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  1. Change the name of the application It should/must be professional Another thing, that is your steam page not your steam ID Use this link to get your steam ID: https://steamidfinder.com/
  2. -Support Personally it's just up to the commander and what the commander of a battalion wants As an ex-Commander Cody I would believe it's not what the battalion needs
  3. +Support -Good with RP -Smart Man -Friendly -Active -Been here for a fat minute -Ex Commander Cody 2224 GCL / Dylan
  4. One of the original 212th that left my side when you were my Heavy Lead ? I took Heavy from you hehe ? I will miss you as Havoc. Good luck my old leader -Ex 212th Commander Cody 2224 GCL Dylan
  5. He's a good trooper -Ex Commander Cody/212th ARC COL Dylan 5559
  6. So um.... Yeah I think it's time for me to step down from Commander Cody, as I have found Commanding putting to much work on me and I feel like it's no longer my place. I've been Commander for about 6 months and it's time for me to go. I've wanted to leave but I couldn't but now that I know that someone could and would be a better Commander, I would want either Pacer or Grizz to become the next Commander Cody. Also just know that I've been told from multiple people that Alpha and Myles/Talverson were planning on removing me so yeah... but I was going to leave in August, I will be fully leaving Gaming Light before school starts since I would like to focus on school and friends. I also have a job opportunity and will be taking that offer, so that would be getting in the way. Sorry had to leave this position ? but I will be a high reserve officer. I will also still help the Battalion but not be Commander.
  7. Accepted Please move to accepted thank you! Also this will be my last act as Commander Cody
  8. Cody Job Name: Commander Cody Changes Wishing to be Made to this Class: Health Risen to 500 like the other commander's health Officer Job Name: 212th Officer Changes Wishing to be Made to this Class: 150 Shield and 300 Health
  9. Scar could you please stop replying to your suggestion, let others take care of it. Thank you!
  10. For the ARC Trooper Models we should use our old ones from extensive since everyone likes them and I don't like the aerial model and makes no sense, but still want these models implemented into the server. Model Path: models/reizer_cgi_p2/212_arc/212_arc.mdl
  12. +Support Decent Application Well known staff member Known around the CWRP Community very well, you would be a great mentor Very Trusted
  13. In-Game Name: 212th Commander Cody 2224 GCL Steam Name: Ghost [GL] SteamID: STEAM_0:1:104365221 Are you a Moderator+?: Yes How often are you on TeamSpeak?: Whenever i'm on the server, or when i'm bored and would like to talk to people. So Very Active. Do you have a working quality mic?: Yes, RIG 400, good quality mic. What timezone are you in?: I am currently located in US Pacific (PST) Why would you want to join our Support team( 100 words+): I would like to join the Support Team to provide assistance to everyone who may need it, I have definitely had my fair share with Teamspeak and I would like to make sure no one needs to wait to get help with an issue. Today many players/people are accustomed to using Discord instead of Teamspeak which I can help with providing. Outside of Teamspeak, I work with new players coming into the server and I am currently a Senior Moderator on CWRP, I am used to speaking with players who need help so that could be an advantage for myself; Helping new players would be no problem. How do you think you could affect support staff in a positive way?: I believe that I could affect the support staff by raising the numbers, slowly, from how kind I will be to all the new, current, and old members of this wonderful community. I could also bring more players into the community just from being nice, along with that it could help make bonds with players to staff. I also have seen 3 or even 4 people waiting in support just for there tags, at the same time, I saw some support in TeamSpeak while actively talking to other players. So I would like to change those numbers to a steady 0. How would you greet someone that has a problem in one of our support channels?: If working with people in a Navy Family, I have learned to always keep a smile on your face and give greet them in a nice way. I would always give a friendly greeting and hear them out as to what the problem of the case may be. I would then use all knowledge to help with the problem, if I am unable to help then I would look for someone to help with the situation. Have you read our rules and do you promise to uphold all those rules to the best of your ability?: I have read all the rules and will always uphold them to the best of my ability.
  14. Naval Name: Dylan Naval Rank: Recruit Date you joined: 6/25/2019 Last promotion? (date & person who promoted you): How is your activity (be honest): Active on Commander life, Semi-Active on Naval Do you have any Naval strikes?: Nope if you haven't got on please tell me why?: Commander