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  1. -Support This was added back a while ago, but it got removed due to people abusing it. People appealed warns, minged. Stopped minging, get more warns, etc.
  2. +Support all reasons above
  3. I mean... it says required. How is he spose to be warned if they have nothing to warn him by? Also PD dose not have a roster except for LT.
  4. Well. Sadly, with school starting backup, and other private reasons. I find myself not being able to get on as much. So with that being said I am resigning from SRT. Mikey- Thank you for giving me the chance to be command, also just an amazing friend Kitty- Best SRT pro driver yes? Pikus- Your cool. Supremelord, Duncan- Epic people Brandon- Your brandon. Epic. Got command yay!
  5. It's probably because after Zeeptin told you to fix your post last time, you made this post. All you need to do is "edit" your post. Not make an entirely new one for next time
  6. By lit you mean having Lights on them? cause if so yes
  7. JMT Have perms in the discord to deal with it.
  8. In-game Name: Masterson SteamID: STEAM_0:1:162489285 Rank: MGYSGT Length of LOA (Provide Dates):9-8-2020 - 9-13-2020 Reason (If private then put N/A): School is starting and I wanna focus on that
  9. -Support In the motd it states "USE COMMON SENSE! ACT LIKE IT IS REAL LIFE. If you wouldn't do something in real life, don't do it here!" In real life you wouldn't walk up to a bunch of cops and decide to pull a gun and mug one would you? I mean come on...
  10. Sad Longest lasting SPRT / CERT TL. State COL. Best of luck in your future