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  1. Not listed above but how about we do some advertising for the server. PoliceRP and SCPRP are most populated server. What if we did like an automated chat message every once in a while or something that says like "Come join our MilitaryRP server! US vs Russians! WHO WILL WIN? Connect to" We need to start encouraging others and use other populated servers as a way to get more players on militaryrp. This could be a temporary thing until we get our player base back or a permanent thing as new players come on these servers all the time.
  2. These are just a couple of suggestions I've thought of the past few weeks. I believe that if we try to add some more interesting things to the server that I think will keep players being active on the server and wanting to come back to play some more. I'd like to know what you all think about these ideas and how we can further improve them if need to be. What you want to see? - 2x XP - With the 2x XP, pretty self-explanatory, I think we should have this either on certain days of the week or strictly put on the weekends as the weekends are supposedly the best time to have players. Personally, I think weekends would work the best for this and not weekdays. 2x XP would encourage players to want to level up more. With the idea of encouraging players to level up more, there should be more rewards and more things you get as you progress throughout the levels. Currently right now the only rewards you get after leveling up is some skill points and money. The only thing leveling up is worth for is getting into the Hero classes which players are able to get to because it's so high leveled and takes a very long time to get to it. 2x Ingame Money - Don't really need to explain this. Same as 2x XP. Able to do this on certain days or on the weekends with or without 2x XP. Encourages players to get more money and be able to spend it on others things mentioned below. Heros Classes - I think Hero classes should be dropped a couple of levels if not like 10 levels or so because it's very hard to level up even if you play all day and rack up kills nonstop. (refer to 2x XP) 2x XP could also help this out if we choose not to decrease the Hero levels. Blue's Unboxing 2! ( After being on multiple severs, i've seen this been very popular to all servers and all players. This provides a way to spend in game money/credits in order to buy keys to open up crates. (CSGO version where you're able to buy keys and crates and open them to be rewarded a prize) The way I think we should use this is replace the items which either in-game money/one time use items/one time use knives/guns/weapons so it would give players the opportunity to use something other than what their class is able to be used for. Makes it more interesting and more fun to the players with the whole buying keys and opening up crates. AFK rewards - I think being AFK should be rewarded. Players count is especially important in overall stats because that's what people see on their server list. I know having a server full of AFKs is not a good thing but those who like to go afk during wars or have something else to do should be able to stay on the server and afk in the meantime until they come back. If we encourage this more by rewarding AFK players, it'll make our player count possibly get even higher. We can reward AFK players in many ways such as earning some amount of credits which could be used towards a credit shop for being AFK for some x amount of time. But only give this reward for example for like 1 hour of AFK = X amount of credits. Something little but worth a little bit. Dont want to encourage AFK heavily 24/7. Why should we add it? - It will improve the overall status of the server and the amount of players. What are the advantages of having this? - Increases player count and activity. Gives the players more an encouragement to get on the server and occupy it Who is it mainly for? - Everyone. All players on the server. Links to any content -
  3. I can confirm. I had contacted Scoot to come get this civilian out of my tank multiple times and even told the civilian himself to get out multiple times. Even when brought to a SIT, he ran over to my tank to try to get in it. Doesn't really have any intent to RP or want to get trained. Also changed his name multiple times to avoid punishment or to be targeted.
  4. Glad you enjoyed playing on the server with me. I enjoyed playing alongside with you as well. I'll still be around so definitely keep in touch with me. Glad to have experience the server with someone like you. ? Sorry this was just out of a sudden, it was just something that i've been thinking of for the past month or two. As much as I wanted to stay and help out and what not, it just wasn't getting any better. I tried to stay as long as I could but just slowly starting losing interest in the server itself. Enjoy being to able to play alongside with you and enjoy every fun moment we have had. Leaving the server in definitely on a good note for sure. Glad to have met you too, make sure to keep in touch. See you soon Marticles. */me harasses Marticles* Arnold Duck's orders ? Glad to have met you and have had experience the server with you, you were a fun person to be around with and chill with. How cute, little PVT Willy. ? Much love.
  5. Hello everyone, it's General Snookiebear. Just wanted make this formal resignation and let everyone know the reason for making this. So this have been over in the thinking for the past month or so. One of the reasons is that I'm just simply losing interest in having to get on the server and expecting for people to occupy the server. There would be times where I want to play on the server but most of the times, the server is either completely dead or only has a few people on it. Rather than me mentioning each and every person, I will just give my overall expressions to everyone. To everyone that is a part of the MilitaryRP community, thanks for having me. I enjoyed the time I have spent here on this server and being a General for the RU. For those that I became friends with on here, keep in touch. I'm down to play other games. (as long as my computer can handle it lol) Along with that, the other reason for me leaving is because tbh, my mental state of myself hasn't really been that great lately and I haven't been able to enjoy the weekends especially because of having to worry about attending meetings on Saturday most of the time. It's been fun while it's lasted. Enjoyed every moment I have spent on the server and with all of you. Take this a resignation as sort of some break for myself. I've been here for quite some time and haven't really taken some sort of serious break. Just need some time to myself and from the server. I'll still be here from time to time and will hop on the server whenever I can. I'd like to resign and have the position of SGeneral. Thanks to everyone and this is me signing off. ~General Snookiebear~ ps: i'll always be your hucklebear, @Richard
  6. Gun dealers should be able to sell whatever their class is allowed to purchase to others. The type of weapons/guns that they sell can be used to determine the type of illegal/legal sale of firearms. If a cop catches a gun dealer selling a a heavy machine gun (for example) and the person does not have a guns license, he may be charged for selling a heavy weapon/gun. If he does have a license, he should be able to sell the gun without being placed under arrest for it. Once you have a gun license, you are able to sell whatever guns that your class is allowed to purchase to others.
  7. lol that's an actual rule now? yikes. +support Gun dealers should have no restriction on what guns to buy/sell to others. They should be able to sell whatever guns they have.
  8. What is Code Red? Never heard of it before. -support. Not needed. It is not hard to stop a vehicle. A Tow Truck is just like any other vehicle. Tow trucks are not semi trucks so i don't get your logic here. If you can't stop a tow truck in a pursuit without shooting it and blowing it up, then you definitely need some kind of pursuit training. You have other officers and other departments to help you out with the pursuits. Along with that, you also do have spike strips to take out the tries of the vehicle. Put a road block or a barricade and trap the suspect into an area. Do a PIT maneuver and get the vehicle pinned against something. Making it code red wont solve anything especially when it comes to roleplaying.
  9. @Josh H-Y. Roleplay? What’s that?
  10. It’s not a joke. I’ll throw in a bonus of 100k to those that get their training done tonight.