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  1. i did and i have juicy rico so like perfect.
  2. Name: Dr Whale What job you want: Stripper Why you want : I Have Juicy Rico, He's Perfect For The Job.
  3. Dr. Whale

    UMC Report

    i'm wondering why any of this had to happen?
  4. Ok You Have a Nice Ass Name Tho.
  5. when i was in that car i was in ts screaming "WE NEED THE BUD LIGHT DAMNIT"
  6. Well Uhh I'm 13 Tall For My age and Kinda C H U N K Y. I "Accidentally" Body slammed my friend. I like Whale Noises and I Play Euro Truck Time to Time. Uhh I have a computer with a 8 year old processor. I broke a Desk at School. And Uhh I Take pride in mowing my lawn, and I sneeze alot. And I got one of my pictures liked by Donut Operator, and uhh I liek whale noises and uhh i uhh like air. Also I live in Michigan and uhh My Name is Jay. 301912653096211.webp
  7. + Support He Just Mad Cuz He's Not in FBI But Really No Reason to Do Any Of This If He Wanted to Say Something, He Should've Just kept it to Himself. So yeah Deserves a Warn and Doen't Know Anything That Goes into Making and Running A Department. So yes +++++Support Deserves A Warn.
  8. Dr. Whale


    Well Since its 2:30 AM For me I'm Bored. So I wanted to See Who has the Same Birthday as me. Mines August 3rd, Whats Yours?
  9. Nah Frog is Just Like Hippo Shite at Driving Also I swear I am Good Driver.