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  1. uh oh. Stinky. See you in the underworld blackbeard.
  2. + Support I already used those cells to house d class for researchers during lockdown and would punish someone if they opened the cell and open fired ond class.
  3. Just fill this out and put N/A at name and/or rank. Also, hahah your poll say any mouse, ahahahha.
  4. Bruh, he's talking about the panic room not having a keypad scanner
  5. I don't think this is needed. Fubars were never that good in the first place : P
  6. Well I can't believe I'm making this but... I've been with gensec since March, so roughly 7 months and lately I haven't felt that gensec was fun for me. Lately I've found getting on Security more of a chore than a game. That's really not what I want to feel about a game, I want it to feel like something I look forwards to after a long day of school so I'm resigning. I really hope security will grow and maybe get back to where it used to be. I want to end this with a good note though, I will still be on the server as Event team and staff. So you will still see me on from time to time. I also just want to make some shout outs: Rangiatea - you were HOS when I joined and a DSD when I leave. Thx for promoting me all those times and for fake demoting me to SFC with war gamer. JJWICK - you are probably the guy I know best in security and the oldest after me, good luck on your journey in gensec. Twosix - you went from totally normal to one day turning into a furry. I'm still confused to this day, good luck on your journey in HCMD and hopefully Administration. Killaz/Alpha - Ive known both of you for some time, please continue to do security Olympics with me gone and continue to do those weekly meetings. You are the future I know there were other people I didn't mention but I wish all of you good luck and to make me proud. With regards, -LT COL Cryolast
  7. +Support Alpha personally I don't see you that much. Now I know I play at night but even on weekends I would really like to see your activity improve. With that out of the way, I do think you would be a good major but the only thing I'm scared about is your commitment. If you do become Major, you will have a big responsibility in this branch.
  8. +Support I Can't say this myself but others have said that you are very inactive in game but on the discord and during meetings you make sure gensec is doing it's best. You have my support though like rang said... You shouldn't know what A1 is
  9. First of all. Great Hogan's heroes reference. Second of all, like I said with Killaz you are a spot on command member but I think you still have a little bit more to learn about command. Major is a big dral, and whoever takes the Cake will have big responsibilities on their hands. You are definitely heading in the right direction though, good lock on your app.
  10. I'm kind of 50/50 on you Killaz I think that you are a wonderful Command member but in all honesty, I think you could be in low command a little longer as you have been a 1LT for 2 weeks. I feel you still have lots to learn about command but you are definitely heading in the right direction! Good luck ~ Cryolast
  11. +Support Alpha, youre activity is pretty good, you stay focused on the task at hand, and set a good example for Security. You have my support.
  12. and like that, He was gone... JK gonna miss you minecraft server kid.
  13. +Support +Good reputation +good application +active -Lore knowledge could be a bit higher but that's ok. -Event idea is, in the nicest way possible, not very creative. Think outside the box 079 events like this happen all the time. (Also going in research bunks and killing everyone is a big no no.) Overall I am really Looking forward to seeing what you can do! Good luck!