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  1. I am currently not sure, I alluded to my previous post about how we may have a new SCP that is affecting the other SCP's actions and behaviour
  2. Honestly im not sure, Its strange seeing SCP's themselves having anomalous actions
  3. Report Form: Name: GOD Rank: Researcher Clearance Level: Two Date of Incident: 2/10/19 Describe the incident: I went to go and feed a D Class to SCP-939 as a treat. But then I deposited the D Class into SCP-939's CC. Dr. Maynard was there later on to observe my test as he was also trying to feed 939. The SCP seemed to be friendly, so I took the risk to enter 939's CC and to my great surprise 939 was docile. I believe this may be the work of my theorized new SCP. I took advantage of this opportunity so I inspected 939's teeth. His L4 Tooth was strikingly out of place so I gave him a suppository to help with the pain. I then inspected his throat to make sure he didnt have anything disease such as streptococcus. His throat was mildly irritated so I gave him another suppository to help with the swelling. I then wanted to see if SCP-939 would like to go for a walk. I then had the dog go for a walk with me but we were told to return to the CC at once. I let him go. He killed all of us List classes of SCP(s) involved: SCP-939 Immediate complications due to the incident: The death of three Class D, and a researcher Long-term complications due to the incident (if applicable): None at the moment. Type of response towards incident (MTF/NTF/Security/ETC): Security was present Resolution towards incident: We may potentially be able to make SCP-939 completely docile, I believe SCP-999 can help with this. How dangerous was the entirety of the situation?: Moderate Extra Information: SCP-939 prefers the pronoun of a boy. HERE IS THE VIDEO:
  4. +support, youve raised up so many great researchers, I would love to see what you can accomplish on a higher standard
  5. Once I left the spawn I noticed that SCP-966 alluded that "we're hungry". I took a D Class and I proceeded to take him down to investigate. Senior Researcher Dogz was with me supervising the whole test. Once we arrived at SCP-966's CC I saw two of them. They both were screeching. Senior Researcher Dogz told me to not open the door because we dont know exactly how many are in there. Once an NTF member came to the CC they all appeared. There were 5 SCP-966's... We had no idea what to do as this is an event beyond our comprehension. This was very similar to what happened to SCP-173 except they were all moving. Once of the SCP's started mimicking a dance at a gentlemens club. This may be the work of a new undiscovered SCP that we have not found yet. These anomalies are starting to pop up everywhere and its imperative that we find out why this is happening.
  6. Today I went to test on SCP-966 and I was helped by Researcher Spadek (He had previously done a test aswell with SCP-966). I asked him if he would allow me to test on him and he made positive gestures. I then entered the containment and to my surprise he was complient with every command I gave him. I examined his teeth and he has way more than the amount a normal human has and are extremely sharp. He also seems to become enraged when I swipe on it's skin with my keycard. First he backs up, and then he attacked me with warning strikes. I asked him to go into his state of active camo. It is 100% invisible when it is stationary but then becomes partly visible when it moves. It is remarkably similar to that of Chaos Insurgency's camo abilities aswell. I do question how they obtained the use and are able to manipulate it.
  7. Yes, as I have mentioned this is only for the time being as of now and for the past week until it gets changed again
  8. It took me awhile and numerous encounters and a definite test to complete this. This would not be possible without the help of the 05 council and the Head of Research, Razonix, aswell as the efforts to help from Executive Researcher Doggo. Here is the map to get out. Green is the way to go, red is either death or uncertain, and yellow is nothing. The map may not be entirely accurate and there is a 50% chance youll immediately escape the pocket dimension with the first step. here is a text direction in case you do not wish to follow the map. Once tped in dont move Look straight ahead move two entrances right Get Tp'ed or escape if tp'ed then 180 go into that entrance to be teleported again Take the one to the direct left and go in STAY LEFT and hug the left wall get tp'ed Go right STAY RIGHT and hug the right wall you will then find a strange room, walk to the back of it and you will escape. *This is only relevant for the time being and for the past week up to the present*
  9. So during my time as a researcher I had express permission from Senior Researcher Dogz to test on SCP-096. On our way there we ran into SCP-131 A and he cuddled up next to me and wanted to be with me. I had an idea to see whether or not one eye would count as looking at SCP-096. We went down and in the elevator he said he actually had 27 legs. I found that interesting. We then let SCP 131-A enter SCP-096's containment. He looked at SCP-096 and he was attacked immediatly. So contrary to popular beleif, SCP-096 will attack you even if you use just one eye.
  10. After a brief researcher meeting I was escorted by Executive Researcher Doggo to SCP-173's containment since it was DEFCON 3. Upon entering the room I noticed the doors to be opened. We were amazed to see that there were two SCP-173's both of which were breached. I am still unsure if this is an isolated incident or a new trait that I have uncovered. I would like to see if this is a common incident when we arent in contact with it.
  11. I have noticed that a vast majority of researchers are not on the correct frequency. In case you didn't know the researcher frequency is 3, when you spawn please set the frequency as it is important for us to communicate beyond hearing distance. Thank you from the SCP foundation
  12. Steam Name:  The West Kye Ingame Name: Junior Researcher GOD SteamID: Ban Length: PERMANENT Admin that Banned you: 05 3 Reason for Ban: Exploiting Dispute: I dont even know what I did wrong? I was playing last night and all I was doing was roleplaying as a junior researcher. Then I sign in today and see that im permabanned from the SCP servers for exploiting. I dont even know what program on my computer could even trigger an anticheat. Unless razer synapse counts which im sure it doesnt then i dont even know what I did. The hell would you even do to cheat as a junior researcher? Im really confused as to what happened as it says I was banned two days ago even though I was playing last night. This is a wrongful ban and I beleive it should be revoked.
  13. Yes this was very crazy to have this happen to us, nice screenshots btw
  14. It is currently DEFCON 2 and a couple scientists and I are in the panic room. SCP-106 came through the door and starting jumping up and down while Junior researcher spadek was playing the violin. He attitude became annoyed and he claimed he hated violin and that it is annoying. He then left. To all other researchers, ti provoke SCP-106 play the violin...