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  1. -Support There is definitely more to this I believe.
  2. -Support Solely on the reason of armor, if there was a way to reset your armor back to normal (Without Staff) I would lean more towards a + Support. Armor just plays to big of an advantage in fights to not have your full amount.
  3. If you hit him long range (and he even hears it) and crouch walk away from where you shot you're safe.
  4. +Support This man is fully dedicated towards CI, and probably knows more about CI than some of the current command
  5. I always thought 106 could go through walls...
  6. -Support a little unneeded If a branch wanted to be "Ethical" command could just apply restrictions. This also would make it harder for new researchers to create test as they have even more limited options.
  7. +Support +To keep things fair -For the ones using metagame as and excuse, meetings are hosted during peak playing hours so everyone can attend, during those peak hours it's a given CI Might raid 1-2 times an hour. Not really a surprise to have CI pulling up if your meetings last an hour.
  8. Adding on, I don't think someone who raiding for a microwave should be promoted, it just shows how mingey and unfit you are for this spot, probably even command.
  9. -Support Legit just came back Unknown activity Has been in CI twice leaving both times decently early
  10. -Support If it was the first time you did so, maybe I would lean at a +/-, but this was your second time with a restriction from staff. You have shown that even with second chances you still cannot correct yourself. And I feel as if even after your staff restriction ends you will repeat yourself again.
  11. +/- I think Lt-Col may be more fit for you (If slots open)
  12. +/- I think Lt-Col may be more fit for you (If slots open)