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  1. The main miniguns are similar to the Little Bird's with damage, the Huey fires 2 rockets at once but still do the same damage as normal, and the M60's are just a weaker machine gun. I'd also consider adding the rest of this guys aircraft, they still use the regular WAC weapons but have more variety.
  2. AWG

    Cat's Resignation

    Although you were a good leader and a great person, life does come first. I hope you put your dedication of the server into whatever you do in the future.
  3. Newest certified helicopter pilot, Tumz Assassin
  4. AWG

    any way to fix this?

    You can edit a lot of the values of the tanks, i'm not sure if this can be done for the spawner but one of them could fix it.
  5. + Support -Easy to use -Looks great -Fixes some of the problems with current squads system Does this have a max player limit for parties?
  6. AWG

    Stronger WAC Base

    Tanks still do 1 shot them but this could also be an opportunity to give the explosive specialist a new weapon.
  7. What you want to see? - Switching from the original WAC base to a new one. Why should we add it? - Makes aircraft resistant to all small arms fire (assault rifle and below). This fixes the problem of aircraft being easily taken down by a single soldier. Improves weapon damage. This makes killing ground soldiers easier. More ammunition and faster repair/ reload speeds. Automatically deleted after 20 seconds. No longer needing to change jobs to delete a helicopter. What are the advantages of having this? - Fixes the problems with aircraft health and improves damage. Who is it mainly for? - US/RU Links to any content - Details are on the link (video included).
  8. + Support -Active -Follows orders well -Friendly -Would be a good fit for ADF
  9. Couldn't have said it better.
  10. AWG

    More Transport

    The larger vehicles aren’t much better than quads. They can hold more people in the seats but you can fit plenty onto a quad by using alt+e. Even if lower ranks recieved hummers and trucks they probably wouldn’t use them due to their poor controllability and rugged map.
  11. Huge +Support -Arguably the best and most active staff member at dealing with sits. -Active on forums: Responds to almost every application. -Tries his best to make events, regular admin privileges limits him. -Friendly -Fit for the rank
  12. Spread the word so people see this.
  13. Staff Name: Awg Current Staff Rank: Senior Moderator Steam ID (Provide if tags are needed in game): STEAM_1:0:79991457