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  1. Update - 11/13/18 Info regarding Resignations and S-Ranks added.
  2. AWG

    Rook's Resignation

    You were one of the first players I met on RU and got me to continue playing on the server through the enlisted ranks. Although you kinda killed core I had a great time working up the ranks with you and seeing you become a Major General. I'll remember my experiences with you and hope to see you hop on some time in the future. Ew.
  3. What I mean by avoiding AR fire is bhoping and using the hitreg to your advantage. Pistols can still easily hit shots while jumping, making them almost as good as shotguns in this regard. If snipers were to be given automatic weapons such as smg's they would quickly become the most dominant low rank class there is. Having the ability to engage at both short and long range would make a huge difference as most other classes can only do one or the other. Everyone would be using sniper classes as a mixed role because of this, causing them to become overused compared to other classes. People might then complain that "If snipers get CQC weapons why can't CQC classes get snipers?" Frankly I think the Five-Seven is better than the G18 because of its accuracy and range, but that's just my opinion.
  4. The pistols on each side are easily capable of getting kills. They have good damage and decent accuracy, all you need is to avoid the AR's fire or find a sniping position where they won't find you. -Support from me.
  5. The new fortifications look nice, will we be able to prop climb with them?
  6. In-game Name: Awg TS Name: [MilitaryRP] Awg [Admin] Faction: Russian Army (RU) Rank: General (4 Star) Introduction: Although I had apparently joined the server during the summer of 2017 (as evident of warns) I do not remember anything of it (and it must have not been a long time since I returned as a low level). I eventually found this server on my history (not knowing what it was) and tried it out not expecting to stay for long. This was sometime in late February or Early March. After playing for a few days I ranked up and got the chance to join the Russian Air Force under the command of Matricies. I ranked up quickly due to being very active and it being the during the school year for many people. While rising up the ranks I heard of tryouts for the Military Police and got accepted at a low rank. I quickly rose through the ranks and by the end of May I was promoted to VCMDR of the Russian Air Force. Without much competition from Xtatic and his resignation I was promoted to CMDR soon after. With Matricies having left the branch off on a good note I kept it running by stealing officers from other branches and promoting activity. After a map change and there being almost zero active MP I was able to skip many ranks and cool downs to eventually secede Green (the former MP CMDR). Through my time naming myself CMDR CMDR I brought both the Air Force and Military Police to become the place to be. With many active officers in both branches I was able to hand Air Force down to Richard and Military Police down to Tempest. After being promoted to Brigadier General my activity partly declined but I pushed through and slowly rose the general ranks. After the resignations of both our former Generals I (along with Richard) were promoted to 4 stars. For the future of RU I hope to bring back activity among the branches and to win some domination matches for once. Fun fact: If you knew me before I was a General you would know that I used to not have a mic. I eventually got tired of trying to get peoples attention with text chat alone (and I would probably need a mic for staff sits) so I invested in a microphone.
  7. I think your word counts are a bit high, might intimidate someone wanting to apply.
  8. Is this just for OMON or are you going to add the rest of the mp rules to this?
  9. +Support -Very Active -Friendly and Responsible -Knows how to do his job -Helpful to lower staff members -Is from Finland
  10. Useful Links RU Roster: Promotion Form: LOA Meeting Form: Promotion System Enlisted are to be promoted during debrief while officers and generals are promoted at officer meetings. Officers Second Lieutenant (2LT): Can't Promote First Lieutenant (1LT): Can't Promote Captain (CPT): Can promote up to the highest enlisted rank Major (MAJ): Can promote up to 2LT Lieutenant Colonel (LTC): Can promote up to 1LT Colonel (COL): Can promote up to CPT Vice-Commander (VCMDR): Can promote up to LTC | Assigned by GEN+ Commander (CMDR): Can promote up to COL | Assigned by GEN+ Further information on ranks will be provided in each branches informational. Core Informational: Spetsnaz Informational: Air Force Informational: Military Police Informational: Drill Instructor Informational: Generals Brigadier General (BG): Can promote up to MAJ in any branch Major General (MG): Can promote up to LTC in any branch Lieutenant General (LTG): Can promote up to COL in any branch General (GEN): Can promote up to LTG | Assigned by GOA General of Army (GOA): Can do anything | Must be HOS+ Promotion Cooldowns Enlisted 2 promotions per day Officers 2LT to 1LT: 2 Days CPT through COL: 1 week VCMDR through CMDR: 1-2 weeks Any of these can be overruled by a GEN+ Branch Generals Branch Generals are meant to supervise their branch and take over control when commanders are not doing their job. They can promote in any branch regardless of which branch they control. Branch Generals are to be Brigadier General through Major General unless there are not enough. Transferring If anyone wants to transfer from one branch to another they must have permission from the commander of each branch. All transfers receive a 1 rank demotion. Officers and Commanders can only transfer up to the rank they can promote. After transferring you must wait 1 week before transferring again. If someone transfers to or from the US they must have the permission of a BG+ of each side. Resignations For those looking to resign, they may be able to receive an S rank depending on what they resigned from. Resign as GOA: SGOA rank | Can come back at new GOA's discretion Resign as GEN: SGEN rank | Can come back as BG Resign as BG - LTG: SCOL rank in branch of choosing | Can come back as MAJ Anyone who resigns under BG does not receive an S rank unless given permission by an LTG+. S-Ranks S Ranks have the same power as someone with the normal rank. Can be given to those of opposite factions or on long LOA's so they do not take up space on the roster. Must be approved by LTG+. How to organize Russian debrief People on Stage: All Generals Highest Ranking Core Officer or Commander Highest Ranking Spetsnaz Officer or Commander Highest Ranking Air Force Officer or Commander Highest Ranking Military Police Officer or Commander If the highest is already on stage as part of another branch, the next highest can stand on stage. Highest Ranking Drill Instructor Officer or Commander If the highest is already on stage as part of another branch, the next highest can stand on stage. The Debrief leader does not fill any of these spots Russian Officer Meetings Meetings are to take place at 8:00 PM EST every Saturday in the officer meeting room in Teamspeak. If you do not know the password ask a CPT+. All officers should attend the meeting. If you think you will miss a meeting you MUST fill out this form: CPT+ who miss the meeting without filling the form WILL be striked. If you need clarification on anything you can ask any of the generals.
  11. We've had the same issue on all the other maps, nothing a restart wont fix.
  12. I'm reading this as you need to get kills on a weapon to unlock the attachments, similar to call of duty. If that's what you meant then I like the idea. Maybe if you also added where if they unlocked every attachment on a gun they get an extra level on their main xp or something like that. Doing so could encourage players to use weaker classes such as medic and might bring in more diversity rather than everyone using their strongest class.
  13. Sad to see you go when you resigned from US and even worse now that you are gone from staff. It was great having you here.
  14. AWG

    Switch Maps

    I like the idea of changing maps weekly for more than just events. I also like the maps made by this guy: