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  1. Name: Ein Rank: COL Steam ID (Example: STEAM_0:1:174348602): STEAM_0:1:438574263 Discord ID (Example: Hex-G#0702): ein#0001 Current Sub-Branches your in: Wardens, Juggernaut, FTO, CCU, RIG, Riot Control, Sniper Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 100+ words): As the current Head Warden, and as a Colonel, I believe I deserve to retain my rank because I have not only continued to demonstrate and execute the requirements of my ranks, but have gone beyond them aswell. As the Head Warden I have rewritten the Wardens SOP twice (with some minor assistance from Ven), remade the entire Wardens Roster twice, have consistently updated every document with endless clarifications and quality of life improvements, and have continued to work on projects and expansions to Wardens which have allowed it to thrive for months on end with some of the greatest activity Wardens has seen in half a year. Additionally, as Colonel, I have continued to coordinate and speak with my fellow CMD, give recommendations for promotions, handle punishment requests and give out blacklists and other punishments as necessary. Overall, I have not only performed my duties as COL and WL, but have in some cases exceeded them, and as a result, deserve to keep my rank. Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: N/A
  2. STRONG +SUPPORT Dedicated member of Wardens HCMD, has been extremely helpful Extremely active, is pretty much on every day Communicates well Would be a great pick for Engineer. - Guardian Foxtrot 54
  3. Their callsigns aren't redacted, but the term "Red Right Hand" and "Alpha 1" are.
  4. What are you suggesting? The declassification of RRH's existence. More specifically, declassifying the "Alpha-1" and "Red Right Hand" parts. (NOT what they do and their identities) How would this change better the server? 1. Everybody already knows RRH exists, redacting the words "Red Right Hand" simply makes no sense, and nobody is gonna figure out what they do through their name. 2. It significantly reduces the amount of times Level 4+ personnel need to put on gas masks and amnesticize the site due to info breaches because Security Officer Joe wants to announce their name over site comms. 3. Interrogations over someone saying "Red Right Hand" are entirely unnecessary, it's literally just "how did you find out?" "oh blah blah blah" and then the person gets amnesticized. This is just a situation like how the O5 Council was declassified, everyone in lore realistically knows that the O5 Council exists, and to assume otherwise is simply dumb. Everyone also realistically knows in lore that Alpha-1 exists. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. N/A Who would this change mostly benefit? Nobody in particular. Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion N/A
  5. What are you suggesting? - 1. Replace the current Code Change announcer (CASSIE) with a real, human voice actor. 2. Add / Replace Full Site Lockdown and Magnetic D-Block Lockdown sound effects with the same human announcer. 3. Replace E-11 entering site sound effect with the same announcer. How would this change better the server? - Having a new "announcer" would not only refresh things, but would be both more immersive and shouldn't impact server performance too much (as these would just be replacing sound effects as far as im aware). It also just generally makes more sense. This wouldn't have any direct benefits but would be a small Q.O.L. change. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - N/A? Who would this change mostly benefit? - N/A, this is a Q.O.L. change. Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - N/A
  6. "You were good son, real good. Maybe even the best." o7 you crazy bastard, we certainly won't forget you.
  7. ACCEPTED Congratulations, this application into the Juggernaut Sub-Branch has been accepted. Please speak to any Juggernaut Enforcer+ for training.
  8. Ein

    Ein's LOA

    Name: Ein Warden Name (If Applicable): Odysseus Rank: COL Length of LOA (MM/DD-MM/DD): 8/26/22 - 9/24/22 Reason for LOA: School. I've been putting this off for a while now but I'm starting to think that not taking an LOA has negatively impacted my attitude, and is generally going to continue causing problems if I keep this up. See you soon! o7
  9. Just gonna put a note here, Wardens aren't really supposed to be doing this and it isn't their main priority. If the site has bigger issues (I.E. SCPs breaching, Code Red, blah blah blah), and you see a Warden sitting outside of D-Block please tell me or Wardens Command. Wardens should only be near D-Block if there is literally nothing else to do.
  10. Now this has just GOTTA be bait. Don't feed the trolls guys! +Support Good guy! Only heard and seen positive things from him.
  11. You were good son, real good. Maybe even the best. o7
  12. You don't seem to be listed on any of the punishment rosters and you have no logs regarding your blacklist in discord. I'll be looking into this.
  13. +Support Ven's a great guy, amazing partner in Security CMD and I'm happy to have him by my side in Wardens HCMD and Security SCMD. Also extremely helpful and have had no issues with him, he's doing great work and absolutely deserves SET.
  14. Bro who tf is this guy!!!! +Support Haven't had too many interactions with him, but he seems like a cool dude, he has high ranks, and seems to be respected by the rest of the community
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