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  1. Avalon Levi


    sadly i have to agree with you Lucario is a great pokemon to battle in most gyms Mid to say the least...
  2. Accepted Welcome to Research Command! Contact SCMD+ for training.
  3. This Resignation almost made me shed a tear, such emotional words really inspired me.
  4. Yall already did tho XD - Support I already have been banned before for typing the N word on chat but i meant Bigger and replaced the B with an N which are close to eachother, after explaining to SMT they seen that i didnt meant to say the N word but i still had to wait a week before being unbanned, mistakes happen but breaking community rules have consequences even ifs a accident.
  5. + Support + Nice guy. +9 Months in GenSec. + Deputy Head Of Wardens. + Good aswers for each Scenario. + Deputy Head Of Wardens. + One of the Best GenSec CMD (My personal opinion). + Has great ideas to improve GenSec and the Server. + Has a LOT of experience as GenSec CMD. + Wants to do more for the Branch. + @bopGave him perms admin perms in "Funny CMD" channel but jokes aside shows that his trustworthy. + Good reputation among the Server and GenSec. Good Luck ~ Deputy Head Of Research Avalon Levi
  6. + Support + Great Researcher. + Recommended by 2 Analysts. + Great Documents. + Research Command. + Never had any problems with his Behavior on Research. + One of the best picks for analyst. + Wanderer's Library Award (The best Award a Research Member could get) Good luck ~Deputy Head Of Research Avalon Levi
  7. Documents/Logs should to be posted under Foundation Logs section on forums!
  8. Accepted Welcome to Research Command! Contact SCMD+ for training.
  9. Thanks for your application We appreciate your interest in Junior Command. However for one or more reason(s) Research HCMD has decided to DENY your application. We hope you will consider applying again in the future, you may apply again in 2 weeks. ~ DHOR Avalon Levi
  10. Accepted Welcome to Research command! Contact a SCMD+ for training.
  11. + Support - Nice Guy - Entered a Branch CMD - Doing a Exceptional Job as Research Command - Has improved his behavior - almost 4 Months whitout a Warn - it's his fifth Application ( Show's great effort and his determination in Becoming Staff)
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