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  1. Name: Security DHFTO MAJ Cryolast Rank: MAJ FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): DHFtO Why should you retain your rank (WO+ must respond | 150+ words): Because you love me In all seriousness, I believe I should retain my rank as I have made and will continue to make a positive impact in GENSEC. I bring a number of qualities to this branch. First, I have been with Security for a long time and have stayed loyal, OK OK. I know I resigned like back in September but, I came back didn't I? I have dedicated a lot of my time to this branch and respect anyone who needs my help or is in GENSEC period. When someone has a problem I am happy to help them and will 90% of the time follow through on my promise. speaking of respect, socially I also am a god at it, as I have befriended all the HCMD members of GENSEC (even brainwashing our HOS into 1v1ing me in minecraft parkour *scoff* ) and I know that 90% of the people I work with enjoy my company. When they don't I try to resolve it if possible. I like to make sure that everyone is in a good mood and want to continue playing Gaminglight. One of my best qualities in my opinion is my leadership, I like to joke around and occasionally *minge* from time to time, but can shut it off and become serious quickly. I host a variety of training sessions and meetings that help our branch improve, things like leadership building I love to do, due to the fact that they help security bond and work better together. Last but not least, I like to take charge and command when I need to, but when I'm in places like D block, I like to let others command so they can get better at it (I'm not lazy, I promise) NCOs are the future of our branch, and we can improve their leadership skills by taking a step back and seeing what they have to offer. Ok, I'm done. I doubt anyone will ever read this entire thing but I'm in school so I look like I'm doing work right now and it's better than homework. Thanks for reading if you did, Cryolast. Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: I can talk to them myself, but I would like to see CPT+ take more steps back while commanding in d block and let others command.
  2. -/+Support -Support dude, 16 warns really + a researcher CMD so he knows lore + Good reputation + Good application Good luck on that event, I hope you don't plan on having all of that done in 1 hour. Lol Good luck on your application
  3. Name: Cryolast Rank: Senior ET Member Time of LOA(MM/DD/YYYY): 1/8/30 - 1/11/20 Reason(Put Private if you do not wish to say): lots of homework to do for boy scouts and school.
  4. Cryolast

    Buff the Negev

    I am really concerned about the Negev. It isn't powerful yet, I only kill d class in 4 seconds instead of 3 and I think it needs a buff. A decrease of recoil, increase of fire rate, mag size, and DMG. It's not powerful enough.
  5. -Support 076 is already hard to contain last thing we need is it to be killing everything it challenges in 5 seconds. The only thing I would may be in support of is the HP being lowered 076's SWEP is not bad, just learn how to use it effectively, I've seen 076s completely demolish groups of MTF.
  6. Please use format in reply: Name: Rank: Suggestion: Please only serious suggestions, don't make me whoop you.
  7. Ok so there had been a 966 breach and I had already adverted thermals before I killed a different 966 around 3-4 minutes prior. I was nocliping because research (this was a research event) had a problem with a doctor bright and I was helping them so they could come over for the event. I probably should've adverted thermals again but at that time I thought I was fine due to the fact that I adverted thermals a few minutes prior. Proof:
  8. +Support + you did a great job as an event team member before + Good application + Good event idea - one thing that I would say is that hopefully this is the last time you leave and rejoin event team
  9. Name: Cryolast Rank: E11 JCE CPL Duration: From the 27th of November to the 1st of December Reason (If Private That Is Fine): Vacation
  10. Cryolast

    Cryolast's LOA

    Name: cryolast Rank: RCT Callsign: N/A Date of LOA Leave/Return: 11/27-12/1 Reason (if private write N/A): Vacation.
  11. Yup. I warned the wrong person, sorry about this. Please appeal this SMT.
  12. In-Game Name: Cryolast Current Rank: Junior Janitor Rate your activity on a 1-10 scale (1 being bad, 10 being very good): 6 5, could be much better and I'm planning on working on it. Are there any changes you wish to see, if so please say: no
  13. I wasn't planning on giving this to anyone but to ET if this was added in the first place. So that issue shouldn't arise.