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  1. Updated & noted. Come back at anytime.
  2. You know what else is debatable? Your activity as a state trooper
  3. I ThinK State Troopers HaS SoME Of THe BeSt Rp OuT THere WiTHin aLL DePaRtMeNtS
  4. I don’t know, is it? Do you think it is?
  5. +/- support PD is supposed to be under powered in a way. PD is not a tactical unit . To me, this seems like you're wanting to make PD high command more of a tactical unit with 100+ armor/KF2 Deagle/AWP/Smoke Grenade/Gas Grenade/Flashbang/Breaching Charges/Medkit which seems really ridiculous. If you are wanting more of tactical equipment, then join a tactical unit. More accuracy? This is what police trainings are for. You practice on aiming at targets and making sure they know how to shoot properly with their weapons. Higher officer survival rate? Police should be taught how to value their lives rather than wanting to be the one who kills/takes down the suspect. This is why there are tactical units to ensure that officers don't die in these gunfights. If officers are in danger and are about to die, they should fall back and call in for backup and additionals. This is how the gun ranks for the PD should be. Rankings Officer ­- OFC. - Glock/MP5/P90 (P90 must be bought) Senior Officer ­- SNR. - Glock18/M4A1 Lance Corporal - LCPL. Glock18/M4A1 Corporal ­- CPL. - Glock18/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47 Sergeant ­- SGT - Glock18/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47 Master Sergeant ­- MSGT. - Glock18/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas Sergeant Major - SM. - Any Pistol/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas Low Command Lieutenant ­- LT. - Any Pistol/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas/SawedOff/XM1014 Captain ­- CPT. - Any Pistol/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas/SawedOff/XM1014 Major -­ MAJ. - Any Pistol/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas/SawedOff/XM1014 Colonel - COL. - Any Pistol/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas/SawedOff/XM1014 High Command Assistant Chief - A.Chief. - Any Weapon Deputy Chief ­- D.Chief. - Any Weapon Chief - Chief. - Any Weapon Commissioner - Comm. - Any Weapon
  6. Noted & updated on the roster.
  7. Regarding Mandatory Trainings/Meetings It's come to the point where I'm getting tired of hearing excuses after excuses week by week. I've tried to be as lenient as possible with giving people the ability to not attend these mandatory trainings/meetings without any punishments, but it's starting to get really irritating. From now on, state troopers who do not attend these weekly mandatory training/meeting sessions will be subject to further punishments or will be spoken to. I don't want to have to demote/strike for something like this. If caught not attending these, you will be spoken to and punishments will be given. Make sure to attend these mandatory training/meeting sessions. Please give me at least 48 hours of a notice if you cannot attend the meetings using this link : State Meeting LOA Mandatory Training Sessions : 6PM EST on Friday Mandatory Meetings : 6PM EST on Saturday By replying below with "Read & Understood", you agree to have read this topic and will follow it. All Troopers are expected to respond to this.
  8. snookiebear

    Border pator

    -support. We have way too many departments/units and this is not needed. Call police for prisoner transport. That's their job.
  9. We do not take FBI rank into consideration. You must be a LCPL+ in PD.
  10. If your Custom Class job is classified as a criminal job, then you are able to rob the bank. Any criminals can rob the bank.
  11. Oh no, sucks to see this. Noted and updated on the roster. Come back at anytime