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Found 11 results

  1. Steam Name: Hxted Lxgnd Ingame Name: Rick C137 SteamID: 76561198958738285 Ban Length: Permanent Admin that Banned you: Billy King Reason for Ban: DDOS Threat Dispute: <----pic of ban I believe this ban was false because I was telling someone that there was a ddosser in the lobby that might boot someone off(trying to let someone know so they were aware) and then billy king teleported me up to roof immediately and banned me for 1 month and shortly changed it to perma ban, I dont know what I did wrong or why im the one that got banned in this scenario when I was trying to help out by telling you guys that there was a ddosser in the server and I got banned for it. ~ Hxted Lxgnd
  2. Steam Name: [GL]ramonjason98 Ingame Name: Ramon King / Ramon SteamID: STEAM_0:0:173191523 Ban Length: Perma Admin that Banned you: Fame Reason for Ban: NULL Dispute: Hello everyone, a few days ago I was banned off the server for the main reason that I was staff abusing/Using physgun off duty. When I was pulled into the ts with fame we talked about a few other issues that he had with me, told me what punishments I was facing and to explain myself. This specific topic that I am referring to is something I may not mention because SMT could take it as advertisement. I agree with the punishment of staff removal and staff restriction, I am here to appeal my perma ban only. Fame stated that the reason I am getting perma banned off the server is because I was staff abusing, and that I could in theory have banned and minged people for no reason, as showing that I "dont care" about following rules. Now this is where I believe things went south. I was on the server 2 days ago staffing, when I got off staff (citizen) I saw a bunch of people dead in spawn (bc people were spawning into eachother) so I decided that I would do everyone a favor and move the "alive" people over to the side like everyone ON DUTY usually does. While I was pushing people away another admin spawned it, him being a mod I accidentally picked him up and pushed im away. Then he picked me up, kind of messed around and "abused his powers". Thats when me and happy also got into a physgun battle for jokes (like a lot of staff members do, admit it or not) A few hours later when I got home I saw willy made a staff report on me, the evidence had no context and I never got to say my side of the story on the forums. Next I get a dm from logan saying I need to talk to fame. At that point I dropped everything I was doing and went into fames waiting room expecting the worse. Well... the worst is what I got. After a few minutes of back and forth, he told me my punishment and kicked me out of TS because I was "laughing". I chuckled bc ive never heard of anyone getting perma banned from a gaminglight server for using their physgun off duty. Here is why I believe I should deserve another chance, and why I WANT another chance. I agreed with fame that I was abusing my powers off duty. I hereby sincerely apologize for my actions. I have over 1500 on policerp gaminglight server. Its where my friends and family play. I regret my decision everyday wishing I could take back what I did and when I did it. I believe I deserve a second chance not only because I'm already staff restricted and cant "abuse my powers" but also because I am a very loyal member to the community. Here are some pro's and cons. Pro's: Close to 1500 hours on policerp server over 8 months | VIP+ | Donated a good amount of money. | Only had 5 warns, and they were all within weeks/month from eachother (latest one being 3-4 months ago) | I always support the community | Active on forums | Nice guy | Really friendly | Always help other people in need ( even off staff ) Con's: I physgun and froze 2 people off duty. I am not here to argue in the comment sections, Weather you plus or minus support I will stay unbiased and let the community do the talking. PS: I love gaminglight, I am truly sorry for what I have done. Sorry that I dissapointed you fame.
  3. Steam Name: John Snow Ingame Name: Ostyn Rockbenner SteamID: STEAM_1:0:52816378 Ban Length: 3days Admin that Banned you: Shmoopy King Reason for Ban: MassRDM/Revenge RDM/Please read the rules Appeal @ Dispute: Well lets begin with what happened, a cop arrested me and put me to prison, where i tell him if he does so i will come and find him, and he will regret doing so. Later when i get released from prison i go for a walk, find a police officer i told it to and shoot him in the back of the head with a MAG-7, where i realize there are 3 more police officers around. I deduce that making a run in this situation is nearly impossible so i stand and fight the rest of them and get out as a winner. A minute or so later an admin teleports me, and it was not Shmoopy King, it was Ramon or somewhat like that. He explains me everything that happened from his point of view and i understood that i did a wrong thing as a revenge rdm and mass rdm by not giving up to the cops and just killing them all. I realized my mistake and he gave me a warn, so i thought its the end of it and i went to mind my own business, i began building a house, started putting printers and so, and unexpectedly i receive a ban from admin called Shmoopy King, who wasn't even there when i was talking with another admin. I think that if i already received a warn and Ramon realized that i understood the rule there was no reason to ban me, especially by another admin who doesn't even know what happened. That is all, thanks for reading all that and i hope i will get unbanned! Edit: I also want to add that this is the ONLY Gmod server im currently playing on so if i dont get unbanned i will have nothing to do i have never been disrespectful to staff and i always listen to you and try to understand what i did wrong if i actually did it. You will agree that some of the server rules get complicated, because you cannot predict EVERY situation that can happen and so the rules adapt to different situations, thus i might be doing wrong things sometimes, but i always try to change and be the best player possible in the matter of following rules and RPing. Thanks again!
  4. You must fill out this form in order to be considered for a unban. Steam Name: Detective Pikachu Ingame Name: Ex 104th CPT China 5839 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:151504091 Ban Length: Permban Admin that Banned you: Invaliff (Main person is -Campbell) Reason for Ban: Advertising (which i lied to) -honesty Dispute: So let me say my story so i can clear things out, the ban was given because of my stupidity during March 29, 2019. I decided in my mind that i had to relieve myself from a lot of things due to my stress during that month, without thinking. i decided to say why not get myself ban by lying. (Bad Idea) I was doing this without thinking about the consequences it can do to my friends around me, i may have betrayed them and ruined their trust which is why i posted this in the general section "" i am very sorry to those around me, i didn't rethink about what i could of done to ruin our friendship. Sadly no one has evidence besides me confessing to my bad action. Only thing that would be evidence besides me confessing to some people would be the messages between me and campbell (whom i wanted him to ban so no one else knew). (Bad Decision again) I should of just went on a huge loa until i got better and i even had friends in my discord telling me i should of rethink what i just done which was horrible. so in conclusion this ban was due to my decision back in March 29 when i was stressed in school and the server, and my stupidity decided to kick in and say i should ban myself so i can get "Relieved" which did help alittle until i forgot that i did this without thinking about what i have done to my friends and i shouldn't of ever done this. Sorry and would you give a 2nd chance for me to redeem my stupidity from 2 months ago I agree to the restrictions -China By the way that whole "Alt account" incident was something i didn't know about. My reaction of getting unban was also seen by Omega and Apollo in a discord call, when i decided to get on to see how a ban message is said. To test my theory if i was unban by accident, i went online one day and change my name on steam back to China and my picture to China's Fruit snack, to see if they meant to unban me. (if i did alt account (which i don't have) i wouldn't of change my name to china just to get ban again) During that day everyone was suprised to see me, even Invaliff and Campbell, so that shows that even they didn't know what was happening
  5. Steam Name: THARDREX THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS Ingame Name: Nexthium SteamID: STEAM_0:0:204488655 Ban Length: Permanent [Blacklist] Admin that Banned you: [GL] Toxic Reason for Ban: Screenshot provided Dispute: While I admit the flaming, never did I ever speak racist remarks, it's been over a year now and I would love to come back and be a part of the community once again.
  6. Steam Name: Zeus Ingame Name: Aaron Rodgers Zee SteamID: STEAM_0:1:196239655 Ban Length: Permanent Admin that Banned you: Ghostly Reason for Ban: Inappropriate comments about New Zealand Massacre Dispute: I was banned for asking if I or someone could shoot up the new Zealand memorial. I did this as a joke to make my friends laugh who were playing with me at the time. I said in that I wasn't actually going to do this. I would like to say that I am sorry to anyone who I may of offended or upset by making this comment. I made a mistake and have and will continue to refrain from making jokes or comments like this.
  7. Im-Logan

    Memesy - Unban

    Steam Name: Crimsonxiv Ingame Name: Memesy SteamID:STEAM_0:1:24626092 Ban Length: Perma Admin that Banned you: NoYesMaybe Reason for Ban: Dox Threats Racism Dispute: I think I should be unbanned because this ban was so long ago it was about a year ago and I didn't really know what doxing was and I would never even do such a thing I was a minge back then and feel that I have changed because I recently resigned from icefuse which I was a senior mod and I feel that my minging days are over with. I want to make peace with the admin that banned me and call an alliance. I am really sorry for putting him through the bullshit that I did when I was a minge. If you have any questions or concerns please talk to me on discord Im-Logan #9834. I really want to be unbanned because I miss your police RP server and I really enjoyed it back then but I made a shitty mistake to get me banned. If you need anything from me I will add stuff to this appeal. The time of the ban was July 26th of 2018 which was about 6 months ago. It was not a blacklist from gaming light servers because I can join other servers. I just wish we can resolve this and that I can make an agreement to the police RP staff team. Thank you for your time -Memesy
  8. crocbro12

    ban appeal

    steam name: Sh0ne in-game name: Sh0ne OG steam ID: 76561198108089170 ban length: admin: ghostly king reason: mass RDM, fail RP and NITRP dispute:( My mic is broken)there was a general store robbery and I wanted to join in so I went out front of the store when the police said go away pointing guns at me, I whip out my weapon and kill 2 - 3 cops before being gunned down, at this point the admin comes and brings me on top of spawn building and says its mass RDM, I typed my reason (line one, I know it doesn't justify my killings) and tell him he can minge me and I'm fine with it, Its at this point his mic must have stopped working, in the chat I see that I have been warned, I say in chat mic? to make sure my game wasn't broken (as he was standing completely still and not talking) I pulled out a gun to see if he would react, he didn't, I went to the edge of the building and looked down, there were people moving so I knew my game wasn't broken and I tested my headphones, they were fine, I was just about to type more when I was minged for 8000 seconds! since I was minged I couldn't type so I started panicking and jumping around I had a gut feeling he would ban me so I was about to take screenshots but I was banned I am quite upset and if my ban appeal is successful I would like the admin to be told to check his mic and move around so we know he isn't frozen, other than that I don't want him to get in trouble as it was an honest mistake. Kind regards: Sh0ne
  9. Steam Name: Ingame Name: CT PV2 Arrab Biatta 2222 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:62900289 Ban Length: Permanent Admin that Banned you: Nightfall CPT Nomad 3675 Reason for Ban: 'reason' Dispute: I can assume I was banned for being associated with several other players whose names were based on Italian sauces, who I admit I AM associated with, but I didn't actually break any rules. I had actually just been promoted to PV2 not 45 seconds before I was suddenly banned for no official reason. I was planning on maybe getting more involved with the server, since I had been made a member of the 501st Legion about a week and a half beforehand.
  10. Steam Name: Apu Ingame Name: President Lil Pimp SteamID: STEAM_0:1:195208304 Ban Length: 1 day (11 hours remaining) Admin that Banned you: Gamikzone Reason for Ban: Mass staff dis, NCWS, Minge Dispute: It wasnt mass because I only dissed crabs once.
  11. Steam Name: DonkeySuspenders Ingame Name: DonkeySuspenders SteamID: Ban Length: 3 weeks turning to perma Admin that Banned You: CPT Chad 1L99 Reason for Ban: 50 Warns Dispute: I was never told by any admins how many warns I had nor was I told that if i got a certain amount I would be permanetly banned from the server. I have donated to get VIP and I have dedicated a large amount of time to play on the server and be apart of this wonderful community. It would be a real shame if this was taken away from me. Not to mention most if not all my warns are from simple little things that aren't even major. I hope you can look this over and take away this ( and maybe some other) ban/warns away.