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  1. ACCEPTED Speak to High Command
  2. Tom, Can you send me a screenshot of the chat logs on ts with the advertisment because it stays when you log off. Thanks. @Tom Brown
  3. Name: Kitty Steam link(be in the group): Should I do a Christmas one: Go for it
  4. Kitty.

    Kitty's LOA

    In-game name: Kitty Rank: Chief Length: 20/10/18-29/10/18 Reason: Holiday Have fun everyone
  5. -Support You need to follow follow for reporting a staff member/player
  6. Kitty.

    tcoops birthday

    Shut your mouth young one
  7. Kitty.

    tcoops birthday

    You really be messed up the language btw xD
  8. Kitty.

    tcoops birthday

    Thought I would make a post saying happy birthday tcoops, hope you have a wonderful day! @tcoops
  9. Goodbye Jake, Hope life brings you good future oppurtunities!
  10. Denied Improve activity in game, you can re-apply in 14 days