 talk about the disease The requirements for test: 049 and Dadada Hypothesis: 049's disease is related to age Conclusion: It seems to be related to aging Answers: "the disease of humanity" "it progresses with every second of the day. the longer you keep me like this the more it will spread" "the cured, I let them kill the wielders of the pestilence" "as if I were the ruler of a dictatorship" "I say it with regret but I returned the pestilence to him" Incident report: Dadada said he felt and looked like a chicken nugget when "cured" Any extra information: 049 seems to take in the pestilence (Life?) out of its test subjects. Test C: During this test we understand the dark secrets of the "Cured" Title: Understanding the Cured Introduction to the test: We have captured 049 and are trying to understand what the cure really are. The requirements for test: 049, and a test subject. Hypothesis: When 049 cures someone they enter a lifeless "zombie like" state. Conclusion: It seems as if the become a lifeless form. Observations: The cured seem to become lifeless, making only moans and groaning sounds, they follow any order that 049 gives them. Incident report: 049 escaped his cell but was quickly detained. Any extra information: Convincing 049 when he is held captive should allow us to turn back our men. From these past test I do not believe we should believe 049 about this "disease" and keep a clear distance away to prevent him from putting us under his control.
  3. + Support + Well done application + Interesting and creative event idea + Very into RP situations +Active I believe he would be a good addition to the event team.
  4. + Support +Active +Good guy + Decent application -Events could be a little more creative, or didn't fit well with lore Overall though I think you would be a good addition so you have my + support.
  5. I found this map, seemed pretty good : Only issue would be D Block, I would have liked to seen it more open and no checkpoints like site 05. Just because of that reason I would rather stick to the current map, unless the map maker is willing to make changes to make D Block similar.
  6. As much as I would love a new map, I think the options listed are not the best for the play style of the server, as some didn't have a surface, no wide open d block(which I think is a staple for this server,) and on some maps a path straight to gate A from D block.
  7. When Researchers were taking all Class D to 173 CC for a laser light show rave, which ended with one MTF deciding to gun down everyone.
  8. +Support I see no reason for them not to have radios, it would only help them and CI communicate better, as heavies also have radios and they are a donator class.
  9. It could be like NTF where the first rank does not count as a life [Ex. Junior (Utility Job).]