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  1. -support When you where quinn you said we should have more now that you are not and removed you Completely turned around? also we had the job slots filled a number of time so people couldn't get on, lower the numbers will make that a more common issue "Taking over" We cut off some of our floor so you could get places better, We asked for 2 offices for MACE and YODA who is basically the GG and GA of jedi, And are members off high command so they should have one, We asked for a training room to have a jump course Which keep in mind WAS BLOCKING NOTHING and the room was still able to be used for clone reason (I KNOW BECAUSE I MADE IT) Why not just take away the jedi room and put us on the outside of the ship?? Every thing we ask for is FOR RP REASONS like a jump course FOR TRAILS, AND JEDI WHERE A HUGE PART OF THE CLONE WARS WHICH THE SEVER IS BASED OFF OF I dont even need to say much here because NO S^*#$ WE ARE GOING TO SIT THERE AND COMPLAIN BECAUSE WE GET TO DO NOTHING No kidding we want more space BECAUSE THERE IS ALOT OF ROOMS NO ONE USES WE CAN MAKE GREAT USE OF, And we cant do much in the small space you give us No duh Because we only have 5 jobs besides them and Jedi have ALOT of lore Have you not watched the clone wars, Jedi over look over most of it and most the time we lead when your commanders are not able to. Also the whole "You can be a MG if your are a council member" is off of lore BECAUSE THEY HAD AN honorary LTG rank in the war JVS is Jedi vs SITH we have no sith, also the server is more clone then jedi based as is, Beside jedi make the server money helping it run. so if jedi looks good the server will make more money and jedi would NEVER kill off clone and i dont know why you even think that Going back words here BUT WE HAVE HAD MORE PEOPLE THEN JOBS MORE THEN ONCE and making the numbers lower will make this issue more common If we keep it CWRP it will still be the same BECAUSE JEDI ARE A BIG PART OF THE WAR I believe "Everyone" Include jedi becaue you know, we play on the same server I have been with jedi for a LONG time now and they been at a peek as of late and to be honest, I have noticed that all of the SA and SMT dont really care for jedi and that proves this more, Not to mention how hurt I am by this because i remember when you had a burning love for jedi and now you just want to see our down fall once again -McCarty
  2. WHY WHY ME WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME WHYYYYYYYYY ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-? ?-?
  3. +Support -Active -Nice -Mature Was my padawan but rd disappeared u know the normal
  4. whgen u +support a warn u did to be removed
  5. He is NOT power hungry, I've known him ever since he was new and is a cool guy