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  1. +/- Support Could use some work in some sections of the application Could use some work on the downing the minging if he's getting Second Sister Believe he has the potential of being IQ Command Active
  2. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : 501st ARC CPT Dylan 5559 | Spectre Shadow (CC) | DT PVT GG3 2. What Regiment are you applying for? 501st Legion (Vader's Fist) 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I would like to be a (Vice) Commander because I will enforce the troops appointed under me with a no-minge policy within our regiment, provide training to make us the front line assault regiment. As I have come out of reserves, my immediate goal for the 501st Legion, is to give the orders and strengthen our numbers even while Senior Commander Blizzard is away. I have plenty of commanding experience due to me be a Commander of the 212th Attack Battalion during the Clone Wars on the Gaminglight CWRP server, I was 212th Commander Cody for several months. I was also a past 501st Vice Commander back in late February to April here on Gaminglight Imperial RP . With this given commanding experience I know how to lead, give the order, take charge and do anything within my power to keep the order and to win the battles we face. I believe that I can help keep this regiment living and grow it even more than it has from now. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? 5 Weeks 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The main purpose of a commander for a regiment is to lead your men into battle taking swift, precise actions to be able to win the battle. A commander must be precise with there judgement and with the orders they give to their troopers. Another purpose of a commander in a regiment is to represent their soldiers during an event or even while on ship patrolling. As a Vice Commander I will dedicate myself to creating SOP's that are needed to help make the 501st Legion free of minging and allow more troopers to be in the regiment. 6. Why should we trust you to be a Commander? : I believe that you should entrust me with this Command position because I have came out of reserves and as active as always. I have already brought in some troopers , removed and striked the one that have become troublesome. I know that I will fight back with other troopers, maybe even my superiors, but that just means that I will show my superiority over troopers that I don't believe to be suited in where they speak. I will help the troopers that need help and even the troubled ones. Although, removing troopers from a regiment can be hard on the regiment's trooper base; I will also strengthen the regiment by showing the troopers that we are a serious about the no-minge policy. While I was Vice Commander before, I was successful in bringing in troopers while keeping them active as I believe that I can do again with the help of other my current fellow officers. 7. How often can you be Online? : All day everyday 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : 1 warning, FailRP, reason was that I turned a spawner off during an event. (Yes I warned myself) https://gyazo.com/7d39528744adedf6788a2bd072f9c2ac
  3. +/- Support Command worthy Could definitely use more work on the application No poll, unless you no longer need a poll for apps then disregard
  4. +Support -Has a good background/has experience with command -Good Application -Dedicated to the 501st -I believe that he has the potential to run the 501st Legion