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  1. Ive seen the position switch a bunch, and have no idea what causes it. NGL tho its kinda fun to play with.
  2. As a moderator he really doesn't have permission to use his physgun off-duty to begin with.
  3. +/- Support App seems good, but I don't see you on much (though I don't play much during the later hours)
  4. You may want to fix that end date chief, unless your LOA is meant to only last one day.
  5. bdogz1

    starr goes bye bye

    *sad speedboost noises*
  6. -Support Honestly I don't see why you are appealing it, considering you got off with a relatively light punishment based on what Igneous says you said to him. Just look at Igneous' response in this and you will see why.
  7. +Support Friendly Honest A good leader Very active
  8. Everyone on site: Please Tommy don't detonate the nuke Tommy: