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  1. + Support + Good application + Event is good but like Iceman said, might need some work. + You are active and a nice person.
  2. +Support + Active + Good application + Events is... Interesting
  3. +/- support + well made application + Good event idea - I don't see you on the server a lot and you have little forums activity.
  4. Yeah, something I thought when Making this is is it even possible to do this? Hopefully it is.
  5. What do you want to see: Have it made so night vision goggles do not drop on death. Why should we add it: I like to use night vision goggles in my events and stuff and to see when noclipping around during lights off during an event. But if I don't watch all my participants and one of them gets away and dies. The killer usually picks them up, then they will travel around the server and if an admin doesn't catch it, a D class will get to it and use them. If they don't drop on death I can use nvgs a lot more, not have admins get angry about it, and not have to have one large squad during a raid event if I give everyone night vision goggles. what are the advantages of having this: D class and people who shouldn't have night vision goggles getting access to them and ET can use them in events more often. Who is this mainly for: classes who use NVGs, ET and staff, and event participants.
  6. Support+ + shows good idea of lore + I know him well and he doesn't minge and is responsible +Great event idea
  7. Your in game name: Cryolast Your steam ID: STEAM_1:1:122488431 Staff's name: Ramon What did they do: I was giving Police RP a try and I was talking to an admin where I told him I played SCP RP and was an ET on there where he followed up by scp rp, now I would've been fine if he said in my opnion, but he didn't he said it like a fact that SCP is trash. I like SCP RP and I would've been fine if he just said he didnt like it. but just stating that it's trash is rude to the staff on that server who spent their time and effort to make the server a fun place. Evidence: What do you think is an acceptable punishment: Just a verbal warning to not server diss, Nothing too harsh.
  8. -support Honestly I don't think this change is necessary, I think the model is fine and still a little creepy.
  9. +support Before 131 was on that green sign I got a warm for being in d block as it so it would be nice if no one got a warn for something related.
  10. What do you want to see? The model changed for GENSEC sniper Why would we add it: to minimize the death of trainees because d class are sometimes shooting them thinkink that they're a sniper. Also if I have to go chasing what I think is a trainee and it's actually just a sniper anymore? I'ma Lose it. What are the advantages of this? Less trainee deaths Who is it mainly for? GENSEC sniper
  11. +support CI Has it, why can't we?
  12. In game Name: Cryolast Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:122488431 Admin Name: Boris I believe I was wrongfully warned. While playing as MTF E11 and in EZ walking past the Control room when I heard keypad cracking turned around and shot at it. The Ci Infil. was invisible so I said "sorry My bad and left". A minute later the Ci Infil. (Boris) Starts yelling at me in ooc saying about what I did so I went into the player menu (tab) and muted her. (I found out later that this executes the ULX mute command. I simply thought it was like Destiny or something where it just issued a client side mute so I wouldn’t hear them.) I was having a bad day and I already apologized as I just wanted to be left alone. Next thing I know I was brought by Boris and issued a warning for “Abusing EM Powers, (MUTING Staff Off Duty for no Reason (Saying I was annoying and didn't want to listen to me.”I’m aware now that the tab menu button issues a ULX mute, however before this I had never had any experience with administration and other servers have the client side mute feature. I just want multiple admins to see this and learn from my mistakes and possibly even get my warn taken off. If I am in the right though I do NOT want Boris warned, striked, or demoted as this could easily be resolved as a misunderstanding. I would simply like it addressed with them that they need to hear out both sides of the story before issuing a punishment and not taking their own situations if possible. Thank you for reading, Cryolast
  13. + Support -Not very lore friendly or original idea + talks about flaws but his pros outway the cons + I know he is responsible from meeting him in game (he is a LT COl in securtity) + not many warns and good knowledge of SCP wiki.
  14. Name: Cryolast Rank: SFTO CPT I should retain my current rank: I am very active and I think that I am doing a good job. Concerns: Nope.
  15. Name: Cryolast Rank: CI RCT Time: 5/23 to 6/1 Reason: vacation