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  1. -Support Prices of buildings are fine.. Plus you can "rent" them for multiple days if you use the property manager so
  2. -Support You're missing the why you wanna become staff which is like the most important part.
  3. +Support Clear Evidence of Racism & Homophobia
  4. +Support Darkzz has all the qualities you would look for in a good Event Team member. Best of luck
  5. -Support Fighting 4 crim when theres only 1 of us and you all have close to 200 armor EARCH, the same / if not better weapons; in an open space like a road or what not, there is no real counter in an open space like that. Jumping around while holding LMG's & Heavy Ar's isnt super realistic either but, we still do it, cause it's semi serious. It's one of the few counter Gov have left currently to beating these massive basically tac unit families.
  6. -Support -Advertisted Apps (In Discord & In my PM's) -Low Forums Count -App can use a lot of work https://imgur.com/FpEPtkq https://imgur.com/a/mbDDpvj
  7. Hot Dogs are top tier, no debate.
  8. Wish you all the best in your future Chip!
  9. -Support Unnecessary and would create a lot of chaos / a lot more work for dept heads
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