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  1. +support Good application Great activity as always Good to have him arround And Chad on wardens and jugg
  2. +support Good application proven to be part of the SCMD Great guy to have arround
  3. im with plantbruh +support ready to be on the part of the gensec SCMD
  4. massive +support As drizzle say and not only that he have proven and shows rgeat actitud to be part of the gensec SCMD i would say that this is a EZ pick and yeah. Best of the luck!
  5. +support good application and battle royale event he can be trust EZ pick
  6. Like the idea Remember that he might have access to some MTF job because of the donator jobs or the level 100 jobs so SMT might need to see that
  7. MF got caugh by the admin for faking rolls and he is reporting the admin great XD Definitly -SUPPORT and SKILL ISSUES
  8. WHY stonksman i thought we were going to run for LTCOL or COL on E11 and be a minge on it but bruh whyyyy im gonna miss you dude know i will teach the new generation of you great history as the greatest command you were and the greatest minge you,well it is sad that we didnt get D4 on this generation but i hope you will have D4 i will be waiting for you return my good friend hope we can play bordelands with danny and bobatron and to in other topic it appears to be that Jaiden teory was true that you were going to resign now i will have to deal with Jaiden(Vanny 2.0) @Jaiden The Maiden you turn Jaiden whats the next move and what you are going to say。
  9. If what piller say is true about the sit was handle at the 10mins mark that will be because there was no other staff who willing to take the sit so yeah he can take the sit staff>RP but the other thing on the side IDK if tank talk to the other admin for them to take the sit because of bias and yeah which if the rest of the admin didnt reply that will probably mean that they dont want to take that sit so he had to take it Conclusion. Big-Support at all
  10. he show me that he is capable of being a MTF i recomend him
  11. -support Clearly not a RDM situation since the researcher just walk and grab the d class which obuisly not the job for them its the job for security . The player who was using maynard or every researcher should know and ask for a d class and the security NCO or CMD ATM will be looking at the amount of d class and the security will decide if he can do the test or no. Reason by allowing 1 security to escort may remove a partial force that can help to defend d block to prevent d class to escape since thats the job in security which best case ever you should either ask MTF, RIS and RIG for that purpose and researchers need to know and i belive they should analize the area by looking how many security personnel are guarding d block and they should know that they cant provide escort if they are understaff. Security can kill every d class taken by researcher with out a escort and leave d block so yeah thats the basic thing.
  12. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why islandtoads whyyyy dammm we are going to lose our BEST AMPHIBIAN this is sad dude
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