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  1. I like the idea in theory but you could just as easily do /job (job name) while on civilian. -support
  2. In this situation, you were indeed in the wrong, while it is sort of the other Admin's fault for telling you otherwise, (If they did). However you still should be responsible for checking over the motd, as it is clearly stated in the rules of the cooldown timer.
  3. Noted, Thank you for your service with the State Police You will be marked 10-7 For The Last Time At Approx 9:30 on 7/14/2020
  4. +Support Cravplay is a very respectful dude, who always has a great attitude, I think he would make a great addition to the Support Team
  5. According to the Ban page, your ban still has 1 more hour left:
  6. Ender VS Adams, whos the bigger Simp?
  7. Cool idea in theory, but -Support: reasons above.
  8. I'm not exactly sure what causes this, but I have the same issue, with the camaro, and lambo lights. I think it may just be an error with the mod itself possibly
  9. +Support Spade is a very active, hard working dude, who I feel could and would be a huge asset to the Event Team
  10. -Support Low / No Fourms Activity Last Questions needs some more work. Has an negative attitude / disrespectful sometimes (Also Voted On Own Poll??. Which is weird.) Sorry, approve on the things above and mabye I would change my mind! Best Of Luck!
  11. hm. I'm with Calamity on this one RDM!