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  1. you ever taught who has a base and who doesn't
  2. my sincerest apologies staff member i will never do it again
  3. no ones throwing insults bro were just responding with true facts that this is a petty report
  4. -Support petty report are you saying that dancing and then hopping on the point is modifying the playermodel ? the player model moves but the hitbox stays the same most petty report i've ever seen
  5. Kcarma

    Kcarma's 48 Hr's

    already working saying you need a new iphone 14 by any chance ?
  6. Kcarma

    Kcarma's 48 Hr's

    Never Expected That I Would Resign From SRT But Time Has Come For Me To Focus On My Life And School Work Really Preciate Everyone I've Met Throughout My Journey And My Chapter Has Ended.It Is Time For Other People To Take Over My Position And Hope They Do Better Then Me Really Preciate All The Laugh's I've Had In SRT. @Kitty.Thx for letting me Join SRT @MastersonStay Grinding No Mic Smh @deathstriker124Monkey Bro @AndrePass me some Crack @InceptionistWeirdo Innit
  7. bro really placed in a resignation from fiveM brotha oh my lawd
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