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  1. The issue of lag isn't the server host, it's the 800 unused custom classes that have several hundred dollar "OOC" playermodels such as Eta-10 having a literal fucking anime girl with jiggle physics. And instead of removing unused CC's, because Gaminglight is a business, they auction off these CC's (and yet somehow 80% of these CC's I still have NEVER seen on the server in over a year of playing). Some of these models literally have missing textures. Honestly I think they just need to put these unused CC's into some sort of archive and if the owner comes back and complains about it then they can just add the CC back to the server. (Although I have no clue how Gaminglight adds CC's, so maybe this just isn't possible)
  2. In Game Name: Ein Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:440507902 What's your current Rank & Branch: Security Major What Type of Command Position are you applying for (Senior Command / Low Command): Senior Command Date of when you first joined your branch: February 22nd, 2022 (prior to Retirement), January 26th, 2023 (after Retirement) Why do you deserve the position? (50+ Words): I believe that I deserve Research Senior Command because despite my recent return from retirement, I have an incredible amount of experience (almost half a year) in Command, and several months of experience as a member of both Senior Command (in Security) and as a Sub-Branch Head (Warden Legate). As someone who's been constantly advocating for more roleplay in the server, either through setting up my own checkpoints in HCZ or through just creating an engaging experience for the people around me, being able to take on a leadership position in one of these roleplay branches feels like a golden opportunity that I simply cannot pass up. I believe that with my time as both the leader of a sub-branch, in which I pushed several massive changes that boosted activity, and my experience in leading security to do an incredible amount of trolling against C.I, I deserve this position. What is your main goal of being Research Low / Senior Command (100+ Words): My goal with becoming Research Senior Command is ultimately to create a significantly more engaging branch that retains researchers for longer and overall improves the experience for players on the server, particularly newer ones, and creates an engaging roleplay experience. A lot of times newer players will come on the server and get instantly killed because it's partial lockdown, but I think that by leading researchers and creating interesting and interactive tests despite the server's limited resources in terms of SCP interactability, new players will stick around for longer, and older players will stay longer. The main thing that seems to be killing this server for people is a lack of roleplay which has been brought up constantly, as Research Senior Command I intend to change this and I will do everything in my power to accomplish this. Do you think there is any issues with the branch and if so how would you fix it: I believe the issue with Research is generally a lack of "enthusiasm" and a lack of creating interesting roleplay scenarios for D-Class and Researchers themselves. It's an issue with not thinking outside of the box for tests, and I think a way to fix this is to encourage people to take inspiration from elsewhere, especially the SCP Wiki. I'd love to see more cross-tests with an actual "purpose" and creating an actually engaging in-roleplay experience / universe. Giving ideas and feedback is probably the greatest way to inspire Researchers and keep them active. Why should we accept you into Research Low / Senior Command? (150 word minimum): I believe I should be accepted for Research Senior Command because I've demonstrated that not only do I have extensive experience in high ranking command positions with lots of responsibilities (Including Blacklists, helping out with selecting SCMD, promoting LCMD, etc), but I have the dedication and willingness to spend time necessary for a position like this. I think my best example of this is Wardens, essentially my child, where I not only ran the entire sub-branch as the Legate, but brought activity to new heights, occasionally seeing upwards of 10-12 wardens on at one time when previously people had been concerned that Wardens would die as a sub-branch. I also am incredibly committed to roleplay & logs, with extensive and detailed interrogation logs even after I had retired which consistently scored the highest scores in Wardens (38/40, 39/40, and even 2 40/40's), I've demonstrated that I have the necessary command experience and skills to be a member of Research Senior Command.
  3. +Support I've always been for more "realistic" combat in the server, I'm not saying "guys we need to add leaning and prone and it needs to be like rainbow six siege because tacticool realism!!!" but like what has been said, it is unfun to fight against someone using crouch jump spam, and I've used it endlessly to get out of situations I probably shouldn't have gotten out of.
  4. +Support This was denied in the past for "you can just contact SMT and we'll gladly tell you why", but I don't think people should have to go out of their way to go DM an SMT member (who is probably incredibly busy) to ask why their suggestion got denied. Doesn't even need to be super detailed.
  5. +Support This was originally planned, I'm not sure why Research didn't go through with this.
  6. +Support Could be really fun for Security and MTF if done correctly. I can see more proper "hostage" situations and incentivizes the use of Fear RP by D-Class (which basically never happens and could be REALLY cool, also more roleplay!)
  7. -Support I was gonna write a nerdy ass response about "get good!", but I'll give you an actual reason. The reason I, alongside many others don't want D-Class to have Longbows & Shields is because 1. It doesn't make sense from a roleplay perspective - You made a point that "there's immortal plague doctors and lizards therefore d-class can get snipers and riot shields." (or at-least this is what i've interpreted it as, correct me if i'm wrong), however I argue that this only strengthens the argument that D-Class shouldn't get longbows & shields. Looking from a roleplay perspective, this is a multi-billion (probably trillion tbh) corporation which houses some of the most dangerous creatures in existence. Their whole thing is security, I doubt there'd be many opportunities for a maximum security prisoner to get a sniper rifle (that's why events exist). Looking from this perspective they probably shouldn't have any guns at all, but gameplay can be more important in many circumstances (and typically is) 2. It isn't fun from a gameplay perspective - A person can flag up to D-Class or any of its jobs, pull out a longbow, snipe some poor OFC or PVT, get killed, and immediately come back (or wait only 1 minute for CC's). You are essentially instantly knocking someone out of playing for 2 minutes excluding the time it takes to get to D-Block or anywhere else (which can stack up rapidly, I.E. killing someone 5 times means they have to wait 10 minutes). It makes sense for Chaos to have the ability to do this because that's their whole job and that's what's expected of them. They also have a massive raiding cooldown and can't come back to site after getting killed. I think the solution to the problem of "D-Class isn't fun" or anything of the sort is to give them more roleplay opportunities - SCPs need to be more interactive, perhaps you need to get a sample from 096 or you can actually grab candy's from 330 which have real effects, or maybe going on an expedition into 087 (if they add it). There needs to be fun in getting tested. I'll leave this here and I won't respond any further because I've got things to do, but this is what I think.
  8. Ein

    An Unfortunate End

    You were good son, real good. Maybe even the best. "Is Marthan like sucking you off or something?" - Killaz o7
  9. -SUPPORT Omega-1 should only be added if Ethics becomes a joinable branch, Ethics pretty much is just a job for SMT to mess around on.
  10. Feeling left out smh However, despite all of my joking and messing with you, I never considered you a bad command member. I think you could be a great Major, but with some time. You’re a kid, spend these years doing something interesting with your life. o7
  11. MASSIVE +SUPPORT Now that I'm retired, I'll give you my fully honest opinion on Baby Arm. Baby Arm is BY FAR the MOST DEDICATED member of Security Command, and possibly even the most crucial. Baby Arm's work is almost equivalent to that of me at Colonel, and a lot of Wardens things that were implemented during my time as Legate were his idea or had significant input from him. Baby Arm is always somebody ANYBODY can go to for advice, whether it's Wardens or Security. Baby Arm is also by far one of the most active security command members. At-least when I was still Colonel, Baby Arm was by on almost every day without exception, which is activity levels that only I could match back when I was LCMD. Baby Arm is easily the most deserving of Major out of any other applicant, by a long shot and some more.
  12. - Support While I am not against the idea, I think we need to look towards different ideas rather than adding more manhole covers. To be entirely honest with you, the manhole covers don't really make sense, but regardless, I think adding more of them will just "taint" the look of LCZ. If anything, we need to give maintenance alternatives to doing trash because that's really the only thing they do outside of fixing containment chambers (as far as I'm aware, correct me if I'm wrong). This is of course, just my opinion, so take it how you will.
  13. What are you suggesting? - (Assuming Site-13 "V2" happens or just generally any future site) The addition of a entirely new room to Security Bunks for an armory (using the same armory npc) with fancy gun lockers and decorations and whatnot. How would this change better the server? - It only makes sense for there to be an armory in the "Security area", while the reception armory could stay as a way for D-Class to get guns, it allows for Security to safely use the armory without risking the Security of D-Block or dying (especially during C.I. Raids). Additionally, this gives lower ranking Security personnel a chance at fighting back against large CI raids. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - Weaker Security Jobs could become more of a threat without access to much better weapons (and a lack of GENSEC armory restrictions), further weakening D-Class (however, this can be both a good and bad thing depending on how you look at it) Who would this change mostly benefit? - Security Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - N/A
  14. I didn't expect to end up going out like this, but I'm afraid I've spent my time on this server long enough. I first joined Security on February 15th, 2022, and I've had a blast here. I've made endless memories, met endless friends, and had a god damn good time doing it. I remember when I was so nervous to click that "submit test" button on my Security Training, "did I get it all right?", "what if I fail?", those were the questions I was asking myself. I scored a 10/10 on that test and was an OFC. OFC Octavion, and I rose up the ranks. After a PT where I got promoted to SGT by a now retired 1LT Boomer, I changed my name back to Ein, and that's what I stuck with. I applied for Warrant Officer, and when I didn't get in on my first application, I was furious, pissed. "How did THEY get it!" is the question I asked myself initially, but I ignored it and persevered, and on my 2nd application I made it. I rose up the ranks of Command rapidly by good circumstance and constant dedication, I remember when Sixx told me "You are the most crucial member of Security Command, period.", and on that I promised him that I was in it until H.O.S., funny where we are now. But I've made plenty of mistakes, gotten in a lot of controversy lately (and the controversy itself is not the reason I'm resigning), and it's the reason I didn't get DHOS. I don't hate to admit that it's part of the reason I am resigning, DHOS is what I was sticking in it for, and having not known that the choice was made weeks in advance sucks, but it is what it is. I'd like to give a few honorable mentions however. Security PlantBruh - You were a damn fine DHOS, and I find it funny that I got to know your fursona before Mind did. Keep working hard, I think you might just be LTCMDR one day. I remember when you first got onto me when I was Warrant Officer and doing that stupid joke with the rest of D5 as we all changed our names to Warmercarp and Chief got onto me in Wardens Command chat. Jack Crest - I didn't know you too well, we rarely interacted because you're british, but all of my interactions with you have been positive. Mind - Thank you for doing so much for Security and being a helping hand all this time, you've taught me a lot, gave me a lot of honest feedback, and I will remember all of our Left 4 Dead 2 and SCP: SL gamenights together. I know you might not like the idea, but I trust you'll get O5 one day. HexG - I've gotta also give thanks to you, you've taught me a lot, and you were a crazy man who founded an entire sub-branch in the blink of an eye. I'll remember each time you got onto me about doing dumb shit, a slip-up, and I'll cherish it. Thanks for teaching me (even though it was the hard way) to stay out of drama. Other Security Command - You guys are the leaders of this branch, keep yourselves in check (I learned that the hard way), and keep Security strong. Wardens Ven - Honestly, I hated it when you got DHOS, but you've done a pretty fine job. You remind me of Ezekiel, working in the shadows. I don't see you a lot, but I'll remember us twinning and it sucks we won't get to do it again (at-least as far as im aware...) Ezekiel - You worked so hard in the background of Wardens, and I don't think you get enough recognition for it. Keep working hard man, you're definitely going places (DoL when?) Baby Arm - A true friend, you work so hard for Wardens and I'm excited to see you as Legate and the places you'll take Wardens. Maybe we'll play some gas station simulator together again, or maybe we'll do an Overwatch game again. Zboz - You're like a itty-bitty baby arm, I trust you'll go places and take Wardens to great places like you already have. Keep up the great work, and maybe you'll quit sitting in your car mechanic shop while we're doing the hard work repairing the solar panels and cleaning the gas station windows. Marthan - I can't believe we picked for Wardens HCMD (I'm kidding), thanks for offering a new perspective on things. Just get a little more active and you'll move up for sure. GameHunter - I know we don't really like eachother, but this is my formal apology. I don't really give a shit about anything you've said in the past anymore, I haven't for a while. I was probably overreacting and in a bit of a mood when I sent those messages, you did some good work for Wardens. All other Wardens - You're the ones who make Wardens what it is, stay respectful to your other branches and keep kicking ass and taking names. Wardens wouldn't be where it is without you guys. Site Administration Sixx - The man who got me double promoted to Colonel, I know you're in the military right now, but you were probably the greatest DoRS to ever walk this earth. Make sure to come back, and I hope you ensure that Wardens HCMD is in check when you're back (if you do) Hoovy - Gave me my Teamspeak note, I still remember that day when we were building a little marble course on Site-50, and when 682 fell down the roller-coaster. I still have a clip of that I believe, but you were a damn fine O5, thanks for the hard work. Other Piller - Kept me in check, I'll be thankful for you removing that reply on that ban appeal, and the money you gave me for Wardens shit, and your input on Wardens things as VCMDR. Keep up the good work man.
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