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  1. Big Negative - -Low fourm activity - You posted a link to your donation - 15 Dosen't meet word req - 18 warns is quiet a lot for someone applying for staff {Was just warned] -
  2. Masterson

    False Warning

    +Support I am sorry, I do admit to this. I have learned from my mistake and I am willing to take the punishments that follow.
  3. +Support -Active -Been SM for 6 months -Friendly -Respectful Good luck.
  4. Replying on your application is the worst thing you can doi
  5. -Support Basic Grammar issues. 16 is way off. So didn't read the handbook 1 sentence is not enough for 16. I had atleast 4. 3 Posts
  6. +/- Support SMT should check this out. Hmm.. Gmod was a thing in 1969? This ban predicted the game.
  7. Masterson

    just a normal day

    Coulda donated me that money.
  8. Glad to hear! Can't wait to see whats to come.