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  1. One of the greatest medical vice commanders ever. Love you shaggy I hope things get better
  2. I know a lot of you didn't see this coming and some did. My original plans were to stay in gaminglight for 3 years but there was some things I was starting to see that I was not comfortable with. I would like to give a big thanks to divide for leading me in medical the whole way through and being a teacher to me in medical also sega thank you for everything you did as my former medical commander also thank you shaggy for being one of the best medical vice commanders in medical. I love all of my friends and I'm gonna miss you guys a lot. Its time for me to move on to something new and it might be a good change and it might not only the future will tell. Thank you everybody and to my medical team in medbay THIS ONES FOR THE BOYS IN MEDBAY. But seriously thank you everybody and this is my last goodbye as medical vice commander.
  3. +Support can be trusted as a GM and staff in general
  4. +Support just in general should get staff and can be trusted
  5. -Support -Mingy -Horrible app -inactive -multiple spelling errors Sorry but the app looks completely rushed not only that you tend to minge quite alot. Also you have multiple spelling and capitalization errors AND the way you say control the security personnel. No what it should be is that you want to improve and help improve the shock battalion not want to control everybody, yes you have to manage the troopers but your job is to help the battalion with all of your power as a naval personnel.
  6. +Support App could use a little more +Active +Gets serious when needed +Would fit well with the staff team
  7. +Major Support App could use a little more +Active +Would be a good staff member and would fit well with the staff team +Gets serious when he needs too
  8. Name and Rank: Apprentice III Johnny Activity (Such as active, semi-active, LOA): Semi-Active How many ticks you have currently: 3 What battalion you are a part of: N/A
  9. What do you want to see? Make imperial researcher a whitelist job Why should we add it? Because there are people who are not in research who can just switch on to the job at anytime without having to be whitelisted or anything. Also divide said it was suppose to be a tier 1 donation job but idk what happened with that also there was a event with ST PVTs who were switching on to the job at anytime without any restriction and I had to keep doing /demote to get them off the job. What are the advantages of having this? So I don't have people who are not in research switching to the imperial researcher job without any whitelist or anything. Who is it mainly for? Imperial Researchers Links to any content: None