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  1. Try using the gun when 5+ class d rush you. Its harder than it seems.
  2. What you want to see? - Better riot control gear for the riot control subbranch. Stun baton, riot shield, flashbang, and a flare gun are some ideas. Why should we add it? - The riot control class has ZERO good tools for handling riots. You get a shotgun, a bad revolver, and an AR. This class should at least have a flare gun on it. The flare gun is able to deal damage and obscure vision at the same time. It doesn't have a very high damage amount and only about 5 rounds for it would be needed. In security, it is our job to prevent riots. We should have the correct tools to do so. What are the advantages of having this? - Security would be able to handle riots more efficiently. A magnetic lockdown would not be as necessary if we could disperse the riots. Who is it mainly for? - Security (riot control class) Links to any content - N/A
  3. Name: Mind Rank: CPT FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): HFTO Why should you retain your rank (WO+ must respond | 150+ words): I am one of the most active security command members on the server and have a strong understanding of the SOP. I am also the HFTO so I am in charge of maintaining the FTO documents so I believe I am responsible enough for the role I play in GENSEC. I make sure to communicate with the enlisted and NCO's, and answer any questions or concerns they may have. If there is a situation that requires my attention, I will flag up to resolve the issue to the best of my ability. I try to be a fair but strong command member but also want my peers to have a good time in security. I know how to train all ranks SM and below as well as all the subbranches in security. I believe I am a valuable asset to this branch and I have proven it in my commitment to this server which is why I think I should retain my rank as CPT and HFTO. Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: Could we get some more decorations for bunks and update the information in the training room?
  4. -support One could argue that CI have a large advantage when they raid d block. Even while I’m using my Negev, I die every freaking time. Am I trash? Yes. But class d still can kill people with Negevs.
  5. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - More interesting stuff in security bunks. We have literally nothing compared to other branches. We only have beds, and the Christmas tree that will soon be removed. Could you possibly remove some of the beds and make a surveillance station? Or add an armory for security in the bunks. Maybe chess. Why should we add it? - Take a look at our bunks. Its just sad. The security I have talked to agree with me that we need something more cool. A surveillance station (it could just be props and not real cameras) would really make the room look like a security outpost. An armory would allow security to buy medical supplies and guns when they spawn in or die. It would make it more realistic and the armory could be put in the room with the keycard nobody can open. The armory could require level 2 access. What are the advantages of having this? - More realistic, moral boost, just cool, allows easy access to weapons. Who is it mainly for? - All of security Links to any content -
  6. Your in game name: Security HFTO CPT Mind Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:419725467 The player's in game name: ? The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:521449610 What did the player do: At around 4 AM EST he spammed the PA system, hitting what I can only assume was every button there. He was on the 106 job and continued to spam the buttons for about 1-2 whole minutes before players demoted him off the job. Evidence (required): I have the video on my phone and will attempt to post it below What do you believe should happen to the player: Perma ban? Or at least a 1 month ban. Any extra information: For extra proof, consult CI SFC Crabbo (who started the demote), or Security FTO 2LT Tsuki who was with me during this.
  7. Name: Mind Rank: 2LT FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): FTO RCF Rank (If Applicable, CPL+): JRCF Why should you keep your rank (WO+ must respond): I am an active security member who wants to help improve security in any way I can. I am new to this rank and am still learning how to be a strong commander but this will take time. I am a command member who will answer any questions and or concerns the lower ranks have. My favorite sub division is the FTO's because they are the building blocks for the next generation of security and a goal of mine is to be a DHFTO. When there is a situation, I will try to solve it to the best of my ability but might not know what to so I tend to ask other command members. I try to be a more relaxed command who won' serve harsh punishments but thankfully I haven't gotten to do this so far. Security is the most important branch. Without us, it would be a battle server. This is why I love security and intend to stay in it for as long as possible. Thank you. When did you join Security? (Approximately): The end of June or the beginning of April so about June 23rd ish Why did you join Security?: I realized how fun it would be to have a gun and shoot people. Research was boring and was a pain to do tests so I switched over. Anything you would like to see different in Security?: The FTO training guide. Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: Can we be more strict on people saying A1? This is out of RP but I see this all the time. Also, people fall into lower d block too much and something needs to be done about it. Quote
  8. Name: Mind Security Rank: MSGT FTO Rank: FTO Why should you keep your rank? (SFTO+ must respond): N/A Any notes or questions?: Are you planning to update the test? Some questions are incorrect such as the cuffing D Class. You can if you are escorting a researcher.
  9. I know we didn’t know one another that well but it sucks to loose a devoted member of security. You will be missed. I don’t know what the old GENSEC was like but it sounds nice. Hopefully someone will restore it to what you enjoyed. Come visit if you get the chance. People will miss you.
  10. Name: (What it is on the Roster) Mind Stone SteamID: STEAM_0:1:419725467 What server is your activity majority based on (EU or US)? US How is your activity in Gensec (Good, poor, ect): Good. I'm on nearly everyday for 2-3 hours and on weekends about 6-12 hours. Why should you retain your current Rank? (WO+ 150+ Words): N/A