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  1. Goodbye Corner, Im sure everyone at research will miss you
  2. This post does shed some new light on the SCP, I would suggest redacting this for safety reasons though.
  3. SCP-527 is indeed a valuable asset to our foundation. He is cherished here.
  4. SCP-049 does have an appreciation for doctors, but be warned. DO NOT SHOW ANYONE WITH "PESTILENCE" IN HIS PRECENSE!
  5. Fantastic work spookie! This post does not need any visual stimuli as there is already so much detail in this post to compensate. The uniqueness of the test also stands out to me so Good Work!
  6. The West Kye

    SCP 999 Test

    Although your overall tests are good, It would be advised that you post your test here on the forumns.
  7. Good work Logic! This test has so much detail in it and bonus points for the visual stimuli. I like this!
  8. Your conclusion is most informational, thank you for your contribution to the foundation.
  9. As expected of you Wundt! Fantastic Work!
  10. Thank you for the incident report, further investigation is needed.
  11. Although the uniqueness of the test is quite excellent, why were you crosstesting SCP-999 and SCP-682 in the first place??
  12. Hey everyone! I am now officially resigning, It has been constantly on my mind ever since my first 48 hour and its just been a constant train of melancholy. Along with this tiresome of my position, I apologize for the recent incidents. I cannot imagine how members of the community felt and I feel deep remorse for your emotions. I do hope that GamingLight's SCP-RP continues to grow to its maximum potential. I will miss NTF and the fun capturing SCP's and recontaining them. I will also miss GENSEC as I spent a decent amount of time trying to give advice to those below me and those above. Most of all, I will miss Research. All the interactions I have experienced between players and I are unforgettable. I raised up some of the best researchers in my time and I will cherish the thought. Goodbye everyone! HOR GOD/NTF PFC GOD 747B/SECURITY SFC GOD signing out
  13. This observation is really good, this is a QUALITY post Cyclone!
  14. Talking about the HUD on the bottom right, and unless a GTX 1080 and a i5 8600k is potato, I dont think so
  15. The West Kye

    EZ map I made

    I cant wait too see more additions to the maps