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  1. Name: Mind Rank: DoRS Branch: Research and Security Length (MM/DD/ - MM/DD): 8/15-9/3 Reason (If private that's fine): Starting 1st year of college and need to adjust. My LOA might end earlier depending on how everything goes. I'll be available on discord if anything comes up. Hex and Moonrose don't kill your branches while I'm gone.
  2. Jack you were always a chill guy. Even as my DHFTO, I had a great deal of respect for you even though you liked crumpets and tea. I hope wherever life takes you you succeed. ~ Mind P.S.: Tarkov is trash. Stop playing.
  3. -Support Medkit charges maybe. But hell no to armor charges. I can tell you from my experience you don’t need to help of AP to overrun us, it happens plenty already. If you need AP, overrun D-Block and get to armory.
  4. My apologies. Its just confusing considering its in the same section as the sniper rifles and has a scope. And the reason people buy the longbow is so they have a sniper on any non-Class D job. *Rifle
  5. 0 NLR. That means you run out of spawn, kill one of the Security, die, then instantly do it again. Please explain how that isn't OP. If you want a sniper, you are welcome to buy a D-Class CC but I don't need every Class-D armed with a gun that nearly 1 shots Security.
  6. May god have mercy on the medics
  7. Couple things I'll comment: - Brute was supposed to get the heavy shield last branch update but it was overlooked when SMT did the update (see proof below). We decided to wait until this update as it is a minor change. I'd also add the whole reason we got the shields was when I added them for Security. https://gyazo.com/f0a3e0eb502fbe9240a1368d5b2619cb - Bal27 is not as good as it once was. HSU (now HTF) dumped the gun when it got nerfed for the ACOG. - Nowhere on this update does this say that Security will be getting mustard gas. The reason the masks are being added is because many of our super admin+ forget to spawn them in when we request the gas.
  8. +Support You forgot to add the Davy Crockett to my job
  9. -Support Security will be unable to kill Class-D in mines on full lockdown.
  10. +Support Good application. Give them a shot!
  11. @JrshaferLook at what you’ve done. Stand on the ledge and accept your fate. You’re getting shoved into LDB.
  12. Can you please send the SteamID's for the Security Artillery Unit?
  13. Can I please get the list of SteamID's for the Omnipurpose Riot Force and Omnipurpose Security Force CC's?
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