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  1. Ooh i thought mods could sorry
  2. Yeah that was i though a team would be goood they could make it where you have to be a mod
  3. I disagree it i feel they it do it random there is not a set dates
  4. What you want to see? - events for police rp Why should we add it? - I’m seen some events like zombies purge save the president i think it would be cool to have them often like once a week or a month just not random What are the advantages of having this? - it let everyone in the server do something different and have a fun event with each other Who is it mainly for? - everyone ! Links to any content -  we could have a special event team which could be cool!
  5. Lil pump4663


    -support it would be cool but the server lags it much the fire would make it almost impossible to play
  6. - support not active on the forums don’t see you on game a lot could be Timezones i also feel you didn’t put a lot of effort to this app good luck
  7. -support pointless. Rules in my opinion sniping is not even good close range