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  1. +Support This Guy Would Make Great In ET. Same As Sixx I Never Seen Him Be Immature In a Bad Way, Hes Very Professional When He Needs To Be.
  2. +Support Nice Idea, If Possible.
  3. -Support For 12k HP -> +Support For 9k HP. +Support For 6k Max Regen HP.
  4. Well Ladies And Gentlemen From Security, My Time Has Come, At Least For Now. When I Joined Command I Told HCMD On My Evaluation That I Would Only Leave Security Command When I Didn't Had Nothing More To Add To The Branch. I Became Command To Help The Branch And If I'm Not Helping Its Normal To Take My Leave, There are Many Reasons For That, One Of Them Is My Low Quality Setup (I Play The Game Between 12-18 FPS) Because Of That I'm Not Fit For a Combat Branch By Now. However Maybe In The Future I Come Back To Security, But In The End I'm Not Sad About it, Because I Know This Branch Has Many Amazing Command Members That Will Take Care Of It. Thanks To All My Colleagues From Security Command Was a Pleasure To Work With All Of You. And To All My Friends From Security Do Not Be Sad I Will Be Around The Site Daily, See You Around.
  5. Name: Avalon Levi Activity (1-5): 3 Last Promoted: 11/09/21 Date Joined: 08/11/21 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:119986069 Donator Rank: User Notes: Welcome to ET TAlila
  6. We Will Miss You Glados, You Did Amazing Things For Our Research Branch, I Wish You The Best, God Bless ya.