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  1. +Support. -Good application -Good ideas -Former SET -good understanding of the scp lore/universe. -Dope events. Generally just a great guy, probably the best candidate
  2. You did good, eyelander. Bye 07.
  3. +support Tyler has shown fantastic behavior and dedication to the staff team. He deserves this greatly.
  4. Sad to see you go Ren. Hope to see you every now and then on the server.
  5. +Support At first, I was a little hesitant to do this. Due to the short application and not so filled answers. However, I know Lafeleur is a hard worker, and doesn't give up when something is hard to do. Becuase of this, I feel that Lafleur would be a great pick for ET, and I certainly hope you get it.
  6. I agree tbh. If there's more evidence that shows further bias or anything like that I can switch to +support.
  7. In-game name: SillySadass SteamID: STEAM_0:1:190907061 Current RP rank in All Divisions (Ex. Senior Medic, Security Officer): Lead Researcher APRF (the training program within research). How long have you been a Event Team Member: I have been a member of Event Team since may 8th. Have you received any strikes (please give reasons if you remember): No, I have not received any strikes in ET. How much time do you have on the server? (Press F1): 4 weeks. How well do you know the SCP lore in general?: Due to free time and general interest within the SCP universe, I have pretty good knowledge of the SCP lore. If I was to rate this on a scale of 1-10 however, I would most likely rate it a 8/10 or a 9/10. Why do you WANT to become a Senior Event Team Member?: There are many reasons as to why I WANT to become a SET, which I will list below. Helping others I have always had a love for helping others whenever I can, and love to give my help whenever I am approached and asked for help, or simply noticing that someone needs it. I understand the guidelines and rules of ET. I understand the guidelines and rules of doing events, as well as the rules of being a ET member in general. I always refer to it whenever I am in need, and it's greatly helpful. Activity During my time in ET, I have shown myself to be a active member, and a member that's glad to help other people with their events. This activity and helpfulness shall not stop anytime soon. Adaptability I am able to quickly adapt to new changes, as well as making tweaks to something whenever necessary to make people happy. Futhermore, I am glad to keep those changes updated to the liking of people, and always keep an ear/eye out. Why should you be trusted to be a Senior Event Team Member?: I learned from the last time I applied about how people thought about my events back then, and I have changed them to make them actually add RP aspects to the server, as well as allowing people to enjoy it. Most of my events now are like that, and I make sure that people are actively partaking in them. I should be trusted as a SET because I have been in ET for a while now, and understand the rules and guidelines of being a ET. I love helping others, either with their events or with anything else, and would love to be able to train people into ET. (ETT'S) and show them the great place that is ET. Have you mastered ULX?: Again, I am still working on mastering ULX, although I am making great progress and already know most commands. If I forget one, I am not afraid to either ask someone or look for it. Are you experienced with planning Mega Events?: I am not experienced with planning Mega Events, but I am eager to learn, and plan Mega Events. Give an example of a mega event: I'm going to be giving a definition of what a mega event is, as well as what an idea of a mega event would be. For the definition, a Mega Event is an event that would involve/effect the entirety of the server, and would have an extreme impact on how the server functions (For example, where they can't do what they're supposed to be doing in RP because of this event). Due to the fact of just how much these types of events effect the server, they must be planned greatly before being done, and are prohibited from normal ET from doing it unless granted permission from a AETL+ OR a SMT. I am going to go into great detail about a Mega Event that I could personally plan, as well as how it would go. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- SCP-2317 "Devourer of worlds" has finally woken up from his slumber and has entered our world! We need to find a way to subdue it, quickly! Foundation as well as CI would work together in this event to save the world, and the following are the roles of each class. RESEARCH/RND: Attempt to figure out a way to kill/subdue SCP-2317. They would have a tent in which all their supplies will be located, as well as a computer they can use to attempt to find ways to stop it. (Roll for efficiency of attempt to stop it). MTF/CI SOLDIERS: Attempt to distract SCP-2317 while Research and RnD find a way to stop it. This means attacking it with your all. Certain weapons will have more efficiency on SCP-2317 then others will, and will need researching to find these weapons (Research/RnD research weapons). SCP-2317: A ET member modeled as models/player/daedric.mdl . (Scaled up to fit/come close to the true scary size that is SCP-2317). Would attack the MTF & CI attempting to distract it, but would stay in one place/move not too far away from where it originally was (Especially away from the RnD and Research tent). Because of all the MTF & CI trying to kill it/distract it, it would have a tanky amount of HP (Most likely a couple thousand, as well as armor). They will have a slow walking/running speed due to it's great amount of HP. Medical: Their jobs are to heal the wounded. They will receive their own medical tent as well, which injured MTF can go to to be healed and get their HP back. Maintence: Assist in creating/transporting the computer up to the tents, as well as giving armor/shields to everyone that needs it. ALL COMMANDERS OF THESE BRANCHES WILL COMMAND THEIR MEN, MAKING DECISIONS. FOR EXAMPLE, RESEARCH COMMAND WILL HELP MAKE ENLISTED DECIDE ON WHICH METHOD TO USE, WHILE MTF/CI COMMAND WILL GIVE ORDERS TO THEIR MEN TO CONTINUE ATTACKING THE CREATURE, AND TACTICS THEY CAN USE. If Research and RnD finally find a way to save the world and terminate/subdue SCP-2317, it would collapse and be transported back to it's dimension, where it would be contained. (but for how long..?). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- What do you consider to be the best event you have ever created: One of the best events that I have ever created (in my opinion) was when a group of "unknown" and "mysterious" agents snuck inside of the facility, slowly gathering "redacted" information on SCP's to give to our "higher ups". It was actually going perfectly, and we managed to fool many people into believe that we were actually foundation, even asking them for directions and having small talk with them, until a certain MTF spotted us across the catwalk to HCZ and reported our location, as well as asking for us to identify ourselves. Please note that for this event we weren't given Foundation comms, as we were invading, and weren't foundation. Eventually, they got impatient of asking for us on Site communication and ordered a AOS on us. We continued proceeding into LCZ when a guard confronted us and tried to cuff us. We had to run away, and so we were officially placed under great suspicion and had guards actively looking for us. We hid in the greenhouse, until a guard found us and called for backup. Now there were about 10 guards circling greenhouse and entering, and we had no choice but to try to run. Sadly we didn't make it, and died due to bullet wounds. This event was a ton of fun to do, and everyone enjoyed it as well. This honestly was one of the most fun events I have ever done, and will try to make my next ones as interesting, fun, and engaging as that one was. What is your Total Amount of Events according to the "Events Hosted" column on the roster?: N/A (New roster implemented, doesn't show total events hosted). How active can you be: I am usually very active, except when I took a LOA. I can be on the server interacting and RP'ing almost every day of the week, and if I had to rate my activity I would give it a 8/10.
  8. +Support +Is doing okay so far. +Pretty active +good staff member. -App is really short ;( Pluses outweigh the cons so it's a +support from me. No flixy events pls!!!!
  9. ROA or LOA: LOA Name: SillySadass Rank: ETM Start Date: 2022-06-08 End Date: 2022- 06 - 14 Reason: Thinking about some things.
  10. I currently am an ET member, I apologize for any confusion you may have gotten. Thanks for replying tho!
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