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  1. It's cause i'm the 2nd best Cody, China is the first (My thoughts from experience)
  2. +Support This has been kinda needed for awhile not going to lie
  3. I will always look up to you, you have taught me how to become atleast a decent leader and I still want to become who you once were, ONE THE BEST COMMANDERS I'VE LOVED U4∞
  4. DENIED JK I'll miss you big boy and i'll love you for being a great General!
  5. REAPO NO PAPI! I'm gonna miss you, you were one of my best friends on this server and it makes me sad to see you leave this. I really don't want you to go but I understand that it's just your time to leave and continue your real life on from there, you will always have a special place in my heart and my soul; you have taught me how to be a great leader and a great officer! I wish you luck on anything that comes, again I will always miss you baby! -Commander Cody/Dylan of the 212th Attack Battalion LONG LIVE THE ORANGE SQUAD!
  6. Steam Name - Ching Chong In Game Name - 212th Commander Cody RP Rank - Commander Battalion(s) you command - 212th How often can you be on? - Almost everyday, but I must take care of school work first
  7. DENIED Due to little to no community support
  8. +Support As people always say "You live and you learn" As you can tell he believes he has learned from his mistakes and is truly sorry, now I never met him or anything but I can understand from another players perspective that he learned over the time he has been blacklisted. Everyone deserves a second chance, I mean look how Spike turned out after he got unblacklisted and became the CT Commander. So, I believe that Soul deserves a second chance. - Commander Cody
  9. Spike has taught me how to lead even when I was a higher rank, but anyways not the point, this man knows what he did wrong and I believe he is truly sorry but most people deserve a second chance. I have been told what he did and I believe that he has learned within the time period that this event occured. 212th Commander Cody "212th Leads the way"
  10. who you??? xD I also love Shroud too, but I love china more