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  1. bro i think im about to cry SIKE!!!! im already crying
  2. What the fuck is this, apple no! bro i thought i was going to get a break
  3. i have to say what bop says, Now been serious i have been a dickhead with you and i have been kind of the most stupid people in this community for sure, as well as my vocab is the vocab of a 2 year old that does not know how to type but with 1 thing for sure i have to say, that you have actually shown dedication, you have shown more than enough you deserve this rank, and you should have gotten the rank well before me, but because of my dumbass and been harsh to you in an unfair way i delayed you to go up, im sorry for everything i have done and i hope you fix the things i have done, I know we had are laughs and we had are lows but i wish the laughs would not have ended so quickly, my mistakes cannot be undone but i wish my next choices could be my sorry, im a person that people really cannot trust as i am known for doing the opposite of what i say but brand, as for you and as the person who trained me to become SF i have to say i +support you Not only you have shown SF that what a great leader you are, but you have the experience of more than 6+ marshalls and then of course been an X vice marshall came to be a good thing also +Kind +truthful +non-biased +and someone people look up to At one point i looked up to you, but then other people showed me the dark ways a guy that name starts from a D and ends with a S from the bottom of my heart i wish you the best of luck and i wish you get the position that should had been granted to you long ago.
  4. -support i believe this is fair warning at least from the POV and knowledge gained from this report
  5. i agree with sawick he seems like a good person i talked to him at one point and he seemed nice
  6. what this nerd said!
  7. -support i dont believe it was because of "nothing"
  8. Sorry guys, SRT i legit just have a lot going on rn IRL, i have had not kidding like 4 months of problems and its kind of hard times for me sorry.
  9. -/+support -For only the Titan Squadron, The titan squadron was a project that both Deaky,soph brought into SF in the old times, the squadron was removed via the simple fact that it made it too competitive, Now this is another thing making a donator job is something SF has wanted for a long time so idk really how it would run, i believe what the current marshall knows is that this could bring a lot of knew people in the battalion, witch i like the idea, but as well as the heads up that could this not cause mass crashes? could people not abuse this? those are some questions that if i could get answered it would be nice, as well as SF is not the only class that does not have a donator class, Naval, and technically speaking the the terms of ranks DT does not have it, This has a great potential it's just something that currently it could be looked like brining some sort of problems to SF in the terms of how it is going to be put into SF, because the squadron got taken away not because we wanted, but because the abuse of people hopping on it and crashing the server, as well as if im not mistaken the Tie Hunter needs to be approved if im not mistaken by zefer, or who ever owns it, witch i believe it no where states it is. +support PLEASE TAKE AWAY THAT JOB THAT NO ONE USES!
  10. In-game Name: Manjini SteamID: STEAM_0:1:513564410 DiscordID: robertomanjini#6114 What division do you want to join (Military or R&D): Military How would you rank your knowledge of the lore? been honest prop 5-10 (i have the game and play it and ik the basics but not a full grasp of it) Why should you be in Chaos Insurgency? (75 word minimum) well, been honest i believe i dont like been in a inside coupe dealing with a bunch of security and trying to escape is honestly very very entretaning, so i want to help those people escape as well as meet new people from the community What is something that sets you apart from other applicants? i knoiw Spanish, and i believe talila and bop best staff, so that sets me apart in 2 ways because im small brain and because i know alot about other cultures How active can you be? honestly 3-4 hours a day Do you have both Teamspeak and Discord: indeed
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