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  1. @Zefer I feel you, last this past year during the pandemic my dog hugo died, i fully get what you are going through, i believe in you and trust me it will get better, you will remember him always and you will never forget, but just dont remember the last moments, but remember the good times. i know im normally the shitty fucking stupid guy around this server who some people hate (ducks, who hates me, for taking his woman) and of course meaning to tell you that if you need anything manjini will be here.
  2. RobertoManjini


    do you guys miss bop?
  3. +/-support +active +shows like he knows what he is doing +may actually become a good vice marshall -app needs a little more work
  4. -support - got skipped a lot of ranks when in SF (counted myself i think 5) -via SF experience or navy he has 0 as he was Marshal Commander so idk why people are saying "experience" when he just hit SL -also has back stabbed a lot of people.... and from my POV that does not make a team leader... -app could actually use so much more work... -activity, i was on this week 5 times, out of those 5 times never saw him, only person i saw were NCOs and Vice Marshall and another officer -as well as has had problems with HC with how he talks to them and respected them in the past and i will not be ok with that.
  5. +support +Brand, ik you hate me with your life ngl same do i, but still you have been in SF legit longer than i have and to this day every time you told me to go for a position when i was ready, idk why you left when you left when i was marshall, but i have something to say you did do shit, you made up ideas and me and korea got many ideas from your help, also you have the dedication of a LOT of people in this server as you have no life, and have glasses LOL! +dedication +experience +knows what is asked of him +has been Vice commander 2 times and Major 2 more times +legit honestly waiting for yo ass to get marshall..... been here for like half a year and still has not happend..... Good luck!!!
  6. -support -very bad application -not much activity seen -honestly shows no dedication -as well as there is more people fit for this position.
  7. -support bro there has been worse things said by you, and honestly the way you guys were talking to him, it might have been a genuine question.
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