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  1. She found it strange that people use their cellphones to actually talk to one another. I want more detailed information. Doris enjoyed tapping her nails on the table to annoy everyone.
  2. At that moment I was the most fearsome weasel in the entire swamp. He walked into the basement with the horror movie from the night before playing in his head. It isn't difficult to do a handstand if you just stand on your hands.
  3. got my paycheck to support my own regime CI coming to Real Life soon
  4. sorry man but the server was taking a big ass portion of my life very bad i am coming back tho when i get free time
  5. Hi guys I am going to get some milk and going to come back soon Hopefully Cool table: bro this dude pc crashed for playing Roblox LMAO igneous: igneous I really like your shirt but that haircut is wack change it please Jayden: saint you were one of the greatest e11 commanders proud of you Dang : Bruv got mad Teef and you pretty wack in rust you couldn’t carry me L bruv Skela: Skela hopefully I could meet your father at the milk aisle Orange: E-Dates Boys enuz : a nerd that studys bio well how about yo study some bitches Warren Talos: Cool Guy I love him he is one of the best Generals ever TAlila: he says he is Arabic but he doesn’t know any Arabic words Vindertech: this dude legit stole the name from Fortnite If i didn’t add you here its probably cause i didn’t find something to say about you sorry
  6. RIP Fiery take care of your self man we gonna miss you
  7. +support There is no model that has been used by MTF the longshot model is different from MTF and the other models don't look like MTF at all idk what you talking about didn't even check the models just made a -support for no reason please try to check the branch updated and read about it and then respond with a -/+suppor on it
  8. -support This job is not that op you just gotta know how to make a plan to take him down and Nerf/Removal Won't Be happening Since rarely someone plays on a Level 100 job i am guessing he killed you once and you cried about it that's why you straight up wanted to make a removal for the job and this is the same shit with SCP 7101 he is op and regen hp and could tp so The RND scp is just a debuffed version of him
  9. @Ruzlazy ass at least tell him the steps
  10. -support As Colt said Just go somewhere else from the vent so you don't get shot easy as that as an scp you gotta outsmart MTF/CI and the vent is small only 1 person can shoot you it ain't alot of dmg
  11. +support It was a good idea to add 912 in the server and i respect smt trying to add new scps it was fun while it lasted but 912 became obnoxious and just ruins everyone's fun please @Coltable remove it
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