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  1. I'm honestly just getting a bit tired of Garry's Mod, yes I will play it occasionally with friends but just not as seriously. I'm resigning cause I'm mainly bored of the server and want to play others games, I will be hopping on and off once in a while so yeah. This does mean I am also stepping down as Eighth Brother too. Beckett - Great British boy that I won't forget. Poggers - *COUGH* INACTIVE *COUGH* jk, I do and will miss the 501st Nimo - You would definitely make a good Grand IQ Adam - Even though you told me, my brain will always believe that you are [REDACTED] deep down inside cause of your voice Jinzan - My 501st Child, good for you on taking my position, keep the 501st alive while I'm away.
  2. +Support -Could use a touch up on activity -Good Leader -Deserves the spot -Has been here when I joined
  3. I'm just straight confused...
  4. Denied Position has been filled, thank you for applying
  5. +Support Active Mature Serious [REDACTED] Trooper
  6. -Support Inactive Hasn't shown that he would be fit for the Vice Commander rank App is decent could use some work
  7. -Support Terrible application No effort Was kicked out of a meeting for being immature
  8. I accept, STEAM_0:1:104365221, owner has paid for me