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  1. I dont really know how I feel about this one I mean I like it but I dont because its a buff but also a debuff so I'm going to give it a +1/-1
  2. You prob dont remember me because I took a big ol break from GL but I really do think you were a great commander/LTG on clonewars and imp I wish you the best of luck for whatever may come your way -R Shock BXO Nuke 3131
  3. Die.com

    Nukes loa.

    Name:Nuke Rank:PFC Duration:maybe a week or 3 days depends on how I'm feeling Reason (If Private That Is Fine):Private Anyone that can,can you remove my Tmod pls or mod which ever one it is
  4. Name (What it is on the Roster):Secruity LCPL Nuke SteamID:STEAM_0:1:210811466 What server is your activity majority based on (EU or US)?Active US How is your activity in Gensec (Good, poor, ect)Good Why should you retain your current Rank? (WO+ 150+ Words):N/A
  5. Oh I have been gone for a while didn't know sorrys still +support
  6. It is a serious rp but people dont act like it like some of the old JMT and SMT and still around JMT/SMT and we have regular players like this if you want a serious you need serious staff so work on some evidence to bring down some of the mingy staff or players then report them but this still get my +support
  7. +Support I Knew kyber since he joined the server when he first joined the server he was one of the biggest minges but his time on the server he has matured a lot into a great leader and really does deserve the rank of Commander -Nuke
  8. That a gaymer moment come raid area 51 with me and Sprite
  9. +,-support Though it would be good for shock they need to be able to do it as skill too so ye
  10. Seeya Gaymer have a good life also let's raid area 51 together
  11. Die.com

    Force Choke

    -support Although this would be amazing to have it's really buggy and it doesn't work all the time So it's getting my minus support