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  1. The max is determined by the amount you have spent on the summer sale at 1000 points / dollar. The issue steam fixed was you could inspect element and change the number of tokens you had to whatever you wanted. Steam would save that number to the server and you could easily get 1 trillion or whatever. That was patched this wasn’t.
  2. So recently my friends and I discovered something with the steam summer sale. You can easily abuse it to rank up your steam profile This guide will tell you how: Please ask any questions if you are confused and I will clarify it in both the document and replies to this thread. Happy abusing steams systems
  3. Oh time for stories... EMT Zeeptin - SMT Snar - What seems to be the officer problem? - Also your Russian accent - also all the times you would intentionally act stupid just to see how pd reacted John - Context: On MilRP I was the US Army Commander, and I sucked at flying. Eventually John said he would help me learn to fly and this happened John - brings me to Tali Town "Injoker we are going to teach you how to fly today" "john I don't think you want to try that" John 30 minutes later "Alright Injoker this is why you are the US Army commander not the US Air Force Commander stay on the ground before you give our privates ptsd and concussions from whiplash" Gaur - When we had the problem with the Chinese spammers on the forums back when I was a forum diplomat, I told you on team speak that the Chinese spammers were back on the forums (This was after SMT thought they fixed it because they disappeared for about a week), you just screamed GOD DAMN IT I'M SICK OF THIS CHINESE SHIT NoOne - I awped someone during a sit 2 years ago. You were doing the sit and just go, even though they are huge minges and it was funny as hell, I have to warn you for that I'm sorry I love you joker Spection - First day you got head admin he spawned a chair with no gravity and started flying around rockford until we awped him out of the chair Fame - When I was a mod on policerp, gaur was on an alt account testing staff by mass prop pushing and well... Scheffer - nuke happy... you should understand what that means All SMT at the time - That time we had a guy threaten to sue gaminglight because the Yuki family had anime player models... What a great meme... JMT @Senior - also happy birthday for people who don't know there was an ongoing joke on MilRP where we say happy birthday to senior everytime we see him. Even RU did it after they killed him. Also Myan killed the joke ? Gaymikezone - Robby... Robby that's all I need to say. honorable mention to a Non SMT member @ExoTic Maddog for helping me do this to annoy the hell out of people raiding the bank, eventually making them leave without getting the money from the robbery.
  4. Injoker

    it's been a while.

    -support if I remember correctly you are a huge minge. I dealt with you several times on staff. You were also very disrespectful and always causing issues. Also logical argument of where are you going to go on MilRP you are blacklisted from all branches on US and RU
  5. Reeeeeeeeeeee triggered
  6. -support even though I resigned from the community the yuki family was one of the main things that killed the player base. You made government and criminals alike leave due to you guys always breaking rules and getting away with them. I don’t think the Yuki family coming back would be good for GL. You said that you would enforce the MOTD but that was also stated several times by steve and that clearly never happened. I don’t have faith that promise will be kept since it was broken many times in the past. I agree with you guys making a new family with a different name, however the Yuki name is banned for a reason. When old players return ready to play and see Yuki, the reason why they left to begin with, then they will just leave again.
  7. Injoker

    EMS Tactical Team

    Give ems awps and allow them to be a tac unit make it so criminals can’t kill ems but ems can kill criminals
  8. + support yes he broke a rule so he should be punished I don’t think he needs a Warn but
  9. -support due to the fact you and other SRT command tried to start a rumor that I got strider blacklisted
  10. Injoker

    Forum bug?

    Yes it’s only at 7% now thank you Armyguy. I’m guessing other staff ranks have this issue too though given what Rhenic said.
  11. How much do you pay an hour