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  1. fortnite, I am pro at fortnite, I would be head admin in fortnite
  2. +Support Racism was included in the video
  3. https://gyazo.com/5a16d4191c734d52abc123fb41fe9255
  4. +Support I believe that Soul was roleplaying as anyone would if they were fighting with another family. I think DD just got upset with him and called a sit to get at him. I also believe that both sides should have been taken into consideration with a situation like this as manipulation is at risk.
  5. You will be missed, Ice, remember that one time me and you got striked in OG for abusing the ticket system... the good days
  6. +Support I think he is a pedophile and was very good at ERP.
  7. -Support Bro what lmao you pulled a gun on him in a neutral zone, if anything he shouldn't be warned.
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