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  1. We never removed you from KGB Commissioner and RAD is the PVT rank
  2. Accepted Speak to a KPT+ For the memes
  3. You are SZ KGB Commissioner RAD Tagooon
  5. Name: Kilo Rank: Oberst Activity: Everyday Anything you want to say: Richard is a pretty Kool dude
  6. I want to see how many people I have that are still here. If someone doesn't respond they will get remove. This is the format for the post. Name: Rank: Times you play: Best times for Meetings: Any Concerns?:
  7. Name: Henry Sr Rank: SSGT but roster isn't updated Times you play: Everyday but I am Panzerwaffe Oberst(COL) Best times for Meetings: Anytime Any Concerns?: Where is everyone?
  8. -Support A big mingey boi He is a nerd JK
  9. I would like to point out that there is a glitch where the US Medivac doesn't get the medkit.
  10. +Support Active community member. Mature roleplayer. Seen in game and in teamspeak
  11. biggest meme around. He is actually gay, i'm not kidding