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  1. +Support Evidence is clear, shows one guy advertising and explaining cheats and the other using them. Even talks about possibly crashing the server.
  2. If it works and doesn't cause any issues for the server, +Support.
  3. Let me list off the issues I have with this map after taking a good look at everything it has to offer. Firstly, issues that could be fixed by staff but would require a fair amount of time and effort: 1. The map ambiance leads me to believe that this is a breach style map, which is obliviously not what we are. I know this can be turned off by using stopsound in the console, but to my understanding there is no way for the server to do this, which means that each individual person would have to type stopsound into their console when they load in. 2. Were we to switch to this map, it would require probably a weeks worth of work from the staff team to get decals, keypads, spawns, and other such stuff before the server could even be opened, which would be detrimental to the server as a whole because that is a weeks worth of new players completely lost. 3. The fog on surface is annoying, making it so I can't see more than 20 feet in front of me would get annoying extremely fast. Though this is just me and this could probably be changed. 4. I feel like the vents can be easily abused, and would require a constant guard force in order for CI to not use them. Finally, issues that I belie can not be fixed or are inherit within the map itself. 1. D-Block would be a complete disaster, It would be almost physically impossible for D-Class to gain enough people to overpower Gensec. I know you had mentioned that D-Class could do some RP to like take over the cafeteria or something, but the fact of the matter is that the only pseudo rp that D-Class do is because of an event where they get to kill something. 99% of the time, D-Class do not do a lot in terms of rp to begin with, much less to the degree of taking over a cafeteria and rping tool use. 2. The map is by far way to big. For this map to work for us, we would need our lowest player count to be around 50-60, which is highly unlikely, at least right now. 3. I feel that having HCZ being the zone furthest from EZ is a bad choice, because that means it would take more time for MTF to get there to recontain any escaped SCPs. In addition, CI raids would be absolutely screwed over. Think about it, CI would have to go through EZ and LCZ just even get to HCZ, then grab whatever SCPs they want, go all the way back through the facility. While this in itself doesn't sound all that bad, keep in mind that CI would be fighting off MTF and any patrolling Gensec THIS ENTIRE TIME! For a successful raid to take place, either MTF and Gensec would have to be completely and utterly brain dead and miss every single one of their shots while standing completely still, or CI would have to have something like 30 or more players just to get to HCZ in the first place, let alone make it all the way back! 4. Any D-Class breaches would take years to quell, since the map is so large that you would have to scour something akin to the size of a small state to find everyone. 5. Having a lot of SCPs does not mean that all of those SCPs will get used. SCPs based more on roleplay or those that are weaker in combat will get used less than those who's singular purpose is to kill as many people as possible. In Conclusion I have to give this suggestion a big -support because of the reasons listed above. However, do not mistake this as a -support for changing the map. I am fully behind the idea of changing the map, but I just don't feel like this is the one we should change it too. The changes that the server would go through, in my opinion, would bring more detriment to the server than we would gain in benefits.
  4. Infected, imma keep it straight real with you chief, this is a bruh moment. I have enjoyed working with you since I first met you back when I joined the ranks of site admin many months ago, and I hope to see you succeed in whatever you choose to do next in your life.
  5. It has been a pleasure working with you kade. Take care in whatever you do next!
  6. They changed the re-containment procedures for him, so you know have to terminate him like it says in lore.