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  1. Name: Dogz Rank: Gefreiter Times you play: Whenever there is a good amount of people on Best times for Meetings: Idk if any time will really work for me because of SCP meetings and IRL stuff Any Concerns?: Server doesn't get that many people
  2. Name: Dogz Rank: CPL Tec. Time on the server: 17 Hours Roster Status: Active Concerns: I find it difficult to get on when I can never really see more than 15 people on the server.
  3. I feel like I have been unable to delicate much time to E11, and feel as though I am taking up a slot that would allow more active and dedicated people to reach higher within the branch. It has been fun working with you all in E11 and watching it grow over time, but I feel like my time is up.
  4. bdogz1

    FBI Roll Call

    Name: Dogz Rank and Call Sign: Special Agent, KGB94 Date: 4/29/19 How active are you? (be honest please): Haven't been on PRP in probably at least a month
  5. + Support Mature Knows Rules Overall fun guy Good answer to Q16
  6. What you want to see? - A map change for SCPRP Why should we add it? - I feel like Site 5, while a good map, has gotten a bit drab for the players who have been here a few months. The map is relativly small as well, and with the growth of the server and the total amount of players that we can support at one time, I fee like a larger map would be advantageous. What are the advantages of having this? - Older player would become more motivated to join the server to see the new map. Also, the possibility to add new SCPs depending on what Containment Cells the map has. Who is it mainly for? - The entire SCPRP server Links to any content - I've put all the maps in the vote, as well as their required content, into this collection:
  7. I already told th3 about this, and that guy has already been banned.
  8. What it should be under is SCPRP > SCP, where all the other tests are
  9. Very good test, but it is in the wrong section. SCP tests should be placed under the SCP section of the forums.