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    Kermit's Goodbye

    Bet we play siege sometime
  2. Name: Rank: Specialized position in the battalion: If you don't do this you will receive a warn or a strike
  3. Die.com


    @cajunmonkey21 he did Thats the Correct Format
  4. Die.com


    well i don't know what to say plus or minus Support but you had your ups and downs so +support He's a Good Person Dont think he meant to Hurt Anyone's Feelings I'm a Quote and Person from gaming light real quick I Believe in Second Chances But on the bad side you can be a minge So thats only one so ima Keep it to +support
  5. +support Active Mature Nice Calm Responsable -Nuke
  6. Man China Love you my Guy no Homo but im pretty Sure you where the people that gave the best time on the Server Ill miss you but i will never forget you Have a Good Life -5th Fleet CPT Nuke/STE ARC LTC Jet/Jedi Knight RD
  7. Im going to be Focusing on my Jedi More Im trying to get it to Master I love Jedi im pretty Sure i like it better then my Clone Job Iv done this before ill prob be called a Idiot For doing this but yeah im resigning from BXO even tho i got it Yesterday xd
  8. +Support You Told me Something Big Was Changing But this Wow +Mature +Semi Active +Nice +Can Rp Good Great Leader Been Leading 212th For a while Hope you Get BG my guy you really deserve it You work really hard for everything -Nuke/Jet