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  1. I’ve had these line things before, I have no idea what it is but for me it just goes away after a bit and only happens in one part of the map. Used to happen to me all the time on Truenorth, but rarely happens to me now. Idk I might just need a new GPU lol I don’t really know how to fix it cause I couldn’t fix it when it used to happen to me. SMT should investigate it as it’s likely just a texture issue.
  2. The Americans in here converting it to MPH makes me feel very patriotic to know exactly how fast this is.
  3. Yeah the departments you guys’ve listed are pretty cool, but no cap Staff best department
  4. -Support Eternity is a long time and trusted staff member. If he suspects you to be an alt, I’m going to trust that decision.
  5. ^^Completely agree. Staff member should be at least talked to.
  6. +Support Reasons above, staff member agrees that it’s false.