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  1. +Major Support We really need this added to Medical and the RP in the battalion will be improved with this and could make it way better when people need it on the battlefield.
  2. +Support Good guy Good application Well respected around the battalion +Active
  3. We will be working on that soon to make sure that our staff doesn't go afk I've already got a lot of complaints about that.
  4. +Support Has shown me what he can do in this battalion and from my point of view I feel he is ready for this position. Also not only that he has great leadership among the Medical troops and showing and telling them what to do also listens to orders very well. I'm proud to see how far you have come in this battalion and I'm ready for you to be assisting me and divide at VCMDR. Good luck and I hope you keep showing people why you are in the position you are at.
  5. -Support Very low effort on the application plus not only that your a PVT to be a ST VCMDR you have to be CPT+ to apply or whatever your commanders requirements are.
  6. Well said. -Support from me because of the reasons above.
  7. +Support Good application Nice guy Overall should be given a chance to be a gamemaster and see what he can do.
  8. +Support I'm changing mine because I thought that when you reply to your own application it gets denied automatically. But since that is no longer a rule I'm changing mine. My fault for the confusion.
  9. I'm not doing it to be mean so if you think that's the case your wrong. It's just the rules that people have to follow. I would have gave a +Support but him replying to his own application is simply not aloud.
  10. You can't reply to your own application or else you will get automatically denied. -Support because of replying to his own application.
  11. +Support Nice guy Chill dude +Trustworthy +Decent event ideas
  12. Very friendly guy. Sad to see you go Phoenix