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  1. +Support - Hasn't caused trouble on fellow servers - After 4 years, he may deserve another chance. However, if he was blacklisted. Blacklists are NOT appealable so.
  2. Can't appeal old warns.. unless they are false. ============================================= But anyway, there's a lot things that kind of play into it. I have seen people get accepted with 15 warns but, a lot depends on - Have you fixed those mistakes - How recent - Have people seen improvement Also if you put a long a good application and can prove that you deserve it and honestly just messed up. Then I'd say there's a chance.
  3. +support Active Great Guy Past experience
  4. +Support Has been 3 in the last 2 maps. So why not, also 1 more place to rob!
  5. Attempting to raid SX Bases on Gov. Also playing on State Police and Crim
  6. +/- Support Alright, let me just list out some things. + More weapon variety, we need some new guns and would be awesome to see some new ones. - I don't see why this exactly NEEDS to be added to the Civilian class. The Civ class can't mug, rob, etc. Mabye make this avaible for gun dealers to sell. Not so much as a spawner weapon for Civs. In All: I feel these guns could be neat and used in a way that would benefit. However I don't think giving them to the Civ class will benefit in any way. Sure mabye giving gun dealer /adv dealer these could be useful. I also feel mabye updating the gun class, and whats legal and isn't could be updated.
  7. +Support Obvious reason, 40 warns, also 3 active ones? Jeez.
  8. +Support Clear Metagame. Obvious reasons. You can only raid with picture or video proof.
  9. Common Fix: Typically this happens to me, if it dosen't work after restarting your game. Try restarting your PC. This typically fixes it for me.
  10. -Support You just your application denied. Like 1 week ago.
  11. +/- Support When I have seen you on your a great guy However, I don't see you on to often. Could be time zone issue however.