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  1. Name:chineseman131 Rank:MAJ Steam ID (Example: STEAM_0:1:174348602):STEAM_0:0:421018708 Discord ID (Example: Hex-G#0702):chineseman131#0131 Current Sub-Branches your in: warden jug ccu rig fto riot control sniper Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 100+ words):I believe i should keep my because i'm one of the night shift command active and sometimes i play on the day on checking people how they do and once i see that alot i have been taking a little break on GMOD in general not going on LOA for days like just playing some days as gensec, mtf, medic and maintenance and of course a lot of people think that i have gone like LOA or haven’t seen me in days its because of the new job that i am currently working on so my new schedule is tuesdays to saturday 7AM to 4 PM (GMT-6) or us time 9AM to 6PM. Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: If you have any question on stuff like what should you do like that im always free on discord and if you have issues ingame same my discord is open always. Notes the golden pan is the best weapon on the server long life to the GOLDEN PAN :3
  2. i need to see who are on the MTF ETA 10 "see no evil" to do a clean up
  3. o7 Hope everything is good and you can come back sooner
  4. -Support there was a 049 instance he can't be fear RP no rules broken here.
  5. Aye sad to see u go global hope to see you back in the future o7
  6. +SUPPORT On behalf of E-11 we dont know who is he and we have no records of the player of being part of E-11
  7. What is your in-game name?:chineseman131 What is your steam name?:[GL] chineseman131 What is your steam ID?:STEAM_0:0:421018708 What is your discord username (Ex: Rookieblue#2667):chineseman131 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain)only here What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly)288 days on SCP RP What date did you make your forums account? How many warnings do you have on all GL servers?2 What is your donor rank? (User, Silver, Gold, etc)platinum Are you a staff member in another community? nop Have you read the staff handbook?yep Timezone:gmt-6 What rank are you applying for?TMOD Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (150 Word Minimum) I wanna apply for staff again because i do enjoy doing staff work on the server and i wish to be part of the staff team again to improve the server for all players who doesn't want to follow the rules and let another people who do wanna enjoy roleplaying help the other admin if they have any doubts i was a admin here on SCP RP but i got remove and i wanna fix what i did on the past so i don't do it again on this run as a staff and help the players on the night time when there's almost no staff online so i can help those players asking or helping then in all possible ways just helping everyone on the community i have never meant to be harm on everyone and most of my time i spend it on this community specially playing on SCP RP. If you are reading my application hope you enjoy it. Scenario questions: Select any two of the following four questions to answer for this section. Please note, in the scenario questions we are not expecting perfect answers. We are accessing your critical thinking skills, your ability to use the staff handbook, and come to reasonable conclusions. Q1: How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? As a trail moderator i will review all the combat logs and if he did mass RDM i will record everything and ask a higher up to give him a 1week ban for MRDM and staff diss Q2: You are involved in a staff sit that involves 5 different players. The players begin to get frustrated and the sit becomes very toxic and unproductive. What would you do in this situation? I first i will write down all the names of the people that they are involve so i can bring one by one so no one need to get frustrated but if they are getting toxic and become unproductive i will have to ask then the be quiet to see everyone pov if they keep talking unfortunately i have to gag then. Q3: In your opinion, what is the best way to handle a situation involving a player that clearly does not care about the punishments they are receiving? My opinion on that will be asking to a player to stop doing that and record every moment to prove that the player doesn't want to change his actitud on i will ask a higher up to make a ban for ncws(non complaining with staff) and let the higher up to decide how much days but if the higher up ask me i will say 3 days Q4: There is a player abusing a known bug, and he has been reported to staff. He swears he followed the server rules when you talk with him. What's the best way to handle this? Record everything while you spectate the player and if he do that again bring him to a admin room make a ban request for the player who keep exploiting on the same bug. Thanks for reading my application for TMOD.
  8. RRH name or callsign are not redacted example alpha 10 is not redacted
  9. +support Use to be Staff and ET very ez pick if you ask me and he have a nice event idea NGL lets go sprink
  10. +Support I like you actitud for RRH how ever site admin is rarely see open so there for no one see a lot of RRH to be on. Great on the job Good actitud Trust to be part of the program Red Right Hand Good luck Bravo 13
  11. o7 It was a pleasure to meet you sixx hope you come back in future
  12. I did not expect this and i will be missing you my guy hope to see u back on game
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