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  1. What do you want to see? - I would like to see a force power being added, to stop people from moving for a short period of time. For example, force grip. Why should we add it? - There are many good reasons why to add this (more than those that are bad). Firstly, in some events where Jedi are fighting Sith, the enemy keeps running away and force leaping - just to kill clones. Secondly, many actors like to use Jet packs, this would help combat this by shortly stopping the enemy and letting the troopers open fire on them. Thirdly and finally, this could be seen as only a Jedi thing but I believe it could heavily benefit the troopers aswell - like stopping escapees for the Shock to arrest, avoiding Sith from bombarding the troops, etc... What are the advantages of having this? - Overall, it would benefit the rp experience and make some situations more interesting and interactive. Who is it mainly for? - I think it should either be added to the skill tree or to the Council. Links to any content - This is an example I found but doesn't have to be the exact one - anything that stops/slowd down the enemy would suffice. https://youtu.be/-JIKycHu8L0?t=136
  2. Okey boys was up it's your memer +Mega Support BRO you need to get vice You have good leadership skills Respectable I have never seen you get a strike in shock As the Old Vice Commander Of Shock I would love to see you and one more person become shock
  3. Welp Boys The Time has come for me to Resign from Vice Commander I will always love the no longer 5th Fleet/Shock all the Old Peeps in the Shock Its been fun while it lasted So Shock Boyyo Be good for Darby Darby:Keep leading the Battalion you inactive Boy BAENS:You be a Good Second Leader for Hound have fun Walther:Your a Old Memeber Really enjoyed my time in Shock/5th Fleet wit you Safari:OOAFHGGYO*WUFIA GAMER Been fun Love ya No Homo Patch:Love ya Mate keep Going you would make a Great Vice Commander Bambi:Your a Amazing man Have Fun at night while im gone CLWN:DUDE bro your good Keep Darby In control while im gone Sprite:we had some ups and downs but your cool gamers Sorry if i didn't include you This is Nuke Signing Off
  4. HUGE - Support I Dont even know why you applied your banned for 4 weeks You have 40+ Warns Your a Minge You should be Perma for the Warns Part Your still banned Inprove a lot and then re apply AND you Advertised Come on if you actually read the Guidelines you would know not to advertise
  5. You just need to be a bit more serious -5th Fleet Vice Commander Ice/Nuke
  6. +Support Well I would love to see Shock Instead of 5th fleet First of all Shock is A Lot more Lore Friendly And Shock do belong on the Ground and it really does not matter if we are on ship too with Shock May have a Increase in police around the Place We could also have ARF/ARC in the Battalion and keep medics We Could also have Heavy in there now Only Real bad thing about this is that its going to take a while to get the Jobs up and running -5th Fleet Vice Commander Ice/Nuke
  7. Die.com

    China's Ban Appeal

    +Mega Support I Dont see why this hasn't been accepted yet but ye Amazing guy Everyone Loves him i do kinda agree on the Command Restriction and the rest We Want our FruitSnack King back -Nuke