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  1. Even Though i left this community for pastures new, i am Really Impacted by this.Also I have Been Here a long ass time and I Remeber Fame always doing his job correctly. Aight My Sob Story is over. PS Don't do Shrooms
  2. A big ass flag with a pole to attach to a big ass truck lol Like this
  3. Dr. Whale

    Dr Whale's LOA

    In-game Name: Dr Whale SteamID:N/A On Phone Rank: SGT Length of LOA (Provide Dates): 2 Weeks From the 7th so the 21st Reason (If private then put N/A): Need to Clear My Head and Step Away From my computer
  4. +Support -Unacceptable, I Forget to uncloak a lot. But When I switch back to The Administrator I Do it. No Excuse for Doing this.
  5. -Support No Experience Staffing No Effort Not Ready For Staff unless you Shape up and Get at least 20 Warns Gone Than it's a -Support
  6. Welp My time Has come. I'm Now Leaving ARU For SRT. BeHappy- You Made ARU Soooo Much Fun When I Was Down Cashtag- "Hi"- Cashtag 2K19 Best Quote Eternity-Always Will be a Great Bronze Command Snar- Part Of The Cool Kids Clan Ramon- Well One Word Ramon MINGE Fame- Always a Nice Guy To hang out With. Thank you All for giving me The Wonderful Opportunities that ARU gave me. Sorry Who I Didn't Include ARU MSGT Dr. Whale TRJ38 Going 10-07 On ARU For The Last Time.
  7. Format to Breathe How Often? What Flavor? Favorite Style?(Like INHALE 30minutes later EXHALE My Favorite the Whale Technique)
  8. Also, I'm Adding tfa_csgo_nova $20 tfa_csgo_awp $20
  9. Ingame Name: Dr Whale Job Name: Juicy Rico Server: Police Rp Players SteamID you want added to the job:STEAM_0:1:95082301 The person that Paid SteamID:STEAM_0:1:95082301 There's proof that I Paid for Dr. Whale and BeHappy ?
  10. How much am I hallucinating because I don’t think this can be real. WHY Happy ? Love happy ?
  11. ++ Support Always Online Helping and training Cadets (the Right way) Respectful Overall Great in My Opinion for Command Good luck!!!-ARU MSGT Dr Whale TRJ38 ?
  12. -Support I Saw it Happen and You Were in General. Being a Pain in the ass to Sion.
  13. Dr. Whale

    Sion's resignation

    I'll Miss Patrolling With you. You Minge.